Caption It: Sabotage Strikes Star

by in Food Network Star, June 13, 2014

Food Network Star, Season 10Food Network Star is a difficult enough competition without unexpected obstacles in the middle of cooking. But on this Sunday's all-new episode, that's precisely what the finalists are in for when Alton unveils the first-ever Cutthroat Kitchen-themed challenge.

On Alton's evilicious series, the host auctions off notoriously ruthless tests that subject the rivals to hilariously devious ingredient swaps, inferior cooking utensils and just-for-fun time sucks; he has an arsenal of sabotages at the ready, and all it takes is a few high-stakes bids to turn an everyday culinary competition into a diabolical face-off wherein anything can happen.

Take a look at the above sneak-peek photo from Sunday's show. Alton looks on with his signature stare as Christopher appears surprised — for better or worse — about the state of his prep work in front of him. Has Christopher been doomed with an insurmountable sabotage, or is he pleasantly shocked at the finished version of his plate? What kind of challenges do you anticipate Alton unleashing on the contestants?

Before you tune in to the next episode this Sunday at 9|8c to find out what's going on here, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this Cutthroat-inspired moment in the comments below.

Don't miss Food Network Star on Sunday at 9|8c.

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Comments (14)

  1. Darin says:

    Chris: Whoa! No way, man. You mean I have to work with this!?

  2. teresa says:

    Giada will never let someone , either italian ,or prettier than her, win. So sorry Luca and Nicole.

  3. guest says:

    Chris - It's still alive!

  4. Ray says:

    Why is the foodnetwork star show being ruined by a cutthroat theme? What does this have to do with the theme of the show?

    • Kristen says:

      Every season of Food Network Star has had scenarios that mirror the different shows on Food Network, such as Iron Chef and Chopped. This is not a new concept.

      Not to mention Alton Brown is the host of Cutthroat Kitchen, so it makes perfect sense that they compete on a show he also takes part of.

      If they used Chopped, or Iron Chef, or Grocery Games-- you wouldn't be here complaining.

  5. Starfish says:

    NO SPOILERS for West Coast. Please.

  6. Mesquite mag says:

    They have absolutely ruined this Isolde of FNS by using Cutthroat Kitchen as a theme. We LOVE Alton Broen but Cutthroat Kitchen is the worst dhow ever! So they are shamelessly using FNS to promote it. And horribly the challenges - just like the show - does nothing to demonstrate wether the contestants can cook, nor wether they can present their pov. Shame on you Food Network, keep it up and we won't be tuning into FNS any more.

    • Kristen says:

      Every season of Food Network Star has had scenarios that mirror the different shows on Food Network, such as Iron Chef and Chopped. This is not a new concept.

      The point of using a mock up of the popular competition shows is to show that the stars can cook under pressure and adversity.

      It also helps introduce the different shows to the audience. You probably wouldn't complain if they did use the other competitions instead of Cutthroat. So what is the big deal?

      • guest says:

        To show that Stars can cook under pressure and adversity is good. The only problems would be:
        1. If the network gets carried away and begins to think that other competitions are the only right way to test finalists. So far, they haven't gone that far. I'm hoping they don't.
        2. If things were to degenerate into all hyped entertainment challenges or things no one will ever do on their actual show once they get it, vs. not enough solid cooking and teaching. Example: if there were too many Moonwalk enterrtainment challenges and not enough kitchen. Less is more. These sorts of challenges serve a purpose and can be good tests but they should not be the majority. Kitchen first, entertainment second. But 2 challenges like that out of the 10 or 11 is OK.

  7. madonnaearth says:

    Contestant: OMG Alton, My arm is on fire! Alton: You just keep right on cooking mister!!!

  8. Emily says:

    We have watched NFNS every season and we had to change the channel last night. Producers, why are you making this show a joke? I LOVE Alton Brown but do not like cutthroat kitchen and I don't think having the contestants of NFNS compete like this has anything to do with how well they could do as a FNS. You are really missing the boat this season. Just saw the previews for next week and it's another goofy episode. WILL NOT be watching and that makes me sad.

  9. spatters says:

    I agree. Where is the relevance? There are ways to test one's thinking on their feet without having to be so extreme. The way to get better ratings is not by seeing how much more extreme things can get. It is turning off the audience as Emily's comments show. Cook something. Cook many different things and present all of them. The second challenge when everyone gave Alton instructions on how to cook was VERY relevant and useful. I hope food network see's the difference.

  10. Chris - It's still alive!