A Letter to Lenny, from the Rebel

by in Food Network Star, August 11, 2014

Lenny McNabDear Lenny,

Out of all the seasons of Food Network Star, I can think of only one other winner who has a personality as big as yours. Congratulations and welcome to the Food Network family. You deserve this. From the moment you set foot on our screens, America couldn't take its eyes off you, and it wasn't because of the sequins.

You exude confidence. You nailed it in the finale when you told that kid you are happy in your own skin, so why not bare it? We're a little alike, in that regard. You aren't afraid to be you. I look forward to seeing what sort of walls you break down in your new position.

From that wacky lobster French toast (you been readin' my playbook?) to the coffee-rubbed lamb burgers, we all wanted to see what you'd cook next. The culinary and camera challenges you have overcome are designed to defeat the best. From here, all you have to do is keep your knife sharp and your cutting board clean. There are no impossible tasks for a Food Network Star.

The next few months are going to be crazy. To me, it was like growing up all over again, but with a lot more fun, cameras, money and the smarts of having been through it before. You're going to evolve a little bit.

People will get starstruck. It's a real condition that affects millions of people. The inability to speak, a loss of color, clammy hands and a monosyllabic speech pattern are all symptoms. I use a defibrillation technique: I do something shockingly normal so the victim realizes I'm just a normal human. Today I told some fans that I didn't take a shower. Sometimes I ask them if I have food in my teeth. You'll have to develop a tactic for this. It's weird, man, but you will love them nonetheless.

People will be waiting for you to mess up. We now have a word for these people: trolls. Don't let the trolls bug you and don't ever read the comments. Also, don't read the Google predictive searches, especially "Is ___Lenny McNab__." America is still mostly concerned with whether I wear lipstick.­­­

That's about it, man. Go break the stallion of fame. In this rodeo, I'll be your clown anytime.

Break legs,

Justin Warner

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Comments (373)

  1. Bob says:

    Overall I will give this Season of Food Network Star a D-. It felt like watching reruns this whole season, with the same judges, the same clichés, the same challenges and the same contestants.

    I may have watched a show with Luca because I am interested in Italian cooking, but I have no interest in watching Lenny. The whole American Southern and Western food genre is completely played out.

    The FoodNetwork executives are probably happy that they now have a male Paula Deen, but that just proves that they don’t really know what their viewers want.

    Bob and Susie were the same old Bob and Susie: trite, bland and boring. They added absolutely nothing to this season, and their massive egos and insatiable need for screen time did not allow viewers to get to know the contestants.

    • Monte says:

      I don't care much for "getting to know" the contestants. My criteria is fairly simple:

      1. Food I am (or may be) interested in cooking
      2. INSTRUCTIONAL cooking.
      3. Engaging, sans "personal stories"...

      That's basically it.

    • StartOver says:

      If they say this blog is too small if a sample, I don't agree. I believe what most folks say here, is a good reflection of what thousands more viewers feel who didn't bother to write.

      To cater to reality tv and act as if everyone who wants COOKING and instruction (in the evening, too) is just a bunch of extreme purists is completely innaccurate!

      Pretty soon, more people will say sc**w it, buy a cookbook or two and turn the channel off. Food Network is getting worse by the year. They were good but all these pointless competitions are just that. Pointless.

      • Buffy says:

        Yes, the comments represent a certain number of people who feel the same way and do not take the time to write on a message board, along with letters and phone calls. I don't use any of the new recipes presented. I use the old recipes because those have yielded the best results. I have collected more cookbooks while I did not watch FN and none of the cookbooks are by any of their chefs

    • Salsa says:

      Go to http://www.foodnetworkgossip.com and read the latest about Lenny. What does the network think of this?

      • No Cowboy For Me says:

        Shamefully it appears that they are saying "business as usual"..."pretending its not happening"..."continue on with ask Lenny online"...."don't read the comments and it will all go away"

        • FoodFancier says:

          You know what I'm still wondering is who did the background checks on the contestants? All of the reality shows require them. As a former HR person, that is the first thing you do when you find a candidate that you are interested in. They can have the best written resume, interview beautifully and then, you find out they are not who they seem to be.

