Caption It: Mentor Glee

by in Food Network Star, July 4, 2014

Bobby Flay and Giada De LaurentiisGiven their pressure-packed challenges that involve live demonstrations and on-camera pitches, plus plate after plate of POV-focused food, it's no surprise that Food Network Star finalists may find it difficult to impress their mentors. Bobby, Giada and Alton are notorious for holding the hopefuls to exceedingly high standards, and the trio expects not only to enjoy top-quality dishes, but to be entertained while doing so as well. W

While the judges may be not be shy about demonstrating that a competitor has room for improvement, they're quick to applaud finalists' growth and will readily celebrate a job well done with hearty congratulations.

In the sneak-peek photo from this Sunday's brand-new show, it seems like Bobby and Giada are wowed by the scene unfolding before them as they look on with smiles. Do you think they're reacting to one rival's particularly noteworthy performance, and if so, who might be worthy of the mentors' glee? Has something funny caught their attention behind the scenes? What might be going on that's causing such strong laughs?

Before you tune in on Sunday at 9|8c to find out what's going on here, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

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Comments (10)

  1. guest says:

    Bobby: whoooooaa!
    Giada: Heeeyyy, you two...
    A voice that we don't see has just told them: ______and I are getting married.

  2. Improviser says:

    Bobby and Giada are amazed. In all of their years on FN, this is the first time they've seen anyone smashing garlic on two cutting boards with a frying pan in each hand.

  3. Lumberjack says:

    A voice offstage tells Bobby & Giada "Whassa matter? You never seen anyone juggling Crockpots before?'

  4. Ginny says:

    I've been watching and haven't seen anyone, yet, I'd watch.

  5. girloftheworld says:

    GIada: Not funnnnny what is this in my pockets
    Bobby: that is a good one

  6. GuyFerryDogfoodChef says:

    Voice off camera "OK let's see what you two do best"

    Bobby: " I will get my knives."

    Giada: "I will get my kneepads".

  7. Monte says:

    Bobby & Giada: "Can you believe we get PAID to do this?!"


    "Wow! I'm glad we didn't have to do this stuff! Ha ha ha!!"

  8. Kdh2o says:

    Bobby and Giada reacting to the reveal of the winner of "REDEMPTION" ..who is sooo happy to return to the competition Alton Brown a Huge Hug and a kiss!

  9. CommonSense says:

    Bobby: Wow..I didn't believe Lenny would actually taste each one of those peppers just because you told him to--!

    Giada: Yeah...what an idiot! And that milk he's drinking is spoiled. I set him up...hahaha.

  10. Shirley says:

    Look at Alton Brown trying to do the belly flop