New This Season: Food Network Star Sound-Off

by in Community, May 30, 2014

Food Network Star Sound-Off

For the first time on Food Network, fans have the chance to voice their opinions in real time with Star Sound-Off.

How It Works

1. Every Sunday while you're watching the live show at 9|8c (Eastern time zone only), you'll see live trivia and polls appear on the screen.

2. To participate, go to the moment you see them and cast your vote. You'll see the results* live on TV moments later.

*The results of these specific votes will not affect the outcome of the episode. Fans of Food Network Star will, however, get to vote for their favorite finalist on Aug. 3, which will determine the winner on Aug. 10.


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Comments (73)

  1. George says:

    Why so much focus on Sarah?

  2. SoDisappointed says:

    What has happened to Food network Star?? For the last 3 seasons it has slowly been declining to the point that I would rather use my time doing something enjoyable and in formable than watch the series. The level of ability and cooking skills of the contestants is following the same path as the show-downhill-look at the last few seasons of winners?
    But most importantly-the judges-perhaps their inflated ego's have caught up with them?? Bobby Flay has always thought himself "better than anyone else", but you knew it and accepted his attitude, because you knew it was him-even if it annoyed you.
    Giada's success has somehow tarnished the person I used to enjoy- a lovely, skilled, talented chef and food educator that you could watch and learn from and also feel that she was an honest, kind, and sincere person. This season she is rude and at times obnoxious-if she believes that' that is her role as a judge-she is sadly mistaken and if management is promoting these attitudes no wonder the series is in a downward spiral.
    And finally Mr. Brown, how can a person, who has such an in depth knowledge of food and food preparation, innovative ideas, and an ability to be be creative and on the "cutting edge" become so egotistical, pious, and quite frankly-a bore. It appears that in achieving success they have forgotten what made them special in the first place. Sadly they and management have contributed to the demise of what used be a great program that brought new talent to the network and weekly entertainment, knowledge and skills to its viewers-what a loss for everyone and how sad.

  3. cindy says:

    I hope Lenny wins. He is so funny and down home. If he single I'd like to meet him. I'm a down home girl.

  4. craig says:

    I can't believe Sarah is still on.lame POV

  5. Joann bitter into says:

    SARAH is the most annoying contestant ever!,,

  6. Oma says:

    I pretty much agree with "So disappointed" (above) regarding the quality of the contestants and the judges. It's no wonder the recent Next Food Network Star winners are not stars. Maybe the judges should consult the viewers before making their decisions. Isn't it about enticing the viewers to watch the show?
    The two women finalists are not very interesting. Luca is a little hard to listen to and Lenny is good but a little "much" at times.

  7. Doug says:

    Food Network Star has truly "Jumped the Shark" this season! Some the most ridiculous challenges that I have never seen ANY current Food Network personality forced to endure. This evening's show was the most ill conceived so far! Try to get a kid to eat vegetables so let them watch as you create the dish WITH VEGETABLES they don't want then have a total stranger (Rachael Ray) poking a fork into their face to get them to eat it That won't intimidate a kid much! Or give a toddler a forkful of food that just came out of a hot pan!!! I'd spit it out too! Brilliant!!! Really well thought out! If you'd had the chefs make their dish on camera first then introduce the family to come on and try the dish it might be more successful. Make it more about chef skills, presentation and the food and less about the silly stunts and product placement. Or just end this altogether as most of the winners end up on The Cooking Channel at 6 AM or disappear entirely.

  8. AnnieMT says:

    For weeks, the viewing public has overwhelmingly voted their dislike of Sarah. Why is she still a contender? I can't believe they sent Loreal home. It should have been the ever-annoying Sarah. Giada is MORE than annoying, as is Alton Brown; pompous ass! I used to SO enjoy this show, but it's going downhill fast! (I'd like to know how Giada landed HER own show...could it be because of influence from her famous family?) She is condescending to the participants . NEWSFLASH TO GIADA: I'm one of MILLIONS who would never watch your show. You're not all that, girlfriend...

  9. Rich M says:

    Did anybody else happen to notice a major no-no on the Rachael Ray show when Loreal was doing her presentation? When preparing the chicken and rolling it up she touched the raw chicken with both hands. The only time she had a glove on was when she cut it. Then with her unwashed hand she picked up I believe it was basil or some other green item and sprinkled it on top of the cooked chicken. Finally she cut up the cooked chicken using both hands again! I can't believe not one person said anything about that. I then expected to hear something during the FN Star show Sunday night and still nothing. Neither the judges or Rachael Ray saw this? I thought they were food experts.

  10. Larry says:

    Sarah is another cookie cutter and nearly as bad as last years winner. Food Network needs to listen more to who the people like and not pick the same thing again.