Caption It: Anything Can Happen

by in Food Network Star, July 25, 2014

Rachael Ray on Food Network StarIt was only a few weeks ago that Food Network Star finalists got their first taste of live demonstrations; from the energy of an in-person crowd to the unfamiliar surroundings onstage, nearly everything about the first unscripted setup was uncommon for the hopefuls. Come this Sunday night, contestants will again experience the demands of live performances, but this time they will have to do so on television — alongside superstar Rachael Ray.

The queen of 30-minute meals and a longtime Food Network icon, Rachael is a pro at talking and cooking live, as she hosts her own daytime show, The Rachael Ray Show. She knows well that when it comes to live TV, anything can — and often does — happen, since there's no way to prepare for the unexpected, so she's just the special guest to teach this lesson to the hopefuls. Check out the sneak-peek photo above from Sunday's all-new episode. What do you think has led Rachael to make such an expression and to throw her hands in the air? Was one finalist's presentation entirely unanticipated, or could she be reacting to the day's events as a whole?

Before you tune in on Sunday at 9|8c to find out what's going on here, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

Tune in to a brand-new episode of Food Network Star on Sunday, July 27 at 9|8c.

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Comments (93)

  1. MommaO says:

    Luca is extremely personable and interesting to hear and watch. I am intrigued by his stories and genuine nature. He is the most believable of the lot which puts him ahead of and apart from the rest of the contestants.

    I didn't like the first blond chef (sorry that I forgot her name). She's too over the top. She has an extremely annoying habit of using the word "LIKE" a lot!!!! .... and she repeats her stories and directions which makes her boring and annoying.

    The other contestants are ok. but I feel that there is more of a need and interest for Luca than the other 'kitchy' type contestants. Luca is the type of quality that Food Network needs. Thank goodness you brought him back!

    • JustSayin says:


      You cant remember the 'blond chef'..the female...but you CAN remember the Italian dark haired guy...umm...what's his name again? Get real.

      I'm just sayin.

    • the Owl says:

      I was just waiting to see who would pounce on here first and start tearing people down.

      Thats what wrong with these blog discussions. It's too much about slamming people and not enough about who's good and why. Often, on those rare occasions when someone does finally mention anything positive, as was mentioned with Luca above, the same can be said of others, or, others positive traits will simply not get mentioned.
      Let the reader beware and read with discerning eyes as we continue to the end.

      • Buffy says:

        I think people see the program first before coming to the blog. I stumbled on the blog because I wanted to send an email to FN regarding one of the contestants.

    • Todd says:

      Please Sarah get cut! I can't stand watching you. You seem like a huge FAKE! You seem malicious and obviously have no talent. Sick of seeing you.

    • Pat says:

      I agree about Luca! but tell me why in heavens name is Sarah still there????? how many times do the "viewers" have to vote for her as their choice to go home!!!!! PLEASE enough is enough of her!!!

  2. CommonSense says:

    Caption above:

    Rachel saying--

    I don't know what Food Network sees in me to keep me around so long and even though a lot of people dont like me, here I am! heehee!

  3. CommonSense says:

    Rachel: 'Guy Fieri and I are gonna be around forever so just deal with it folks! heehee!

  4. Dad knows! says:

    Pretty peculiar that as soon as a new heading occurs, someone is on to either bash Sarah or force feed Luca on us. Even though the person above seems to try to be kinder to Sarah its phony--the drive is to push Luca because that is who they want to choose. This doesnt persuade me just because you all are trying to make it appear that he is the better choice. You know you will choose him so do it--but enough with the games! Its your network so do whatever you want. Its my remote control and I will do what I want if you choose the person I dont want. So just be genuine instead of trying to be slick.

    • Missy says:

      GO daddy!

    • Buffy says:

      I don't think the network is pushing Luca. The network is pushing a lot of other things, and it is not Luca.
      Yes, the best way kill a program is not to watch. I do not intend to watch FN after this program. I have not watched FN for 3 weeks. It takes 30 days to break a habit. 7 more days and I will be free. :)

    • Katherine says:

      There ain't nothing slick about Luca--he is just real

  5. BestSeller says:

    Based on today's Rachael Ray show, I can see Lenny having his own show!

    • Buffy says:

      What will Lenny do? Cooking with the circus stars from around the world?

      • BestSeller says:

        Geez why so hateful? I was just saying that Lenny was by far the best one on today's Rachael Ray show, he was giving great tips, looked really comfortable and was including the kids in his presentation, mad props!

        • Jan says:

          I would give more weight to how the Parents react than I would to small kids reactions on tv. Parents can always adapt any cooks suggestions and tweak it for their kids.

          • Cindi says:

            Sorry to disagree,,,, Not ALL parents can adapt! My Sister in Law proves that point! Especially when her kids would prefer a bowl of cereal over anything that she would cook!

          • Jan says:

            I disagree with your disagreement. That's pretty sad if any parent can't use a different sauce or dilute something that has too strong of a flavor for kids, etc. Nothing ANY finalist did was that difficult at all. Some parents deserve to eat cereal.

