Star Exclusive: Watch the Winner’s First Interview

by in Interviews, August 10, 2014

Star Talk caught up with the winner just moments after the memorable announcement. Click play on the video above to watch Star Talk's exclusive interview and read more below.

"This is our first cowboy chef ... it's about time we've had a cowboy chef. We've been missing that!" Alton Brown told Star Talk after Lenny McNab was crowned the newest Food Network Star. "We have no one like Lenny on this network. I don't think there's anyone like Lenny in the world," Bobby Flay added.

You've had highs and lows. Looking back over the season, can you sum up your experience for us?
Lenny McNab: When you have your highs you feel like you're on top of the world. When you have your lows you feel like susceptible to pain. If there's anything I can tell America, it's to try and put that pain back and push towards those things that make you positive. Once you're positive, don't leave that area and you'll be successful for your entire life.

Before they announced your name, you saw the reel of Food Network Stars, and now you're a part of that. How does that feel?
LM: To be in the company of Giada, Alton, Morimoto, Alex — all the great chefs that are on Food Network — I realize that I'm the puppy of the family right now and I have to bow to them. But someday I will rise and be the king of the world.

Going through this season, Lenny, were there any cringe-worthy moments, looking back on it?
LM: Oh, yeah. Some parts of the show were really hard for me to watch. And I think the most cringe-worthy moment for me was when I ripped my shirt open to do the belly flop, because, well, I shouldn't be taking my shirt off on national TV ever, and I did it twice.

Did you find any one mentor more intimidating than the other?
LM: I think the most-intimidating person to me this season was Bobby Flay. He has this icy look to him. He's very daunting. He's such a big personality on Food Network that he was the one who really sent shivers down my spine.

Was there any one piece of advice that really stuck with you that they gave to you?
LM: The one piece of advice that I heard once in my life that brought me to this point got reiterated to me at one point in this, and that was from Robert Irvine, and we were in between shots, and he looked at me and he said, "Lenny, just be yourself, man." And I think that's the most-important thing to remember for myself. Just to be me and to be happy with that.

Who have been some of your biggest supports throughout this competition?
LM: The town of Bristol, New Hampshire, has been my biggest supporters. Leading the reins has been my mom though, Jennifer McNab. I love you, Mom. And the first friend I ever had, Chris.

America has voted you the winner. What do you have to say to your fans?
LM: America, I love you so much. You're the best fans in the entire world. You're better than soccer fans. You're better than Tour de France fans. You're food fans, and food fans are just going to eat me up, and I love you for that.

What's next for you, Lenny?
LM: Shoot fire. I think I'm going to take a nap. Sit under a tree and enjoy a nice snack. But then directly out into New York City, where we're going to roll this cowboy.

Chat with the winner on Food Network's Facebook page on Monday, Aug. 12 at 3|2c:

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Comments (402)

  1. Lynn Allred says:

    I for one will not be watching Lenny. What a waste of a my time watching this season of FNS. Luca should have gotten the win. With so many negative comments how in the world can they say he got the fan vote? I am reading 10 negative comments to every one positive comment. What a joke.

  2. Deborah Lockwood says:

    Can someone explain to me Why Giada needs to where low cut dresses and tops??? I don't want to turn the TV on to see boobs-Please cover up !!!!!!

    • PRW94 says:

      A couple of years ago they had her in a bikini. Again, appealing to the lowest common denominator viewers.

    • Guest says:

      Shhhh.... The more the viewers complain, the lower they get! Oh yeah, and we can fully expect her back ruining this year's Thanksgiving special again. Lots of negative feedback about that, too.

      • Buffy says:

        The Thanksgiving program is boring beyond boring. People will have more success calling the Butterball help line or logging into their live chat. I personally use the brown bag method for preparing my turkey because I don't spend time babysitting a turkey or risk salmonella by brining

        • Monte says:

          Hmmm...what's the brown bag method? Never heard of that before. It sounds interesting.

          BTW...I've done the brine thing before with a turkey. As long as you cook the turkey to temp, you should be OK.

          • Buffy says:

            Here is a recipe for the brown-bag Turkey recipe
            I review Tyler or Ina's recipes for seasoning the turkey. This recipe does not call for oiling the inside of the bag. I use olive oil to oil the inside of bag. The best results are when I season the turkey the night before and allow the turkey to rest in the frig.

    • connie says:

      You must be FAT!!!!

    • Michaelene says:

      She is a woman....get it yet???????

  3. redleviathan2000 says:

    Congratulations Lenny, best of luck!

  4. CVeraS says:

    We were watching shark week and tuned in to the very end, just to see who did win, then I hit the blogs. Been reading some of the comments out loud during the shark week commercials. The sermon at church today was about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and how we need to be prepared to stand up for what is true and right no matter what the cost, for the glory of God and spreading theTruth. I pray for Lenny. Giving up watching the Food Network is a very small price to pay for standing up for what is right and true. When they take him off the air and publicize a public apology to Ree Drumond and everyone else Lenny has tried to hurt, I may be back. Back to Shark Week.

  5. lou anne says:

    No Cowboy shows on FN what about the Pioneer Woman. Its about Cowboys and Ranch life and country Cowboy cooking

  6. Linda says:

    I am thrilled hat Lenny won. He is genuine and seems very sweet. I will definitely watch him! FN and fans got it right!

  7. Fanfouette says:

    I am completely amazed! All that comes to mind is that America , for sure, didn't vote for Lenny. I thought Luca was going to win this (or perhaps Nicole). He is charming, has class , is a good cook and has improved so much throughout the competition; he would have been a great food network star. I can't imagine for one second that Lenny really won by popular vote. It's so unfortunate . Sorry, but I won't be watching him.

  8. diva614 says:

    Wow, Food Network. Once again you've put your foot in it! It should have been either Luca or Nicole. Lenny was entertaining for about the first two episodes. Not entertaining because he had talent but because he seemed so phoney and down-right insane.

    Many people have said that Lenny can cook and that's all that counts - but frankly we are watching to feel a connection with the person on the television as well as learn something from them. Lenny's screen time always felt like it was just one minute from going totally out of control. Uncomfortable to watch. This guy looks like he was picked up from Central Casting. Give us someone real, please!

    Stop making every show a competition too. FN used to be about cooking. Now it's about game shows. The Cooking Channel and PBS are the only place to go for serious AND entertaining cooking programs.

  9. Cathy says:

    Done with Food are just a joke. Held hope out that you would find another direction besides total idiotic competition shows rather that teach us to cook... Lenny is a total disaster....disgusted viewer.

  10. connie says:

    Pioneer woman is a show for white folks. They have never seem people of color on the ranch in the middle of no where. Did you say Lenny Kravitz? won....Lol....What a joke FN Fn fn f n. Lights out.