          • Buffy says:

            As an HR person FoodFancier you then know that if nothing is reported then a person is clean based on the criteria for hiring an individual. FN did investigate, that is why the video is not a surprise to the executives. The things on his Facebook page were okay for them.I contend they knew about the video and other incidents. I haven't seen the video from five years ago. I see that he looked crazy on the program. Lenny is not trying to the public with a clean image. It FN who wants to parade this mess of a man as a poster boy to the home cook

    • Mike W says:

      You're spot-on. If I were Food Network, I would be embarrassed at having allowed viewers to pick this cartoon character as the winner. WE are the losers here. And Justin whatshisname has done nothing since winning. Unless the format changes, I see no reason to watch again.

    • Catty says:

      Bravo Bob, I am still in disbelief! OMG, Lenny, REALLY? At least you have centuries of Italian Cuisine to work with. And they could use another Italian POV. Face it Lenny is no Guy! I'm not the least bit interested in cowboy cookery. If I want a dude ranch dinner I'll take at trip out west.

    • Agnes Lang says:

      I agree I have no interest nor appetite in watching Lenny. I would have liked to watch the show with Luca

  2. Louise says:

    The triumvirate of Food Network folly: Kenny M., Justin W., and Jeff M.

    • MSgt5J0X1 says:

      You must be right -- I don't even know who Kenny M. is/was! FN is trying to drag out "Sandwich King" for no apparent good reason, and Justin did one show and faded into obscurity.

  3. Meruca says:

    I was very disapointed with last night's show. Food Network has become a rigged, phony show with a focus that has moved away from real cooking to a focus on personal, neurotic lives that do not compliment the cooking aspect that should be the main element. Please go back to real cooking, not faked dialogue that does nothing to enhance the food.

    • guest says:

      I totally agree. I learned something from Lucca's promo, but nothing from Lenny's. Lucca seems humble whereas Lenny is all of the place: loud and overly dramatic. I hope we see Lucca back in some way. . .bring some class back to represent the culture of cooking!

      • egk says:

        Totally agree. I actually read that Lenny didn't even grow up from the West, instead it was New Hampshire and he just acted out the annoying cowboy. Gosh darn it they better bring Luca back in some way or I will never watch the food Network as long as I live! Luca was so much more interesting and seemed like better food authority as well. I would have totally watched his show. As for Lenny, forget it, and his show is going to disappear, just like Justin's show. Lenny reminded me of Rodney, the pie dude from season 9, because of their popularity, and how they take up the spotlight. But Lenny just wasn't humble and too boring for me. PLEASE mark my words Food Network; THIS is what happens when you put the choice of the winner in the hands of America, with some people who vote just because of popularity. Next time, PLEASE have the Food Network family vote or something like that, because they know whose the real star potential!

    • TooCorney says:

      What a joke. Luca is an executive chef with nowhere near the schtick that Lenny has. Nicole has a better concept for show than either of them and could have opened up a whole new world for us. She needs a show Now!

    • Red says:

      Good comment, it seems like they want a circus performer and not a chef.

      • FoodFancier says:

        I just about lost it when Lenny did the belly flop. YUCK! And all the judges laughed, really that was NOT funny.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree. It was such a let down, and that Lenny should have been eliminated weeks ago, surely not the winner. What a waste of my time.

  4. d1anaw says:

    Totally disappointed with the outcome. But then, also completely not surprised. I knew from day one that no matter what, Lenny was going to be the winner. It was obvious from the first show that he was the "chosen one", just as Justin was during his season. It's difficult for me to believe that the audience bought his wide eyed innocent look and the cowboy crap was completely annoying. I don't get why people respond well to arrogance and snottiness as she showed on more than one occasion, even when he didn't do so well himself and should have gone. But it was clear there was no way he was going, no matter how badly he flopped. Ugh. The only thing I hope is that his show lasts about as long as the "Gourmet Next Door" did. In actuality, I didn't think any of the finalists had what it takes to make a show that lasts longer than a few weeks. I think the ones that had the most potential were let go very early. Even still, I didn't really see any superstars from the get go. There were no Melissa's or Arties in this crowd. They really need to up their contestants, it's been stale for a few seasons now.

