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Food Network StarThough the Food Network Star finalists met in Food Star Kitchen for evaluation in the premiere episode, Week 2 marked the first time they cooked in the arena. This massive space, complete with an expansive pantry, a demo kitchen, a wall of ovens and more cameras than you see on TV, is the ultimate in function. And with the lights, Star logos, and abundant supply of common and next-level ingredients alike, it's pretty cool too.

While we were on set, we snapped photos throughout Food Star Kitchen, from the shelves full of tools in the pantry and the produce picks up for grabs to the finalists' workstations outfitted with handy gear and seasonings. Read on below to check out exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the set that you won't see while watching the competition unfold on your TV. Plus, find out little-known culinary trivia about the show from the culinary producers.

Food Network StarFull Coverage
Depending on the challenge at hand and which area of the kitchen is being filmed, cameras will be moved in a circle around the kitchen.

Food Network StarCondiments Galore
Of the 13 kinds of oils and seven kinds of vinegars up for grabs in the pantry, according to a culinary producer, this shelf contained only a few that were at the ready at all times.

Food Network StarEquipment Options
Though there's a wall of ovens in the back of the kitchen, two more were built into the wall of the demo kitchen, which is located on the side of the set, directly opposite the pantry.

Food Network StarPeek-a-Kitchen
Snapped just behind the shelves in the demo kitchen, this shot shows off the enormity of this multipurpose space.

Food Network StarComfort and Functionality
Because finalists often crowd the stew room during the tense moments of mentor deliberation, there needs to be plenty of seating available to the whole cast.

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