What You Didn’t See on TV — Star Las Vegas Edition

by in Behind the Scenes, July 15, 2014

Food Network Star Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 7It takes dozens of crew members to pull off a production as large as Food Network Star, no matter if the show is being filmed in a studio or on location. This week the show traveled to Las Vegas. Unlike when taping in Food Star Kitchen, the production team had to deal with outside elements, like the weather (which turned out to be pretty windy during Episode 7).

Behind the Scenes, Episode 7Sometimes tight spaces require creative solutions. To make sure the production team could capture the best-possible shots of the finalists and mentors during elimination, several cameramen were stationed in the Neptune pool. Talk about waterproof equipment.

Click on the photo below for an entire gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from the Season 10. More Behind the Scenes Photos, Food Network Star

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Comments (44)

  1. justaviewer says:

    No amount of "primping" or camerawork could hide an annoying, no talent, fake like Sarah....Just saying.

  2. Just sayin says:

    Does it strike any of you that whine and complain about Sarah's whining and complaining that you are also whining and complaining?

    I'm just sayin.

  3. GUEST says:

    The sheer amount of online hatred for Sarah is simply not believable.

    No human being is really this bad. You would think she was the incarnation of evil. People completely ignore that only last week Bobby Flay told her she absolutely killed it, in a very good way! I believe a few folks are plastering this Blog with all sorts of anti-Sarah posts hoping to convince others she must be the worst of the worst. There isn't one finalist that we couldn't find some way to criticize.

    Calling it now. If Sarah goes, these same people will then turn their attention to pounding on Loreal. Possibly Lenny may go first and then Loreal. I can't help but think that there may be a group on here who wants either Luca or Emma, so they bash all others. Sarah would be good on camera, so she has to go. Loreal would be someone quirky and spontaneous so she has to go. Then Luca or Emma look better. Can I prove it? No. But watch what happens.
    Just the fact that people feel driven enough to jump on a thread and be the first post people see to shoot someone down. And it's off-topic anyway.

    • Buffy says:

      Loreal is not quirky and spontaneous. Loreal looks like a maid who wears curtains or shower curtain dresses. I do not care who designed the frock.

      The looking at the pictures probably renewed their dislike for Sarah.
      She and Bobby are going create grilled baby food. Sarah would be good on camera doing what?

      • annie says:

        Who do you think is best and why?

      • Bill says:

        Loreal has some cute spunkiness. She can be one of the boys. Not afraid to let her hair down. Not as over the top as Lenny. As for shower curtain dresses I don't see you putting up any pictures of yourself on here.

        What I do see you doing is putting up the same 2 or 3 messages over and over all over these boards. Your opinions, but they don't become more true the more you say them.

      • Robert says:

        Gads! What is with you? You reply to dang near every 4th post online and it's just another tearing down this one or that one. Let me guess, it's just supposed to be humor, right? Maybe, but you sure are consistently negative.

        • Buffy says:

          Your statement is not true. You are exaggerating. I am commenting to the person making the post and the information presented on the TV screen.
          What is negative about Lenny presenting his program from the circus? It is a job and a great place to be over the top under the big top.
          What is wrong with Sarah selling baby food? It is an honorable living and there is money to be made.
          She will now sell tex-mex baby food.

          The use of word dang suggest you are a fan of the fabricated southern type people. This is a good thing.

          • guest says:

            You sound like you need to reduce the dosage on your Prozac. IMO

          • Buffy says:

            How are you today guest? I enjoy reading your funny comments. I looking forward to reading more. What is your favorite music group or singer?

    • Buffy says:

      I have given the use of the word hatred in this statement some thought. Only a few people have used the word hate in a comment and others explain their dislike. Hate is a strong emotion. It is my opinion that many viewers do waste time hating people on TV. I have read the posts and people are not attempting to convince others to dislike Sarah. They have simply posted what they saw when viewing the program.

      Flay liked the baby food. Perhaps, viewers do not understand his high praises for baby food, while spitting out a cracker tortilla/sopailla. Cracker sopailla/tortilla can be a new twist on a classic.

      I cannot image people think... "How can I sabotage one contestant so the people will like my contestant more" This does not make sense. Who thinks about being the first to post?
      It is my opinion that 98% of the people are posting what they are viewing. The other 2% are in some way connected to the contestant and exaggerate their posts and the posts do not line up with program.

      • Jack H says:

        Perhaps the baby food tasted good and the tortilla/sopapilla tasted bad?

      • shannon says:

        Buffy, I have read this same or very similar thought posted "everywhere" on these boards. I can not understand exactly how this person reasons that if you post you don't like someone it is solely for the purpose of promoting your own favorite. It is as if posting a negative comment about Sarah is tantamount to creating a Lynch Mob. (Shrugs) ...I guess what this poster does not get is that A). Some people don't care for Sarah, no conspiracy. B). This show is prerecorded, there is no way to influence a winner.

