Only One Will Receive Salvation — Watch Now

by in Videos, July 9, 2014

Reuben's the sixth and final eliminated hopeful to attempt redemption on Star Salvation — but he's got to go through Chad and Luca first. After being ousted for his struggles to command on camera, he must pursue this last-ditch effort to rejoin the competition. "I am so fortunate that I'm getting a second chance," Reuben reflects. "I just want to show these people that I am that person you need on the network."

Find out if Reuben makes it all the way. Click the play button on the video above to see the first part of the episode, then head over to Star Salvation headquarters to catch the second part.

Tune in to Food Network this Sunday to see who makes it back to the competition: Sunday, July 13 9|8c.

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Comments (6)

  1. Blueberry says:

    Someone, will come back. But after they do, someone else will lose. That person will not go to Star Salvation or have an opportunity to return. Does that seem unfair? Why or why not?

  2. Jack says:

    And so, as our remaining finalists wait to find out the outcome of Star Salvation, the curtain is about to be opened and the one to return shall be revealed. "And the winner is".....(Drum roll. Curtain rapidly opens and)...."it's PIE-STYLE, baby!"

  3. sue says:

    Food Network made a huge mistake in choosing who should leave the competition for the next Food Network Star. Big mistake! HUGE! We follow the network on a regular basis and try a number of recipes produced by their stars. Would I follow Sarah for anything? Not really. I can't tolerate the way she talks about and makes fun of the other competitors. I think we can all agree that expertise in cooking is a very important skill in choosing who should be the next star. But personality is equally important. For example, Ina creates comfort food, but she's also a comfortable personality. I love watching her. She feels like a friend. Sarah does not come across as a friend. She might make the most wonderful dishes, but I'll never know about it, because I'd turn her off the moment I see her face. Bobby, love you, you feel like a friend. Am I getting my point across? Is it possible to find another star who's a fantastic cook, (and OHHH how I wish it were healthy) and feels like a friend. Sarah? No way!!

  4. Disappointed says:

    After watching this show since the first season, I have to say I'm highly disappointed. This is another one of those reality TV as its best. I was shocked when they selected Luca to be eliminated, because I didn't think the judges would have let him go because of his looks. But of course, the producers found a way to get him back on the show. I'm sure someone from the network had been working with him and polish him to get him back on the show because there is no way that he can improved so much. I seriously think he will end up being the next food network star because it's who the producers wanted.. another reality show goes down the drain.

  5. cam52 says:

    I was worried after last season's Star Salvation because I thought Robert Irvine's choice of winner in Lovely Jackson made me question his food authority. Then I found out it was going to be Geoffrey Zakarian and Damaris Phillips, I felt more confident about this season's star salvation. I've enjoyed watching both the ousted chefs and the judges. In the end, I am so happy that Luca won. He seems to have what it takes to become the Next Foodnetwork Star-cooking skills, personality and not hard on the eye. I would love to see his show from Italy. I don't see another that is close to him. Lenny may have the cooking skills but his cowboy schtick is too over the top. I seriously doubt if I would watch him.