Guess Who’s Back: Luca

by in Videos, July 16, 2014

Luca Della CasaAfter ousting six hopefuls (including two fan favorites) in Star Salvation, Luca proved himself worthy of a second chance. He entered back into the competition as the remaining finalists traveled to Las Vegas, and he even took one of the top two spots for the episode.

Relive Luca's journey by clicking the play button below.

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  1. Jelaza says:

    Happy to see him back, because he's been a better cook since Day One than some who are still on, and he'd been getting noticeably better with presentation in each episode of Salvation (although Reuben was better on Salvation than he'd been on his last episode, too).

    I did sorta see the reasoning behind his original elimination, though. He was asked if he'd ever been in front of a camera and he answered that he hadn't. If the judges interpreted that as meaning he hadn't even gotten someone to record him for practice before the competition, they might have thought that showed he wasn't as dedicated as he could be (I don't know if that's how Giada meant the question, or if that's how Luca meant his answer, or if that how the judges heard his answer.)