    • Macncheese says:

      I must agree that the competitors last year were a lot better than this year's competitors, like Damaris, Nikki Dinki, etc.

    • Lynn says:

      Nicole would have easily had a great show that would be watched by many! They need to give her a show!

      • Red says:

        I feel like they might, it happened to Kelsey from a few years back, she didn't win but now has a show on the Cooking Channel and it's wonderful, I have her book and made few things from it.

        I think Nicole should definitely be approached, she's friendly and her food was always interesting.

  5. Macncheese says:

    We have too many Italian chefs, and Nicole just fell flat for me. She was BORING and didn't keep me captivated. I also couldn't watch her show since I am allergic to crustaceans. So I wanted to vote for someone who's food I could cook and who would also keep me captivated and entertain me. For me, this was Lenny. I also wouldn't have minded all that much if Luca won, he was a nice competitor and cooked good food. This is just my opinion, if it is not yours than please reply respectfully.

    • girloftheworld says:

      A vote for Nichole was a vote against Lenny. In the end that was my goal. To me when I am inviting someone into my home to teach me something it should be someone who I trust. When that someone shows himself to be disrespectful to women and basically crude in every way, I find it to be very unappetizing. I don't like my meat to be compared to female body parts in the foulest terms ever. I don't like the chefs who cook my food to use sexual terms to describe things that are sticky. To me that is not how decent people bring food to life or captivate me. His cowboy personality is a weak character that only cover his real self for so long.

      • Red says:

        I have to say, good comment, I had no idea he was that unsavory. Bleh I wish I could take all my comments back, what a tool.

        • chef anne watcher says:

          When you opened your eyes and ears, and became enlightened about the Real Lenny, you realized the Truth. Admitting you were wrong, and wishing you could take tour comments back, is the best apology I've seen on the blogs today. Lenny had a lot of people fooled.

          Look at Justin's letter (above). I've lost all the respect I've ever had for him--he didn't even bother to read responses on HIS freakin' Blogs for the past 3 weeks!!! The Truth was everywhere, and many Lenny defenders ignored it. THAT says a lot about their character, too.

          I'm waiting for The McScandal to hit the fan...and I'll be in the front row watching FN execs attempting to explain away THEIR blunder in choosing a vile, disgusting creature such is Lenny as the new member of the FN family. It should have been Lenny's name in Bob Tuschman's envelope last night, as the one eliminated instead of Nicole. Then the selection committee should have taken the vote counts between Luca and Nicole and declared one of them the winner. They didn't so they shall suffer the consequences of their actions.

          • chef anne watcher says:

            edit 'tour comments back'. It should be "take your comments back" . Sorry for the slip of the key...

          • Red says:

            They should just fire Lenny asap and tape it, that I'd watch.

            What a mess...thank you for replying!

          • Ms Isabel says:

            Can you please give me some idea of just about how much your glass house cost? Or maybe just point me in the direction of the last body of water you walked on? Newsflash to Lenny haters; he won fair and square - get over it!

          • shannon says:

            Me Isabel, I have read your posts and would assume with your referencing scripture you are a godly woman. I agree that only 2 people have the ultimate judgement of any individual. The question at hand here is about acceptance vs change. Should a network put some one that spews such low morals and hateful, harmful opinions about women and people with alternative lifestyles in a position to be revered? Should deviant sexual verbal assault of a woman who is a future co-worker be ignored? Should a Network knowingly attempt to make that person a Star? Should a network that has previously stated they do not condone discrimination or amoral behavior of any sort hypocritically hire a person with the exact principles they previously eschewed?
            I personally think buy accepting this they have decided to condone it. I don't condone that type of behavior. If everyone took a stance against this type of disturbing behavior we could exact a change. The plain message should be.....this is not acceptable behavior in society, period.
            I do not live in a glass house, I am Not perfect and have never claimed to be but I do try to be a good person a loving caring person. A thoughtful person.
            Please do not take this as an attack on you personally as it is definitely not. I am simply attempting to show you where the thoughts of others may be coming from. I also have to say I am not attempting to tear Lenny to shreds either on a personal level, however, how will he ever change his behavior if he is being rewarded for it?

