Behind the Scenes of the Food Network Star, Season 12 Premiere

by in Behind the Scenes, Food Network Star, May 24, 2016

Food Network StarA no-nonsense first challenge, a surprise 13th finalist and a pan set ablaze in the kitchen — Sunday's Food Network Star premiere was full of flare-ups and near meltdowns that kept the competitors guessing at every turn. But while the action was unfolding on-screen, there was no shortage of antics taking place behind the scenes either. Check out these insider photos from the set to see what the cast, mentors and crew were up to between takes, and find out what it takes to make this show possible.

Food Network StarDirectors, Take a Seat
Giada and Bobby took their places in their signature director's chairs to screen the competitors' cold opens and provide feedback as series directors do.

Food Network StarCooking Under Pressure
Joy and Erin kept the atmosphere light and fun while prepping their dishes for the theater.

Food Network StarFull Coverage
Despite the cramped corners of the iPic kitchen, the camera crew bellied up to the space to cover all angles of the finalists' work.

Food Network StarA Picture of a Picture
During a rare break in filming, Bobby and Giada came together to smile for a (different) camera.

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