The 14 Best One-Liners from Food Network Star, Season 10

by in Food Network Star, August 8, 2014

Alton Brown and Giada De LaurentiisThere was no shortage of communication from both sides of the Food Network Star judges' table this season, but there were indeed moments when what was being said simply stopped the cast — and fans watching at home — in their tracks. From premiere impressions about each other's styles to oddball antics unfolding in the dining room, the last 10 weeks provided plenty of opportunities for hilarious quips, straightforward comebacks, and unfiltered reactions from the mentors and hopefuls alike. Read on below to relive the best one-liners from the cast, then tune in to the Food Network Star finale this Sunday at 9|8c.

Donna: "I don't usually do that type of thing."

Bobby about Lenny: "Whoa, he's got sequins on, yo."

Giada: "She's very much a pageant girl."

Lenny: "I'm glad this isn't The Next Top Model."

Bobby to Lenny: "You're wild enough to shoot at."

Alton: "It's a date with my mom."

Nicole: "This is like P90X."

Lenny: "If Lenny dies, he can't compete."

Alton: "Everything hinged on you getting up and getting cray cray."

Nicole: "I have a chronic case of Resting Bitch Face."

Sarah: "Oh, with the big spoon. That's fine."

Alton to Emma: "You are friendly. You are likable. And then you burned some piglets in a barn."

Susie: "I'm just finding this whole experience kind of weird."

Luca: "You can downgrade that and use shrimp."

Click the image below to see photos of the most-memorable moments of the season.

Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay

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Comments (47)

  1. buwahahahaha says:

    Too bad, haters --- Lenny took top honors.
    He's the next Guy Fiery in training, so you'd better get ready for Guy 2.0.
    From the Open Range to the Home Range, Lenny's going to make you Cowboy Up!

    (Which beats that fake "accidental country girl" crap.)

    • FlatIron says:

      Wouldn't it be funny if Lenny had a throwndown with Ree Drummond, they feed their dishes to a crowd of 100 and the people say the Pioneer Women's cooking is better?

      • Monte says:

        What would be funny about it?

        • buwahahahaha says:

          More likely -- amazing. I'm no fan of Ree and her recipes. The only thing that seperates her from Pauler Dean is that Ree hasn't crossed over to using sexual inuendo to promote her schlock. It's all whole milk, sticks of butter and sugar --- sugar.

          Now, if FN is considering programing, why not have Demaris hook the ol' boy up? I doubt she's got anything she could actually teach him, but he's a looker.

          • Gary says:

            'Have Damaris hook the ol' boy up'? Who are you talking about? Lenny??? 'A looker'????

            Whatever you're smoking, you've lost your mind!

  2. Monte says:

    Ok, everybody tap the brakes.

    I'd really like to point out a couple of things. If you'll notice, FN has never promoted this as the winner getting their own show. Just that they get to appear at the Food & Wine festival.

    Second, I was simply watching this season for train wreck value.

    Third, I was rather surprised that Nicole was third. Announcing that the way that they did could make someone feel uncomfortable, especially when they have to sit there for another 45 minutes with the other two.

    Fourth, it's entirely possible that the voting was rigged. You'll notice that they never say that the votes were verified by a third party.

    Fifth, if we assume a fair vote, I think there was vote splitting going on between Luca and Nicole.

    • Jelaza says:

      Yes, they did. The promos said "compete for their own show on Food Network" and that they would also be featured in Food Network magazine and appear at the NY Food & Wine Festival.

      • Monte says:

        Eh. Still doesn't mean that they won't give them a one-off like they did with Justin Warner.

        Not really invested in any of the final three. I really don't get that invested in who wins things like this. If I get negged for that, so be it. But it's the truth. I think there are some every now and then who I think I could learn more from (Eric Lee from a couple of seasons back, for instance). But I wasn't screaming from the mountaintops that he got screwed when he was eliminated. Emily Ellyn was, though. I wasn't really invested in her, either. I thought she had a unique POV in "Retro Rad". If that was an act...I didn't care. The only problem I had with her elimination is that she managed to fill the full time, whereas Martita stood there for 30 seconds and got a pass.

        But then again, the producers can make any kind of decision that they want.

        • buwahahahaha says:

          Oh my - Justin Warner might be a "culinary rebel" --- whatever that is, but he comes across as the poster child for all the Twilight movies onscreen! I mean seriously, he glitters, and there's only so much you can do this that.

          Ol' Lenny could use some toning down, but if the network hasn't succeeded with Guy don't expect it to happen here, either. I can certainly see a chuckwagon/camping themed show. There's an awful lot of open space and reruns on early Saturday and Sunday mornings. PBS has run a few of those over the years, and they were as interesting as they were unpolished.

          • Monte says:

            Food Network believes that they HAVE succeeded with Guy. Why do you think there's so much of him on the network?

          • buwahahahaha says:

            Oh that Guy!
            How many shows can one dude have?
            Does he think he's Bobby Flay?
            Poor Tush and The Scary Woman. They try so had to manufacture that "magic" every season.

            (all sarcasm, all the time)

          • Gary says:

            Justin Warner is the "Johnny Weir" in the World of Cooking-- All glitz and mouth, with no substance.

  3. Monte says:

    Oh, and one of the things that I find funny is the number of people all up in arms, who are way too invested in this, who scream out "I'M NEVER WATCHING THIS HORRIBLE NETWORK AGAIN!!!!!!"

    But then the next thing you know...they're sitting down on their couch, or chair, or wherever, and flipping on Food Network!

  4. Shel says:

    Actually I'm glad that Sara was finally eliminated. That would definitely be a show I would not watch. And to bring back an eliminated player...No. Nicole would be ok but I figured it would be all about seafood. I live on the coast and do not like seafood. I picked Lenny the first show.

  5. old guy 62 says:

    no lenny for me thanks

  6. seniorchief says:

    Curiosity will take me to Lenny's show, looking for some of his clever ideas beyond red meat. But let's hope he sheds that big ol' hat in the kitchen and is shown only from the waist-up (nothing to do with Lenny's size but with his threadbare chuckwagon jeans).

  7. chef anne watcher says:

    The #15 best one liner: Alton to _______________ (fill in the blank) : "I can't TRUST you"!!!!!!!

    Guess what, Alton? We, the viewers, don't TRUST you!!! Does 'Lenny is the one to beat' ( the Gospel, according to Alton) ring a bell???? Alton's bias knew no bounds...and "We can't un-hear that"!!!!

    Hopefully, the FNS execs will remove him as a judge and he will be shown the door for his duplicity and the farce that HE created/propagated throughout the entire Season. Luca and Nicole had no chance of winning the FNS due to Alton's manipulations during the competition.

    • Guest says:

      He needs to go. He needs to compete. All talk and never sticks his own neck out.

    • guest2 says:

      I hope he is gone and not on the next season of Food Network Star. Too much ego. Just DON'T replace him with Justin Warner.

  8. Adele says:

    Remember early in this season, was it first episode, when Alton had a short video clip where he talks about wanting to "protect" the network and doesn't want people on it who don't deserve to be on it?

    Oh really! Yes, America, your Alton is on the job. Defending the Network against the evil forces of the undeserving (sarcasm). What an ego! As if he cares more than anyone else at food network, or they don't care as much as him. As if he's the one who decides. Maybe that wasn't accurately his intention but it wasn't hard to get that sort of impression. He's gotten too much of an I'm in charge judge-n-jury mentality IMO. An announcer with an ego who doesn't cook anymore. Fast becoming a has-been. Maybe he can replace Tom Bergeron on dancing with the stars.

  9. Alton to Giada in the above photo