          • CVeraS says:

            Far more eloquent than I could have put it. Thank you Shannon and chef Anne watcher. My heart hurts. I no longer watch food network because of this, but want to read what you guys are saying and thinking.

          • Monte says:

            I do have to ask: What sort of television programming do you watch? There are programs where actors/actresses do and say FAR worse than Lenny, and people revere them.

            Just wondering.

          • girloftheworld says:

            actors/actresses - Are you 12? do you reallllllllly not see the difference between a character and having character? Watching something on Game of Thrones is watching something fictional... How people behave in Real life matters or should matter.
            but then you sound like someone who wears a Vick jersey while throwing down a cold one

          • Monte says:

            I'm not talking about during their show, while they are in character. I'm talking about outside of that. In real life. But go ahead and think what you want.

          • shannon says:

            Monte, what CAW said. I will watch shows with fictionalized characters behaving a certain way,sure. But the real world does not put up with or work with or hire or promote antisemitic people,racist people,anti-gay people,deviant misogynistic people. Hollywood, T.V. networks ( I guess with the exception of food network) etc. fire those people or I guess black ball those people for the most part. The folks we watch in programming today don't publicly post things, like Lenny does if they do they are ashamed and apologize. Just to name a few majors to make you think....to realize no one thinks it acceptable ....Mel Gibson,Alec Baldwin,Donald Sterling,David Hasselhoff. These people have lost lucrative deals have been crucified in the media for unacceptable behaviors. Don't you get it? What is wrong with FN people don't get rewarded for this type of behavior. People DO NOT as you say revere these actions they persecute it.

          • shannon says:

            Ooops....sorry caw..I meant to expand on girloftheworlds statement and said your name instead.

          • Monte says:

            Eminem. A lot of rap artists. A lot of actors and actresses (to clarify: I mean in REAL LIFE).

            Bill Maher is, in my opinion, a vile human being. So I don't watch his show.

            Lots of people watch him and go on his show. There are even a few people here and there who think he's funny.

          • Buffy says:

            Monte there are a lot of things I don't support because I am not willing to give idiots money. As a kid, I could not watch everything on television. It did not matter how the program was presented. My family always saw the lie and then lie the actor lived. To this day, my parents were correct each time. Some people watch FN as an alternative to what is on television which is mostly crap.
            FN has decided to present an individual that many parents warn their children to stay away. The woman he forced a hug is probably still scrubbing.

          • Monte says:

            You're right that a lot of television is crap. The problem is, there are FAR too many people who support that crap. In some programs, "whoring around" and other irresponsible behaviors are almost encouraged.

            I have a 9 year old myself, and my family and I quit watching certain things on television as soon as he was born. We used to watch Law & Order, and I was somewhat of a pro wrestling watcher.

            We haven't watched those shows in over 9 years.

          • Buffy says:

            Monte it is most commendable that you live what you teach. This action speaks louder in a kid's life than words. I do understand FN wants to remain relevant, but at what expense. Based on the direction of programming, a group of people are speaking louder than those who have supported the network.

          • chef anne watcher says:

            Jesus cured the blind, deaf, and dumb. I guess You'll have to wait for His second coming to get YOUR 'cure'.

            Suggestion: Pull your head out of the sand, and really watch/listen to Lenny's vulgar videos and crude forum postings. Then come back here and tell us that you "Love Lenny" and support him and his actions. I'm betting you won't and you will continue to turn a "blind eye" and "deaf ears" to your Buddy Lenny.

          • Red says:

            That whole glass house analogy is as worn out as your bible, if you really take time to read what he says you would never support him.

          • Carletta says:

            No more Hipsters. No more edgy, tattooed, ripped jeans downtown street-people types. Don't let Guy Fieri replace him, either.

    • Michaelene says:

      Italy has MANY very DIFFERENT regions and each has its own culture. THAT was POV I would be happy to see. I know this as I've been to Italy. A little history could have been thrown into that mix. Read Lenny's HISTORY...you will be nauseated!!!!!!!

    • Barfy says:

      I'm allergic to pasta and vegans.

