Caption It: Anything Can Happen

by in Food Network Star, July 25, 2014

Rachael Ray on Food Network StarIt was only a few weeks ago that Food Network Star finalists got their first taste of live demonstrations; from the energy of an in-person crowd to the unfamiliar surroundings onstage, nearly everything about the first unscripted setup was uncommon for the hopefuls. Come this Sunday night, contestants will again experience the demands of live performances, but this time they will have to do so on television — alongside superstar Rachael Ray.

The queen of 30-minute meals and a longtime Food Network icon, Rachael is a pro at talking and cooking live, as she hosts her own daytime show, The Rachael Ray Show. She knows well that when it comes to live TV, anything can — and often does — happen, since there's no way to prepare for the unexpected, so she's just the special guest to teach this lesson to the hopefuls. Check out the sneak-peek photo above from Sunday's all-new episode. What do you think has led Rachael to make such an expression and to throw her hands in the air? Was one finalist's presentation entirely unanticipated, or could she be reacting to the day's events as a whole?

Before you tune in on Sunday at 9|8c to find out what's going on here, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

Tune in to a brand-new episode of Food Network Star on Sunday, July 27 at 9|8c.

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Comments (93)

  1. Michelle says:

    Who doesn't LOVE Luca?!?!?!?!

  2. Sdavidson says:

    What's for dinner? you ask... Watch my show and you'll have plenty of ideas!!

  3. [...] stumbling upon this comment, from Mama Flagg herself, on the Food Network Star Blog (umm, yep. I totally read that), I’m not so sure I [...]

  4. @Michael_WBR says:

    For get all of these losers!!!! The next "FOOD NETWORK STAR" should be Executive Chef Kristen Sollano of Boca De Baco!!!

    Check out her interaction with Luca in his pilot! She's got the camera appeal, presence, poise, and food knowledge that the other 3 contestants could only dream about!!!

    She is FAR BETTER than the 3 weak choices that Food Network offers up!!!


  5. takeoutonly says:

    CAPTION: "Where's the beef(cake)?"

  6. woow i love it Great information and best article

  7. The other contestants are ok. but I feel that there is more of a need and interest for Luca than the other 'kitchy' type contestants. Luca is the type of quality that Food Network needs. Thank goodness you brought him back!