        • Buffy says:

          Very true. The viewers are going to vote in the winner. Does any one believe their vote is going to pick a winner? American Idol knows people cannot be trusted to pick a winner. I know the viewers will not be left to choose a winner. FN is not crazy. I want to know if we can do a write-in choice? I am thinking of another character that will be perfect for the job. LOL
          It is a rabbit and the initials are R.R.

          • Leslie says:

            Robert Redford?

          • Buffy says:

            No Leslie. I am silly. It is Roger Rabbit :)

          • HipDawg says:

            There is alot of truth to the idea that the public can't be trusted to pick the winner. After all, it was the public that voted for Justin. Fried fishbones, anyone?

            They voted for someone who stared nearly expressionless into a camera with a mostly monotone voice. Who made dishes hardly anyone would recreate much less serve. And this was a shining example of (cough) Star Power? Ummm, no. But the network let the public do it. Perhaps the network was just as crazy.

        • Trish says:

          Some people don't like Sarah. And it appears a few on here really don't like her so much that they just can't stand if anyone does. It's not that they can't really honestly dislike her. They can. And they can post that they don't. But you really tell on yourselves when you just can't stop RE-doing it over and over. How many more times do you and Buffy have to keep on knocking Lenny or Loreal. Your entitled to your views. But WE KNOW! Repeating it so many times, especially in reply's when anyone else likes them, as often as you and Buffy do looks just too Vigilant. But I suppose it helps pass the time.

      • chef anne watcher says:

        I haven't been following all of the posts. Early in the week there were posts about "haters" (of Sarah, and some of Lenny). I haven't seem them lately, so I assume they have been removed by the board administrator. I agree with you that hate is a strong emotion. I have voiced my opinion of Sarah regarding last week's show and my reasons for my dislike of her (I've never said I hate any of the contestants, because I don't).

        I'm starting to agree with some of other posters about the editing process and the possibility that Sarah may be the victim of sabotage by the FN execs (in order to keep us buzzing on the blogs and tuning in for the next Sunday's show). I definitely think that the majority of people are "posting what they are viewing" and it bothers me that, perhaps, WE are being "played" and our reactions to the finalists are being manipulated.

        So, please tell us: who do you think are the 2% that are "in some way connected to the contestant and exaggerate their posts and the posts do not line up with the program"? That's an interesting concept, and I'm looking forward to your response.

        • Buffy says:

          This is the second forum/blog that I have posted. It is always interesting that person's comments to defend the person/subject people are against does not line-up with what has been presented in the program. It is as if the person is attempting to use the Jedi-mind trick.
          The person then resorts to insulting the person whose views are different. As to suggest that we don't know the real person, as viewers we do not know the person behind the persona. Nor is our job to make the decision.
          The comments come across as forceful that we better change our mind or else. I thought these must be the friends and relatives of the contestants. I don't have a problem with their posts. Its just very telling of the who the poster is a person.

          Yes, FN has presented the show to keep an active interest in the program. It is probably best not to tell the rules of the challenge and then do the opposite.

          • the Owl says:

            Possible but you don't know this for sure and anyone could simply argue the opposite and also have a good chance of being correct. I don't buy the part about insulting. Really? Is there a post we can read where someone was actually called insulting names? My guess is someone just said it was insulting because it didn't agree with their own view. Jedi-mind tricks can work both ways.

            I think Chef Anne watcher made a good point. Chances are we're all being played by the network. The feeding-frenzy against Sarah is a good example. True, the beef wasn't her meat. Wearing the tiera was a bad idea. But:
            1. People act like they have no memory at all the strong praise Sarah got the week before from Bobby Flay.
            2. Maybe she is simply better on camera and less boring than others and that's why the network shows more of her comments.
            3. The Network can easily mess with us also by omission and the screwups they don't show us from others. You can be sure that they all do something sooner or later.

          • Buffy says:

            Owl, you make nice points. I believe Chef Anne makes an excellent point also. I drummed it down to a presentation of lies. I was actually surprised by the number of comments posted about Sarah, but I am not going to lie, the comments are funny..

            I personally think each of the contestants will move on to better things. I am simply not interested in watching the programs.

          • chef anne watcher says:

            The Owl, I totally agree with your point #3. When Reuben was booted, 2 weeks ago, there was a post about contestants replying on the blogs. Lenny, Reuben, and Nicole were 3 that were mentioned in the blog of his "swan song" interview with Sarah De Heer (sp)?. I realize that the contestants had to sign non-disclosure agreements about the contest, but I've also seen several posts on various blogs here citing you tube, twitter, and personal websites (of the finalists) including their blogs, that say there's a lot of information that has been leaked (and we aren't privy to). Red Herrings? Jedi Mind Tricks? The allegations and the evidence are starting to pile up.

