Caption It: Final Feedback

by in Food Network Star, August 1, 2014

Bobby FlayThis Sunday marks the 10th week of competition on Food Network Star, and after nearly three months of tests involving timed cooking, camera engagement, live presentations and brand building, the final four rivals have one last opportunity to learn from their mentors. Alton, Bobby and Giada will be on hand as Lenny, Luca, Nicole and Sarah film promos for their would-be shows on Food Network, and it's in these last snippets of the contest that the mentors can impart sage industry advice and good-to-know tips for the future.

Check out the sneak-peek photo above from Sunday's brand-new penultimate episode. Bobby looks as if he's in deep thought midconversation, relaying feedback to a rival during his or her promo taping. What do you think he could be conveying, this late in the competition, and do you think there's still time for the contestants to heed his guidance?

Before you tune in on Sunday at 9|8c to find out what's going on here, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

Tune in to a brand-new episode of Food Network Star on Sunday, Aug. 3 at 9|8c.

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Comments (59)

  1. Louise says:

    Caption: "Why don't we change it to the Bobby Flat Network since I've had so many shows?"

  2. Janet says:

    Bobby is telling a finalist "You're SO close...

  3. susan says:

    I am not a fan of Bobby Flay. I watch Next Food Network Star to see Alton Brown. I choose my favorite contestants, and if they lose, I stop watching the show. This season, I am rooting for Lenny, and if not him, then Luca. I could watch a tv show starring either one of them. I do not find the remaining female contestants on the show to be engaging at all. The females seem to have a condescending attitude. I have been watching the Food Network for years. Alton Brown is far and away my favorite. His new show, Cutthroat Kitchen is very good. Here's hoping that Lenny or Luca is victorious.

  4. Ashley says:

    Alton has gotten too big of an ego. He is snappy, condescending and too abrupt. He is not the only one who cares about camera presence. Bobby is more level-headed. Giada wants us too like the winner but she's so big on that that we end up getting some mediocre cook who might be nice but who doesn't elevate us much beyond another easy gumbo soup. Alton will cave in to whoever she likes if he hasn't already had an irritable tantrum and written them off.

    How do you feel about Lenny's youtube video? Have you seen it? The one where he cuts up a briscuit.

    I don't see why you think the women are condescending. I don't think so.

  5. Paul says:

    I really like this season, and i understand TV production, but the producers need to pull back on 'know it all Sarah, she's coming over really irritating...I love Nicole and Luca to win...

  6. Ouija Board says:

    I have figured out three things. I believe I now know:
    Who goes home sunday
    Why it's that person
    And who wins, unless the public vote royally screws it up.
    It all makes sense now.

    • sickofsarah says:

      do you care to share your thoughts with us?

      • Just Sayin says:

        No...this person is just relieved that they've got it all figured out.

        And gloating about it.

        i'm just sayin-

        • Ouija Board says:

          Maybe I was wrong. The "vibrations" may not have been right. A "disturbance in the Force." Or perhaps humanity just wasn't ready for it yet. (Insert very large cheshire cat grin, here).

          I will reveal this much. I had thought either Sarah or Lenny would be next to be eliminated. This happened.

          However, since it was Sarah rather than Lenny, how might this affect the final outcome? You may now center thyself and get in touch with your "inner network". The truth is out there. I have spoken. The outcome is yet a mystery but shall unfold in due time.
          (where else will you get entertainment like this?). You get what you pay for.

      • Ouija Board says:

        And spoil it for you? Hint: how similar or different is this years final voting to last years?

  7. Q.T. Pie says:

    Have you seen this article about Lenny??

    • chef anne watcher says:

      Ah, love at first sight (and first bite)...It seems like the author of the article, Ben O'Brien, would probably be a Fan of Lenny's "cutting of the brisket" YouTube video. According to Ben, Lenny was nicknamed 'Cooky" in the wilds of Arizona (during his Pre-Colorado days) and his alter-ego was as a 'burgeoning country star' living in his Truck in Nashville. LOL - Who Knew? It appears to me that, with all the praises he lavished on Lenny, Ben was more than infatuated with Lenny, "Brokeback Mountain-style"...I wonder if they "got a room"?? LOL

      • sickofsarah says:

        it appears that lenny's alter egos are numerous and he turns them on, to fit any occasion. he has shades of "sybil" with his multiple personalities. god help us if the unenlightened viewers vote for him as the winner next week. he is an exhibitionist and there are no boundaries to his lewdness.

    • Buffy says:

      I have not seen the article about Lenny. It is not important to see Lenny. It is like someone is trying to push a fallen Politian by asking us to see Lenny in a different setting. boo hoo
      This caption is about Bobby.

  8. Jelaza says:

    There's really only one possible caption for that photo: "It's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.....stuff."

  9. Buffy says:

    Caption: This dish can be elevated by adding pureed ....

  10. The Crusher says:

    Bobby: it's a big fight. You gotta go 10 rounds.