          • Buffy says:

            I understand your point when kids decide which foods they want to eat as if they are in a restaurant with a choice. I have removed the easy choices. Yes, this means I don't get a treat from time to time. Right, now I only prepare hot cereal, and not the pre-packaged sugar mix. And there is not a choice for a sandwich because the bread is designated for lunch.

          • Oats says:

            ? Does anyone know what Buffy is talking about?

          • spanker says:

            If they cant adapt then they deserve Mcdonald's. Learn something! It's good for them.

        • Violet Eyes says:

          I don't agree with "by far the best". I don't feel any one of them was far out in front of the rest. But some did better than expected. Watch Sunday.

        • Buffy says:

          My comment is not meant to be hateful. It is the same thing across the board. Let the women see that you work well with kids. That is a tool. If the kids like you the adults will like you. (Old TV trick)
          It is nice to include kids with you in the kitchen. How many mom's can include their kids in the kitchen every day? Let alone three to four kids wanting to prepare the entire meal.

          • Marie says:

            Get real. Those kids could barely even talk. What counts is the parents understanding the cook, then they tailor it, easily, to their kids.

  6. WeighTheScales says:

    The Owl, Just Sayin' and Dad knows----have got it right. Keep these comments in mind as you read new threads.

  7. Guest says:

    Please - NO SPOILERS. We will all find out Sunday.

    • Buffy says:

      The spoiler is in the comment. I don't mind spoilers.

    • chef anne watcher says:

      I think it's too late. On several threads, "the horses have left the barn" with some of the the details. Rachael Ray's show (yesterday) should NOT have shown it, before FN on Sunday night.

      • the Owl says:

        While this was a very good challenge, a big concern now is will people take this and ignore everything that has gone before?

  8. Jelaza says:

    I've never seen the Rachael Ray. show, so this may not fit her personality, but the immediate thought that came to mind looking at that pose and expressions is "Sorry, I didn't know that would make it explode."

  9. shannon says:

    I am really glad I watched the competitors live demonstrations before this weeks show. I had a chance to form my own opinions without being influenced by the judges remarks and facial expressions. I feel like I got more out of watching this challenge than any others this year and more than I ever get from "demos" when it comes down to the final 3 in previous years. I am dying to give my opinions individually but don't want to be a spoiler for others that have not watched.
    I did not watch Rachael s show but the videos are posted in their entirety on Rachel Rays website if anyone is interested in watching.
    Without being specific they all did better than I thought they would, there is a clear standout to me and one of my faves is just not ready yet.
    Can't wait till Sunday...gonna be a good show.

    • chef anne watcher says:

      Shannon, I'm glad to see your post! I did not watch Rachael's show yesterday...I will try to watch the videos on my Kindle today. They never load on my computer (ugggh!). I read the "nutshell version" of what happened, as well as 2 fans' comments, on Food Network Gossip dot com.

      I think it's outrageous that the finalists' demos were actually shown on HER show before Sunday night's show on FN! It doesn't seem to fit with FNS's m.o. of "secrecy"... I'm wondering, could it be a fake-out? ( A "trial run" for the contestants, perhaps)? Did the videos include comments from the judges?

      • shannon says:

        CAW,I have trouble on my kindle getting the FN videos too, but Rachael RYs site must be set up differently I had no prob on my kindle. After the finalists did their presentations RR talked to Giada,Alton and Bobby they just gave a blurb of opinion,nothing major.
        I have no clue why they showed it on her show prior to airing the episode, it's crazy to me. However like I said I liked seeing them without the judges faces and expressions. I honestly don't think it's a fake out based on Giadas response afterwards. Each spot was 3 mins plus set up before hand and talking after presentation totaling about 6 min per person if you factor in commercials and judging deliberation and sending someone home I am wondering if you will only see an abridged version on Tomorrow's show. I highly recommend you watch before hand.

        • chef anne watcher says:

          Thanks so much for the info on the kindle. Only 1 video on FN worked for me (Alton's reason for getting rid of Emma). I will definitely use the RR site for my kindle! :)

  10. Crouton40 says:

    I saw Rachel Ray's show. I don't want to spoil it, either. You will definitely want to tune in and see this. I agree, they all did better than expected. Who did best? Not gonna say. Keep it fresh for ya :) But it's the best challenge I've seen all season. Some of you may be surprised.
    And now, it's off to take my computer into the shop. But I'll be watching again Sunday.

    • chef anne watcher says:

      I will definitely be watching tomorrow!

      • Robert says:

        CAW - so will I - i want to believe that if Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli can proclaim in song "If I can make it there, I can make it ANYWHERE. It's up to you, New York, New York", then so can any of the 5 remaining FNS finalists. New York City is not called the Big Apple for nothing. i would strongly suggest to those remaining top 5 to consider this advice and make the most of their time there. NYC has almost anything and EVERYTHING when it comes to food. I was there 2X before in the past and became a deli ADDICT before long.