Watch Now: Will Luca Take Advantage of His Second Chance on Star Salvation?

by in Videos, June 11, 2014

Luca joins Star Salvation this week, along with remaining competitors and fan favorites Martie and Chad. Luca is soon confronted by an issue that he struggled with in Episode 2. "You kind of had a hard time connecting with the viewer and the camera," Geoffrey reminds him before introducing the next test, which is to make a 30-second video demonstrating a single culinary tip.

Luca and Martie will demonstrate a similar tip, but each with their own approach. Chad, however, tackles what he does best. Who will move on and who will say goodbye?

Click play on the video above to watch Part 1 of Star Salvation now (watch Part 2 here), and see if Luca can claim Salvation — or if the fan favorites will continue to move on.


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Comments (26)

  1. Steph says:

    Most people feel that Kenny should have been eliminated over Luca. I agree.

    But just to play devil's advocate, for those who say Luca can cook, in ep. 2, Alton didn't think Luca's dish was that good.

    So think about this - could it also be that women are so captivated by his good looks, that if he won, he could make mediocre dishes and people would be so enthralled with him, they'd let it slide? You might say who cares, I could watch him reading the phone book. Ratings are ratings. But it would be bad for the networks credibility.

    By the same token, to attract more male viewers, why don't they just hire some smokin' hot fitness model who's cooking is good, but not great, as long as we would tune in to watch her? That wouldn't work either. Looks are nice but they shouldn't override everything else.

    • shannon says:

      Eh,some people are sad to see him gone because of his looks. In my opinion the vast majority are sad to see him sent home over Kenny because of cooking skills. A mediocre dish trumps a horrendous dish in my books any day. No, we can't say Kenny's was horrible as he never finished it. Poor time management and excuses we saw. Add to that the fact that we know he lacks some basic cooking skills. I am going to go out on a Limb here and say even if the dish had been completed it probably would not have been spectacular.

      • shannon says:

        I forgot to add...I don't buy the network being worried about credibility. If they had any qualms about credibility they would never had a show like Hungry Girl with Lisa Lillen on their network. I am not putting down anyone that enjoys her show or recipes, to each his own. But her recipes are far less than mediocre sometimes bordering on comical. There are many many good good ways to a healthy diet. Hers is not it.

        • Pinky Thompson says:

          If credibility isn't something to worry about then the network can always bring back PIE-STYLE, suckah's and cool cats. Word.

      • Steph says:

        It's true that Kenny's cooking is worse. But from reading what many have posted, they act as if they feel Luca is so handsome, and he is, that they just want to watch - him, regardless of his dishes.

        As for cooking, Alton wasn't too impressed.

        I do feel that Kenny should have gone home for worse cooking and poor time management. But it sure looks like many wasn't to see Luca more than his actual cooking. The ga-ga factor. It doesn't work with the hot fitness babe, either.

  2. guest says:

    In other threads, I am seeing many people who flag the end of their comments with JMO. Just My Opinion.
    No harm in that but what is everyone so afraid of? It is as if we are all expecting everyone else to attack what we say or to dogpile on us. Why all the fear? It's like apologizing for how you feel. Everything everybody says in here is their opinion. God forbid anyone would reply to you and have a question or challenge you a bit or offer another angle to consider. The world won't end. And that's just - my - opinion. (wink)

  3. Amber says:

    Chad acted warmer in his season. Now he doesn't smile much now. In his challenge with Martie I don't remember any seeing his eyes light up. He should also shave those whiskers, do something about the grey and use some Aveeno on his forehead and cheeks.

  4. gambler says:

    I'll wager that Kenny is not eliminated next round. Keeping him for drama. I'll roll my dice and say Chris Lynch goes home. No warmth. Too arrogant. Hasn't captured the audience. No one talks about him good or bad. Would we notice if he were gone? No? That's why.

  5. ann says:

    All of these comments are fine but no one is addressing the elephant in the room. "FOOD NETWORK ONLY WaNTS CERTAIN PEOPLE" ms giada is one of those people who will make sure of it along with everyone else who has the same THINKING!!!!!!! I have not watched fn in 2yrs. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!! There are many wonderful chefs from other PLACES/BEAUTIFUL CULTURES........ GOOD BYE FN

  6. Miss Tress says:

    Since Ann said goodbye I'll ask it here. Does the network have a niche to fill this year? Southern? Italian? Asian? Healthy eating? What do you think?

    • Elderleigh says:

      Well, we know that the contestants who come in with a healthy eating point of view tend to leave very early on which is too bad.
      I would like to see something else besides another southern cooking show...the south, while "home" to a lot of good food, does not have a monopoly on tasty dishes.
      I would like to see some variety - north east - midwest (we do more than sandwiches) - Hawaiian---Ippy where are you? (Probably being very successful back at his island home-sigh).

      • Kristen says:

        Honestly I like to see something regarding Asian Cuisine. I really would like to know more about using Asian Noddles to create dishes, and making Ramen that does require a small but sodium-filled packet.

        • Lemongrass says:

          Yes! I love Asian, Sezchuan, Cantonese. Ming Tsai is awesome. We need someone like him.

      • Guava says:

        Justin made fish skeletons. Ippy made much more appealing dishes. Looking back on it now, who's food would most people rather eat?

  7. Margie says:

    Why are there endless ads instead of videos for star salvation? The only one that works is the introduction of Damaris and JZ. I can't even see who was eliminated!

  8. Linda says:

    I think FN made a big mistake by eliminating Luca. Yes, he could have made better contact with the camera but he has potential.

    Now Kenny. He committed a "culinary sin" (lol) by not completing his dish plus he threw a hissy fit right in front of the camera. Big taboo.

  9. SUSAN says:

    How could you cut Lucca? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???????

    • What thinking? says:

      How could they cut Luca? I was devastated. The majority of his cooking was good., He is warm and is the first contestant to relate to his grandmother. Practice helps anyone connect with the camera.

      Kenny is so full of himself and his presence on camera, he can't teach or utilize his time well. His dishes completed thus far have not been good.

      The last of the bottom 3 was so unmemorable, I can't even recall his name.

      As for one of the top runners, I just can't imagine watching someone in cowboy clothes coon every day. He has loads of personalty, speak well, is a good cook and know what he is doing. Too bad he helped another contestant who had no idea what she is doing. But still, I can't get over the clothes.

      • Kristen says:

        I honestly shake my head when it comes to Lenny's gripe regarding helping Aryen. The whole point of "helping" is to make someone do a good job. He would have looked like a good sport if he simply helped her without the need to take the credit.

        Otherwise, he should have either let her take the fall, or speak up about it being his idea. Don't stew over a charitable act that he did voluntarily.

      • Jelaza says:

        The ironic thing about Lenny is his claim last week that he wanted to be seen as more than just a "hokey pokey cowboy". Then maybe ditch the cowboy schtick? I have started to like him on-camera, and based on the mentors' comments he can cook, but the clothes bug me, also.

  10. Valerie says:

    I want Luca back! Teach him how to act in front of the camera!!!