Help Your Favorite Finalists Top the Fan Poll

by in Food Network Star, May 29, 2014

Food Newtork Star, Season 10 FinalistsYou've read their first exclusive interviews, watched their earliest casting videos and heard all about their signature dishes, and on Sunday's premiere episode of Food Network Star (at 9|8c), you'll see the Season 10 finalists face off in the job interview of their lives. Now you can help your early favorites claim the top seat in the Food Network Star Fan Poll by voting for them daily.

Check out the Fan Poll here, get to know more about the 12 Star hopefuls and cast your vote up to 10 times per day for the rivals you think have what it takes to outlast the rest.

Don't miss the Food Network Star, Season 10 premiere on Sunday, June 1 at 9|8c.

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Comments (13)

  1. Crouton40 says:

    This is gonna be fun!
    Questions: Will the finalists act or sound any different on TV once the challenges begin, than how they appear/sound in their audition videos? There could be a noticebledifference.
    Will they improve with time?
    Will the winner be male or female?
    What TYPE of food/cooking will win?
    Which two people should be sent home first? WHY?
    Who are your favorite 3? WHAT-do you like about them....and....Most importantly:

    PLEASE-- DO invite ALL of your Facebook & Twitter-fans to: to sound off with THEIR opinion on who's hot,who's not, and Why! Twitter is preaching to the choir.You want NEW fans....and to 2in-the-hearts-of-America! The party is right here! Check out ALL the threads & discussions.YOUR opinion counts. Write/post what you think, and why. the more the merrier!--Crouton40 {getting front row seat}.

    • Shannon says:

      Crouton, I can't wait for Sunday! I hope you saved the seat beside you in the front row for me.

    • Elderleigh says:

      Crouton - so nice to know you are back. I always enjoy your take on the weekly episode and look forward to reading your review/commentary.

      PS - I was a slow convert to Damaris but have truly enjoyed her show - especially the bit of revamp they did for Season two which seems much more expansive.
      I look forward to reading who you champion this time out.

      • snoozing on FN says:

        Honey, Honey Damaris is still a dud! What have you enjoyed about her show, the hard dry cornbread?

        • Crouton40 says:

          What have I enjoyed about Damaris's show? I enjoy her useful tips. I enjoy how everything she makes comes out soooo good and appetizing-looking!

          I enjoy her bubbliness and it always makes me smile a bit when I see her taste something, it's awesome, and she does her little kitchen-dance. I enjoy that she makes a wide variety of dishes. I enjoy that she ISN'T loud with a nose-ring & mohawk. I enjoy that I feel I can trust her skill. I enjoy that she shows us the steps as she goes.

          • Crouton40 says:

            PS-- an older female friend of mine said she is "bubbly & uplifting. Makes a pleasant day"

      • Crouton40 says:

        Thank you!, Elderleigh. I always enjoy this show. 1st comments now on: Chatting w/1st Eliminated Finalist thread. Hoping that finalists twitter & facebook fans will join in on the discussions/threads. Just for's something....I'd like to see Food Network ask all of us: "What 2 specifically-personality-qualities should a Star NOT have? I, would say, it's important NOT to be: Conceited, or monotone. Everyone talks about wow-ing the audience (which is good if one can do it)--but, "it's also what they DONT do" opinion. More later... :)

      • Crouton40 says:

        Review is up in Doe-Eyed Finalists Recap thread.
        Sorry for typos. Chris Kyler oozed confidence withOUT being stuck up.
        Aryen...she, not he....
        I need a spell-checker.

    • Crying in PA says:

      You must be confused to think our opinion counts....I am finding less and less to watch on FN with all of the ding dong cooks that seem to keep winning. Honey-Honey from the red light district, Jeffrey let me show the three year olds how to make a sandwich, and the Howdy-dowdy express of I really do not know how to actually cook a darn thing. Thank God he ended up on the other channel. Is he still pouring dirt in flower pots?
      Please PLEASE Pretty Please do not let us end up with yet another snooze this year.

  2. Crouton40 says:

    Shannon! Yes. "Reserved for Shannon". Right beside Crouton40. Good to see you again. I'll bring the Popcorn. :)

  3. Give me a break! says:

    Just a question for all the fans.... How can Lobster be Cowboy Gourmet? I'm pretty sure that a lobster has yet to crawl onto the prairie or a fancy dude ranch for that matter. What is the real point of view, cowboy or gourmet? POV stinks.

  4. Review is up in Doe-Eyed Finalists Recap thread.

  5. I enjoy that she shows us the steps as she goes.