A Letter to Lenny, from the Rebel

by in Food Network Star, August 11, 2014

Lenny McNabDear Lenny,

Out of all the seasons of Food Network Star, I can think of only one other winner who has a personality as big as yours. Congratulations and welcome to the Food Network family. You deserve this. From the moment you set foot on our screens, America couldn't take its eyes off you, and it wasn't because of the sequins.

You exude confidence. You nailed it in the finale when you told that kid you are happy in your own skin, so why not bare it? We're a little alike, in that regard. You aren't afraid to be you. I look forward to seeing what sort of walls you break down in your new position.

From that wacky lobster French toast (you been readin' my playbook?) to the coffee-rubbed lamb burgers, we all wanted to see what you'd cook next. The culinary and camera challenges you have overcome are designed to defeat the best. From here, all you have to do is keep your knife sharp and your cutting board clean. There are no impossible tasks for a Food Network Star.

The next few months are going to be crazy. To me, it was like growing up all over again, but with a lot more fun, cameras, money and the smarts of having been through it before. You're going to evolve a little bit.

People will get starstruck. It's a real condition that affects millions of people. The inability to speak, a loss of color, clammy hands and a monosyllabic speech pattern are all symptoms. I use a defibrillation technique: I do something shockingly normal so the victim realizes I'm just a normal human. Today I told some fans that I didn't take a shower. Sometimes I ask them if I have food in my teeth. You'll have to develop a tactic for this. It's weird, man, but you will love them nonetheless.

People will be waiting for you to mess up. We now have a word for these people: trolls. Don't let the trolls bug you and don't ever read the comments. Also, don't read the Google predictive searches, especially "Is ___Lenny McNab__." America is still mostly concerned with whether I wear lipstick.­­­

That's about it, man. Go break the stallion of fame. In this rodeo, I'll be your clown anytime.

Break legs,

Justin Warner

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Comments (373)

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow! I am totally shocked at the negative responses from so many of the people who watch Food Network about Lenny McNab winning "Next Food Network Star". Not only can Lenny cook, but he can entertain, which is what he did as Chef Lenny, "The Black Mamba", and as "Farmer McNab" at the Kessler Canyon Ranch. He's about as down to earth as it gets. He plays parts to entertain their guests! I can't wait to see his show and his sweet side. Good work Food Network! I think some of your viewers though, have become very full of themselves and need to get off their high horses!!

    • Buffy says:

      Your comments about Lenny suggest you and Lenny are cut from the same cloth.
      To say you are shocked is not the truth.
      However, your comments to cut people who do not want to keep their minds in the trash is unwarranted.
      Are you allowed to speak to people in high positions in Lenny's tone?

      Contrary to the Lenny world, there are people who are authentic in business and in their personal life.
      I chose not to be abused and assaulted by his personality.

    • shannon says:

      Pfft. I don't think the viewers are full of themselves. Let me give you an example of someone who is full of themself. Lenny has circulated the information that he was a "Country Western Singer" in Nashville. Sounds impressive right? To my understanding he lived in a car and played his guitar on the streets.
      There is a homeless woman who lives in my city who claims she is a Queen. I have given her money. Now I could say (if subscribed to Lennys school of truth). I am friends with a Queen and I help fund her Monarchy. While both are true most people would never represent facts the way Lenny has.

  2. lily says:

    I will NEVER watch this ridiculous cowboy hot dog idiot..What is obvious is the food network I not content with their mostly female audience---they want dudes---guy fieri 400 times a day and now I suspect this clown will be popping up at NASCAR events and been-there-done-that southern crap all over the south. I predicted he would win the 1st episode. you wanted a clown . you got a fool/clown big time. NOBODY I talked to liked him or voted for him. I think you were going to make him win. I do not trust the integrity of this show' will not watch again, I dispute the result and will never',' ever watch lennytheidiotclown Not Ever. I would have watched Luca 7 days a week.

    • MSgt5J0X1 says:

      Just me "thinking out loud" here -- If FN wants to attract guys, doesn't it make sense to have a show that focuses on the basics of cooking with a host that's either (a) a guy that men can relate to, or (b) an attractive woman that guys would want to watch? We watch Food Network Star and we see the emphasis of having some kind of story to relate to your food -- WHY?!?!! Most men couldn't care less about how you spent weekends in your grandmother's kitchen or your discovery of this wonderful dish when you traveled to (fill in the blank). Don't waste our time with that crap! Tell us what you're making, tell us we (and our significant other) will love it and show us how to do it in detail. How many times do we see chefs/cooks going through the motions of preparing food as filler when that should be part of the instruction for a target audience of men, many of whom (sad to say) know little to nothing about cooking?

  3. Doreen says:

    It figures. So another new show I won't have to watch. Like last year's winner, what was her name?

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  5. Julie says:

    I am so disappointed with Lenny. He is such a creepy person. Will never watch a show he is in or a part of. Really wish Luca had won. I really like Italian cuisine and would have watched his how.

  6. The triumvirate of Food Network folly: Kenny M., Justin W., and Jeff M.

  7. Please go back to real cooking, not faked dialogue that does nothing to enhance the food.