  6. No Cowboy For Me says:

    Rut-Row........Article by FNG this morning about Lenny....pretty darn good summation of what the Food Network is supporting... .http://www.foodnetworkgossip.com/2014/08/food-network-star-lenny-mcnab.html

    Justin, you said he deserves it and that he isn't afraid to be him. He will be breaking down walls...the wrong ones, and now you're associated with it. People will be waiting for him to mess up...I hope the Network realizes its error before then and he does not get far enough. I really, really, really hope you don't want to be his clown.

    • Red says:

      Thanks for the link, that was beyond disturbing. What boggles my mind is why FN hasn't researched any info on their own contestants, I feel like I was duped to let my guard down to like these people.

      • chef anne watcher says:

        We were ALL manipulated...and Alton was the Ring Leader of Lenny's circus. That's on him, now. I predict the fallout will land in Alton's backyard, and he'll have nowhere to hide. It will be interesting to watch Alton squirm and try to worm his way out of the mess that he created. I doubt he'll ever voluntarily admit to his transgressions as a FNS judge, just like Lenny will never apologize for the disgusting footage with his revolting remarks and actions that are all over the internet. Those 2 are birds of a feather, and should be fired by FN immediately!

        • Monte says:

          So wait...you think Alton Brown is to blame for this? If that's the case, you REALLY don't know how FNS works.

          • Buffy says:

            Tell us how FN operates Monte.

          • Troy says:

            Gawd, does that guy ever shut up?

          • Monte says:

            I will when you do.

          • Monte says:

            You wanna know how FNS operates? Sure. I'll give it a whirl. I believe that there are producers (none of which are Bobby, Giada or Alton) who essentially guide the show a specific direction. They probably get a list of the contestants in advance.

            Do you really think that Bobby, Giada, and Alton come up with all the challenges? If you do, I have some property to sell you -- cheap.

          • Buffy says:

            Monte, I agree. my comments have eluded to this set-up. I did not know Sarah was brought back. Her performance this time only says that she was hired to play a part. There is no way she should have been kicked of before Aryen.. Yes, it is clear the program is geared to promote their boring programs. That is why I commented I was surprised the judges received a completed plate, every one does not do well with their games.
            the rules stated did not line up with the results. I personally think there was use of green screen for the judges. I have noted this is a gig for Alton.

          • Monte says:

            I'd really have to agree with you about the rules thing. I don't know if you'll concur with this, but sometimes it seems like they just kind of make it up as they go along. It's getting to the point where presentation (i.e. how you are on camera) is MUCH more important than what you can actually cook.

            Here's a great example. Do you remember a couple of seasons back they had a guy on there named Michael Proietti? That guy was funny, entertaining, and he could COOK. What he didn't have, was camera presence. That was his downfall. He never got comfortable in front of the camera (or so they said).

            It's actually too bad that a lot of people on there who can actually COOK are eliminated because they can't (or aren't given the proper opportunity to) figure the camera stuff out.

            I've seen that thing you mention on a few episodes of Chopped. Someone will leave off an ingredient (or not finish all together) and get a pass. That's not supposed to be how it works.

            But hey, as the Latin phrase goes: "Quod Licet Iovi, Non Licet Bovi".

          • Buffy says:

            I did not watch that season. I did a search and I remember him from another program. FN I am guessing had their reasons. A note about Alton The idea to give information about the food is great. After watching this season of FNS with him as the host. I don't trust his authority for food. People believe he is running things at FN. I can't say because mostly everything has been presented as a lie.

          • Troy says:

            And you do. Why don't you tell us all about it?

            How many more times are you going to apologize for Alton or Lenny?

          • Monte says:

            I'm not apologizing for anyone. But I will say that a lot of you sure do LOVE to speculate.

          • Troy says:

            What a load that was. How many times have you defended Alton and Lenny already? You've just dug yourself in deeper.

          • Monte says:

            Show me where I've defended Lenny. And I've remained neutral on Alton Brown. The only comments I've made are regarding "Good Eats", because it was (and is) a show I enjoy watching. It's helped me grow as a home cook.

          • Troy says:

            Right here. Defending Alton again.

    • Kemq says:

      Ridiculous! You can't even read the gossip blog without liking....recommending or answering question so they can send sell your info to others!

    • Curious87114 says:

      Gawker has it now also, which means it's beginning to take on momentum.

