What You Didn’t See on TV — Star Las Vegas Edition

by in Behind the Scenes, July 15, 2014

Food Network Star Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 7It takes dozens of crew members to pull off a production as large as Food Network Star, no matter if the show is being filmed in a studio or on location. This week the show traveled to Las Vegas. Unlike when taping in Food Star Kitchen, the production team had to deal with outside elements, like the weather (which turned out to be pretty windy during Episode 7).

Behind the Scenes, Episode 7Sometimes tight spaces require creative solutions. To make sure the production team could capture the best-possible shots of the finalists and mentors during elimination, several cameramen were stationed in the Neptune pool. Talk about waterproof equipment.

Click on the photo below for an entire gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from the Season 10. More Behind the Scenes Photos, Food Network Star

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