            I'm sure it's happened in recent years of FNS, but it just hasn't been so blatant as it has this year. Lenny has been "the one to beat", as Alton reminds us almost every week, and many posters have a strong distaste for him and his 'antics'. My opinion is he can make excellent food and I think he'll be in the top 3. He had a huge target on his back in the Cutthroat Kitchen episode and he managed to survive it. Then, he did his "impression" of a half naked Frankenstein which caused an uproar and, last week, the belly flop. Now, we have the Sarah feeding-frenzy (GREAT description!) from last week, and a few posters have said that "many of the finalists have claimed she was crucified" on the show, along with edits to make her look bad.

            II don't know where this info can be found but if it is true, then shame on FNS Execs and the editing team, and especially the judges for allowing this deception/manipulation to continue. If it does come out after the finale that these vile actions have occurred, then it may just be the last season for this show. And justifiably so.

          • chef anne watcher says:

            Buffy, I am STILL waiting for your reply to me, in my last paragraph, about the 2% issue. You said it, and therefore YOU should answer it without using the *vague generalities* and the deflection you used in your post.

          • Buffy says:

            Please forgive me for being vague Chef Anne. It is not easy to explain the how a lie can read. It is something I recognize. I don't recognize this all of the time, nor do I believe it is my place to call this out.
            In life don't friends and family rally to the aid of their love one? Why wouldn't they rally to place where the person who is being hurt?
            Your comment alone regarding the FNS indicates there may be some type of deception or manipulation involved. Why would this action stop with the cameras?
            I am not faulting FNS for this because I am have learned and continue to learn that some people have different levels of lies. I am not bashing any individual for this because it is not apparent until revealed.
            I understand that what I have watched in this program is not a mistake. The airing of this program cost money and I know that what I see is there because this is what director wants the audience to see. This season, I see more loose connections circus acts and cartoon characters.

  4. Frank says:

    Haha! Both good points. Not sure how true guest7 comment is, but its kind of funny. Last person I recall this much dislike for was for that Penny character.
    It gets to be overkill after a point though.

    • guest12 says:

      And look at that! Penny, by 50 miles, was far more obviously "bad" than Sarah any day of the week. Sarah has cheered her colleagues on. She is far more kind-hearted. To say it's Apples and Oranges still isn't enough.

  5. shannon says:

    I would like to point out that the image of Lenny with candy bars scotch taped to his hairy rotund torso is already burned into my retinas. It was not necessary to post another close up. Thanks ever so much food network!! (Smile)

    • the Owl says:

      What if this Sunday Lenny dials it back and makes a very good meal? What if Sarah says nothing people can fault her on and delivers an incredibly good dish? What if the Cowboy goes home before Sarah or Loreal?

      • shannon says:

        I hope for Sarah's sake that does happen, for Sarah,owl. I would be ecstatic if Loreal goes home. I just don't think Lenny is leaving before he's makes it to the final 3. But we will see. It will be interesting from this point forward. It's coming down to the wire.

      • Buffy says:

        The only way Sarah will say nothing is if editing does not place her comments in the program. I cant think of a single dish she will be able to deliver this week. Lenny can cook. I am not interested in circus acts. The clown will not go home. Each week a new viewer who has never seen a circus act thinks his act is new and exciting.

        • shannon says:

          Buffy, off topic I know.....but,you were right previously when yo u posted that Lennys curry catsup recipe was mixing Heinz and curry powder. It was funny and I thought you were joking, but Emma confirmed in her blog that's all it really was. Go figure....if Sandra Lee did that people would mock her silly. Lenny does it and he's the great and powerfull OZ.

          • Buffy says:

            I did not mean for the comment to come off as humorous I read a lot of cookbooks. The individual appeared to be very excited to try the sauce.

  6. Kathy says:

    Had high hopes for Emma but it seems like she's lost her confidence. Not crazy about the cowboy, although it looks like he has cooking chops. Just hard to watch him take his clothes off. Show some class, man! Sarah - she says her pov is 'Texas' but when she didn't get the beef tenderloin she wanted, she should have been able to come up with something better than the pork and grits dish. I know I wouldn't have spent one of my tokens for that. Maybe having Luca back will motivate the rest of the group to step up their games.

    • Madame Olga says:

      What will happen if Lenny and Luca crash and burn before Sarah does?
      Is it too late for Emma or Loreal to move ahead of the pack?
      Who cooks better, Luca or Lenny? What if Luca does worse and Loreal does better?

  7. Daveed says:

    All I'm going to say is look at who the camera is on the most, looks to me the network is promoting one over all the rest, soooo is it for them to win or lose????

  8. Elaine says:

    Sad to see Emma go. Her and Lucca are the only ones I would have an interest in watching if they had a show.

  9. Zekey says:

    Sarah says her p.o.v. is TX but she seems more like a pagent girl to me

  10. Zekey says:

    just sayin