  7. miamisue says:

    Totally disappointed in this "winner" and the entire contest-there was not enough cooking skills and too much "personality" posing. This is indicative of how this entire Network has devolved into personalities and little real cooking. Luca at least can cook. Lenny belongs on a ranch, not on a show. Will not watch his drivel.

    • MrB says:

      Miamisue, Lenny doesn't even belong on a ranch. He is as phony as his big belt buckle. Justin, if Lenny is happy in his own skin, why isn't he honest about the fact he is a cook on a dude ranch, not a true cattle ranch. He is simply a male version of another phony, Pioneer Woman. His "shucks, Ma'm", "cooking for the cowboys", "life on a ranch"and fake accent and mannerisms will teach viewers nothing about food. Even referring to himself as a "Cowboy" is insulting to cattlemen everywhere. He is another Next Food Network Star failure: Sandwich Guy, Artie Party, Lenny the Loser. Food Network has sadly become a chain of competitions that teach nothing about food.

      • FoodFancier says:

        The coffee coated steak is not something Lenny came up with. I have seen this at many restaurants for at least the past 3 or 4 years. They do it with fish quite often. Coffee spilling onto the grill, who wrote that?

        • Buffy says:

          Its from an old candy commercial. The writers used old Sunday comic scripts for his character.
          Quick Poll: How many people from the southern region and rural regions of America use the word "schucks"?

          • MoHub says:

            I use shucks when referring to someone taking oysters out the their shells or removing the husks from corn, as in: "He shucks the oysters." However, I would never use it as an expression preceded by Aw.

            But then again, I'm from the Mid-Atlantic coast, and oyster shucking is common along the Chesapeake Bay.

  8. MoHub says:


    I would refrain from giving Lenny advice about maintaining a social media presence. He's already all over the Internet, and what he has up there ain't pretty.

    • girloftheworld says:

      is this spouse to be damage control? Are people who call attention to his social media now "trolls"

      • chef anne watcher says:

        Seriously? Also, Justin wants to be Lenny's clown?
        What an idiotic statement !

        Oooops, I forgot that ALTON was Justin's "mentor". 'Stupid is as stupid does'...

        Alton, Lenny, and Justin are the Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest of the FN "family". I hope that the trio of circus clowns take their Road Show to another channel, in a foreign country. Siberia. perhaps?

        • Monte says:

          I don't get the Alton Brown hate. He was unconventional on Good Eats, yes, and that kind of show isn't everyone's cup of tea. That said, he's orders of magnitude better as a cook than most of the others they have on that network.

        • Rosemary says:

          Anymore he's just a boring announcer with a big ego. Cook something. Do it without blabbering about what Indian tribe used some spice 1500 yrs. ago or the chemical or molecular breakdown of an ingredient. No one cares.

          • Monte says:

            You mean just like no one cares that so-and-so learned how to cook by standing on a step stool and watching their grandma?

            It's what's called EDUCATIONAL cooking. And occasionally that "molecular breakdown" of an ingredient is good to know.

          • Roz says:

            No. I don't mean that.

            And you shouldn't imply that if someone is less detailed than Alton that it means that.
            Only another Alton would care. I guess some folks have to have *some* way to feel superior.

          • Monte says:

            No, I'm not implying that at all. I'm just saying that I'd rather watch someone like Alton or Anne Burrell actually teach me an actual technique rather than tell me some sort of "personal story".

        • Kaylee says:

          They both need to go.

      • Ronnie says:

        I suppose I am one of the head trolls since I was one of the people posting those disgusting Lenny links all over the place and originally found the most damning page of all where Lenny insults gays and women, especially Rhee Drummond. Thanks a lot for being a sellout, Justin. And to think I voted for you in your season, too. Way to go Mo Hub and girloftheworld, I couldn't say it better myself!

        • chef anne watcher says:

          Ronnie, thank you so much for posting the links to Lenny's vile videos. Without your persistence and guidance, we would have all been duped by Lenny, the rhinestone cowboy. You exposed his duplicity and opened our eyes and ears to the Real Lenny, the "New Food Network Fraud". As I posted above, it will be a short-lived gig. And, I totally agree with you about Justin. He's another phony and his Ode to Lenny was his worst blog, ever!

