Watch: The Making of the Cast

by in Food Network Star, May 26, 2014

Food Network Star, Season 10 FinalistsYou've already met this year's 12 Food Network Star hopefuls, and just this month Star Talk shared the first exclusive interviews with each finalist to showcase their goals for the competition and their thoughts on the mentors. Now, just ahead of Sunday's all-new Season 10 premiere, it's time to reveal a look at the contestants before they were competitors, back when each of them was just beginning the road to stardom.

Each now-finalist created a casting video, and these brief clips reveal their cooking styles, histories in the kitchen and culinary passions — and just maybe you'll catch the first glimmers of a future star. Click here to watch all of their casting videos and learn about their pasts plus go-to cuisines.

Don't miss the Season 10 premiere of Food Network Star on Sunday, June 1 at 9|8c.

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  1. guest says:

    Who is the best cook? Will anyone be obnoxious? Nervous? A ditz? A bully? How will the judges treat this years finalists? Will we agree or disagree with what the judges say? Who's food will we like best? Check this Food Network Star blog and give your opinion. Comments welcome.

  2. Bakerbabe says:

    Varied backgrounds amongst the finalists. Will the network be looking to fill any particular niche this year? Does owning a restaurant or having done alot of traveling entitle one to a win? It shouldn't. Blogging about food doesn't mean one is necessarily good at cooking it. If one is a skilled cook, they still need to be able to explain what they are doing. Who will be the first three to be sent home?

  3. Axman says:

    Don't you just hate it when some idiot posts a lame-a** message like "Me too" or "agree" and nothing else? Gee, thanks for the "info". Or when someone says "that was awesome" and gives no clue or any details whatsoever? Why bother to post at all? Don't strain yourself. It's no more informative than a thumbs up, or down. Being vague sucks.

  4. Such a great topic i love you ideas..