New This Season: Food Network Star Sound-Off

by in Community, May 30, 2014

Food Network Star Sound-Off

For the first time on Food Network, fans have the chance to voice their opinions in real time with Star Sound-Off.

How It Works

1. Every Sunday while you're watching the live show at 9|8c (Eastern time zone only), you'll see live trivia and polls appear on the screen.

2. To participate, go to the moment you see them and cast your vote. You'll see the results* live on TV moments later.

*The results of these specific votes will not affect the outcome of the episode. Fans of Food Network Star will, however, get to vote for their favorite finalist on Aug. 3, which will determine the winner on Aug. 10.


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Comments (79)

  1. Darlene Saunders says:

    The way I think some of you are very harsh maybe your this way because your contestant did not win the way I t think is people have to be eliminated because they were not the best at that time but sometimes it doesn't seem fair maybe because they messed up at that certain time in that case it is not fair especially if they did not mess up before that on the previous shows sometimes I think they give certain ones more than one chance after another I think the meat girl should have been 1 of the 3 also 2 of them I like my favorite got booted out when Luca came back I had 5 favorites to women 3 men 2 of my favorites are still there I go by what kind of food they will have on there show there smile how they present there self not where they came from & most importantly who did the best promo 1 more thing how easy it is going to prepare it and how well they know their food

  2. Darlene says:

    Give the winner a chance you might be surprised 1 more thing you should pick some one that is completely different that is on the show already diversity is important