New Photos: Go Behind the Scenes of Food Network Star, Season 11

by in Behind the Scenes, Food Network Star, June 23, 2015

Food Network StarAn action-packed episode complete with two trendsetting challenges and a duo of special guests judges, Sunny Anderson and Geoffrey Zakarian, this past Sunday's episode saw no shortage of tense moments for the finalists — or slimy, stinky and incendiary flavors, as far as the dinner party dishes were concerned. But no matter the finalists' nerves or the Committee's task of sending home another rival, most on set managed to crack a few smiles between takes. In keeping with the episode's trend of taking photos, Sunny and Geoffrey posed for a quick shot behind the scenes — though it likely wasn't posted on social media.

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Food Network StarHappy Dance
After a rocky start in the competition, Dom surely redeemed himself by winning this week's Mentor Challenge — and he couldn't help but show his excitement.

Food Network StarUp-Close Action
It takes multiple cameras to capture each element of the competition, from cooking and presenting to the final moments of evaluation.

Food Network StarPure Elation
It was girls versus boys in the five-course-dinner Star Challenge, and here a few of the girls came together to celebrate a successful prep job on their plates.

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