          • Ronnie says:

            Your welcome! I hate to see people duped by a con artist. I thought Lenny had "crazy eyes" from day one, which lead me to searching for dirt on him (I knew there had to be some!). Go over to "The Brasier", the foodie blog, they have put the original Lenny video back online here:

            Lenny and the Food Network can try to cover up his dirt but it's already been out there and people have saved it. We can only hope that our gut instincts are correct that he won't be able to handle being in the limelight and will do something based on his REAL character to mess it up. FN will get what it deserves no matter what with this guy.

        • shannon says:

          Ronnie, I too want to say thank you. I appreciate that you took steps to make people aware of the depth of his deviance. You did not have to but you did. (Ps. I don't think you are a troll.) But that does raise a question.....why does FN post a blog with comments enabled if they don't want people to read the comments?

          • Ronnie says:

            Thanks, Shannon, I didn't expect to get so many thanks from people but it means a lot - We aren't trolls just people with a decent moral attitude who are repulsed by this guy's attitude and can't just dismiss it. Someone said he's not running for president so why care what he's like in real life? I say I do care, because he's fooling kids and decent people who would be upset to know that this guy they are imagining is a nice decent individual is really a vulgar, immature impostor who is no more a cowboy than I am in real life and anything but nice and decent! Lenny is the REAL troll, not us! Thanks again!

    • msjs0315 says:

      MoHub, I wish I could multi-like your comment.

      • MoHub says:

        Thank you! I was rather surprised by Justin's advice and was wondering whether FN was keeping him isolated somewhere with blinders on.

        • shannon says:

          MoHub, Shocking. That is all I have to say. I was waiting for FN to make a statement, take a stance, speak openly with their opinion on Lennys, shall we say..... lifestyle?
          They sent Justin to do it? Basically their stance is the folks(Us) that have a problem with making someone of his moral caliber a "Star" are, to quote Fod Network "Trolls". I am offended, by the way.
          Then they give Lenny a thinly veiled threat ...keep it clean from here on out and by gones will be bygones? Hmmmm. Good luck with that. He has a pattern of behavior, I seriously doubt that will change.

          • MoHub says:

            Worst of all is that Lenny is still at it. Recent posts have referred to his FNS victory and included his usual vulgarity and sexist/sexual bent. (I can't call it innuendo, because innuendo implies subtlety, and there's nothing subtle about Lenny's attitude.)

          • girloftheworld says:

            really? where has this been?

          • MoHub says:

            He has his own message board—chuckwagoncook, I think—and what he says there is more of the offensive same. He also had videos on photobucket. However, I think all or most of the disgusting material has been removed.

            I originally got there via FNG's links.

          • CVeraS says:

            In this respect, I am proud to be a troll.

          • shannon says:

            Ahhh,CVeraS. Well....I really expected FN to take the high ground on this one, didn't you? I could have been knocked over by a feather when they announced that slimeball as the winner. I too am a proud troll.

          • Zoey says:

            Justin has no business writing these recaps. No previous winner should be. Alton has gotten to big for his britches.

          • Kaylee says:

            No former winner should be writing blog recaps at all. No one with a show already, either. Use staff writers.

          • Curious87114 says:

            I have been sending email after email to FN hoping that if they are besieged they will realize the people that actually WATCH their channel are upset about this. Maybe more should jump in and do so.

            I've mentioned their Facebook page being flooded with comments, the Food Network Gossip site link and the Gawker link. Maybe it will help .......someday.

          • shannon says:

            As I said to you before in another thread.....awesome!!!!! C'mon folks.....send an E-mail. Reach out to advertisers, FN themselves, Scripps (FN parent company), Your local news outlets whoever you can. Get the conversation going....keep it going. Let the public know. If you feel an individual that displays misogynistic, racist,homophobic behavior should not be rewarded then say something, anything.

          • Ronnie says:

            My husband and I have been writing in since the day we saw the Lenny video. Then when I saw the chat board posts I wrote again. I just can't believe they would ignore us in favor of the almighty dollar. Food Network has really gone over to the "dark side". Cutthroat Kitchen indeed!

        • msjs0315 says:

          Justin drank the FN Kool-Ade. His job is to support the FN brand. Besides, anything he writes about FNS that isn't flattering degrades the value of his having won.

        • FoodFancier says:

          Do you think Justin really wrote the story, or is it FN ghost writer and they put Justin's name on it?

          • MoHub says:

            Absolutely. If nothing else, Justin can and does write. The content, however, is probably designed to keep the FN paychecks coming.

    • Red says:

      You know, I have finally (after putting my foot in my mouth to those who were in the know) got to see the real Lenny.

      I was wrong, you guys were right. My apologies.

      • CVeraS says:

        I would give you a friendly pat on the back through my IPad if I could. I really respect you for being willing to apologize.

        • Red says:

          And I would accept, thank you, so sweet :) ( as in opposite of the true Lenny lol man he's a stinker, I get chills just thinking about the stuff he says and really feels!)

    • JudyK says:

      MoHub, you are my hero from another board. First time I've been here. Was just searching for info on whether FN had realized their horrible mistake and found this.

  9. Cathy says:

    Lenny is really a disgusting man. Why didn't FN check his social media posts before allowing him even to become a contestant. You will need to get this gross man off your network soon!

    • Sharon says:

      I totally agree Cathy! Lenny is a disgusting repulsive man who if checked out would have never been allowed to be a contestant He is gross and his social media posts certainly are a disgrace. Please get him off before FN loses more credibility!!

    • c thomp says:

      Food Network owes a huge apology to Ree Drummond for letting this foul-mouthed, pea-brained phony anywhere nearby. He is a disgusting fraud and a crude rude and totally idiotic jerk. I hope he chokes on his next bite of brisket. Awww shucks, ya'll.

      • shannon says:

        I think the Food Network owes the viewers an apology. Then an explanation. I also think they then owe ALL of their on air personalities an apology. Why all of their personalities? If they don't clarify their stance followed by their (hopefully) subsequent removal of Lenny from their network they are going to lose a major amount of viewers and that will impact the personalities...like Ree Drumond, who have done absolutely nothing wrong.
        I really like a lot of the shows and have faithfully watched many many years...If this filthy man is who they want on their network I don't think I am going to watch the network at all. Their decision on him truly makes me intensely dislike the whole network.

  10. foodie says:

    I am glad Lenny won. I could not stand Luca and I could not understand what he was saying! Nicole would of been my second choice but in the end Lenny was the winner and don't blame food network blame america if you don't like the results.

    • Not Lenny says:

      Luca isn't difficult to understand, perhaps you should brush up on your hearing skills. Lenny is a terrible choice for season 10's winner.

    • Joanne says:

      Many people DO blame Food Network, especially when comments from Alton come to light about there never being any doubt about Lenny...what was it? Being in the finals?

      Besides that, I just can't believe that Lenny is what most voters really wanted. Funny that he wins when you consider that Nicole has more followers on twitter than Lenny. Luca does too.

    • Red says:

      I was too until I got to read his own words.

    • Michaelene says:

      There has been , and continues to be a HUGE "dumbing down" of the USA!!!!! Also, lack of class, manners and all that goes with that! If that person who "couldn't understand a word Luca said...I feel sorry for you. What Wonder Bread Only world do you live in?????????

      • MoHub says:

        I once mentioned that Jacques Pépin and Martin Yan both have pronounced accents, yet America seems to be able to understand them. I got a response from someone that he/she had no idea who Jacques Pépin was—and this was posted on a foodie message board!

        You are absolutely right that a huge dumbing-down is occurring. In fact, it seems to be a mark of shame in this country if someone shows a glimmer of intelligence or knowledge. We are not as far from Idiocracy as we might think.

        • CVeraS says:

          We must be from the same generation. I remember watching both these chefs when I was in my 20s. So far as the "dumbing down" - my husband and I have had several talks with our 19 year old on that subject. He's at least one kid that will not be going down that slippery path.

      • Foxxyone says:

        Ugly people say ugly things, and you are very unkind.

      • Monte says:

        Dumbing down...I can say one word: Kardashians.

        Or maybe two words: "reality TV".

        People are more interested in who's gonna get voted off the island or who Kim Kardashian is banging this week rather than enriching themselves.