Food Network Star, Season 10: A Decade of Dreams

by in Food Network Star, April 24, 2014

Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby FlayWhat do you get when you put a dozen rivals in a pressure-packed environment, surround them with famed faces from the food world and ask them to compete in three months of challenges — all in the name of scoring their ultimate job? A summer of heated culinary competition that takes contenders coast to coast.

You heard it here first: Food Network Star is returning this June for an unprecedented season of contest, and superstar chefs Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis will be at the helm as mentor-judges. As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the series, the stakes will be higher, the challenges more demanding and the dreams greater than ever as 12 eager hopefuls will put their reputations on the line in the job interview of a lifetime. Beginning in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 1 at 9|8c and continuing for 11 weeks to Las Vegas and ultimately New York City, the competition will force the finalists to go head-to-head with their rivals in Mentor and Star Challenges that test not only their cooking chops under pressure, but their on-camera know-how and innate ability to attract an audience as well.

For a few eliminated finalists, however, the road to victory may still be within their reach — but only if they can survive Star Salvation, a Web-exclusive series on In celebration of the show's 10-year run, two hopefuls from past seasons — both looking for redemption — will return in the premiere Salvation episode. Hosts of Star Salvation Geoffrey Zakarian and Food Network Star, Season 9 winner Damaris Phillips will lead ousted rivals through a multi-week test of determination, but only one hopeful will prove they're worthy of salvation and the right to return to the on-air competition.

This year the decision on the winner is in your hands, fans: It will be up to you to support your favorite remaining rival and vote for who you want to claim the win.

Want to meet your potential future Star? Check out the Season 10 rivals below.

Aryen Moore-Alston (Memphis)
Chris Kyler (Stafford, Va.)
Christopher Lynch (New Orleans)
Donna Sonkin Shaw (New York City)
Emma Frisch (Ithaca, N.Y.)
Kenny Lao (New York City)
Lenny McNab (De Beque, Colo.)
Loreal Gavin (Indianapolis)
Luca Della Casa (San Antonio)
Nicole Gaffney (Atlantic City)
Reuben Ruiz (Miami)
Sarah Penrod (League City, Texas)

Finding yourself dancing along to this season's new Food Network Star promo? No need to search for the song — you can download the tune, On Our Way by The Royal Concept, on iTunes now.
Food Network Star, Season 10 Finalists
Tune in to the premiere of Food Network Star, Season 10 on Sunday, June 1 at 9|8c.

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Comments (62)

  1. Val says:

    You mean some actually like Damaris? Ugh. Star is like
    a joke. The best part are the judges. The NFS that one guy never
    even got a show. The Star Salavation awful just send them home when
    they lose.

  2. H2OforLIFE says:

    Not many people reading this blog--esp the FN big cheeses. They would not believe anyone would dare contradict their STAR show. Damaris 's show is awful. No one believes, or cooks, like what she shows. I will not watch it. Can't stand to see her even on FN commercials.

  3. ArnteeNana says:

    So unable to concentrate on the show with Giada's boobs hanging out! What was the point of that? Also -- wasn't she just a contestant herself a few years ago? Now, she's an expert judge?

    • H2OforLIFE says:

      Giada has been on FN for a long time. She was never a contestant. As for her expertise, I do not believe she is genuine. You know she does not want someone to take her place. When the winner is announced, the judges practically run over each other to congratulate him/her after they have been rude or worse. Now they are suddenly BFFs.

    • Frances says:

      Even though Giada is a talented chef, her fake smile is a turn off!

  4. H2OforLIFE says:

    FN Star is mostly for entertainment. No one learns how to do anything from watching it. FN is trying to make this show into a pop culture type show. I would rather see people who can cook and learn something from them. I do not need to see the contestants looking silly or worse. The contrived situations look stupid. It is not a show to learn from. It is a show to see someone outlast the snarky judges, the silly situations, he unreal food, and the lack of sincerity on the part of FN. The judges suddenly become BFFs to the winner. Yeah, right. Maybe in the contract the winner receives 4-6 shows. Then we may not see them again. What does that say about the culinary abilities of the winner. The judges are too quick to criticize. Giada dresses unprofessionally for a judge. Her smile is not genuine. either. Which one of the three want a winner to take their place. Yeah, didn't think so.

  5. truthteller says:

    NFNS is a joke, existing only to sell commercials and product placements. They look for people from the entire country and this is what they come up with?????? FN doesn't seem to have a clue as to what they're doing. I always laugh when I hear the judges rate the contestants on their cooking skills--let's be honest, anyone can learn how to cook (as Emeril used to say, "It's not rocket science")--especially for TV which can easily be reshot and edited--so the new "star" will be chosen only based upon his/her supposed ability to sell ads. That's it. Everything else is a joke.

    The Food network used to be a great station, but now it's nothing but reruns of Guy Fieri and Chopped, ad nauseam. I used to watch it all the time, when it was, you about "cooking", but now...rarely. What a shame.

    • H2OforLIFE says:

      You are so right. However, do you think any of the higher ups care? Of course not. Those ads go to paying the inflated salaries of the judges and executives (who sit and do nothing). Reruns of reruns of reruns, ad nauseam, do nothing to encourage new viewers. All the judges do is contribute snarky comments while promoting themselves. The contestants can already cook. But, can they cook in strange, stupid settings with others trying to sabotage them? Can they embarrass themselves in situations that real cooks would not encounter? Can they hold a product at camera ready or cook with a sponsored product? Can they make the 3 judges look better b/c they belittle the contestants? Oh, I forgot. The judges know everything about everything related to food and cooking. Too bad they do not want to share their knowledge with the contestants. Then, why would they? Maybe the winner will take the place of one of them. Oh, no. They will not let a contestant look good, no matter how they try. Selling commercials, promoting themselves, and giving the viewers drivel while giving the contestants he11. I do not watch this or any show done by the 3 judges. In the end, the judges will act like the winner is their BFF and always has been. What a joke.

  6. Frances says:

    Why in the world are the same judges used? Personally, I would love to see Emeril, Mario, Ina, Tyler and Rachel. They are in my opinion the best chefs and experts on judging cooking.

    • H2OforLiFE says:

      Those you name would be a great addition. However, Emeril is not with FN. Racheal and Mario probably do not have time b/c of their other tv shows or contract limitations. I have never seen Ina do another show. Also I do not know if new judges would fix what I believe is a serious problem with the show. The judges are in it only for themselves. Giada is so full of herself, Alton is King of the Snarks, and Bobby is not genuine behind his silly grin.

  7. maria says:

    This is quite possibly the worst season ever. I really turned off when they made the chefs do those stupid videos. Really? What executive chef would ever allow her or himself to be so humiliated. So disappointed.

    • H2OforLIFE says:

      The show is not about who can cook the best. It is about who can outlast the stupid situations, silly settings, using tokens to determine winners, making oneself look ridiculous, and putting up with 3 judges who are more concerned with themselves than with the contestants. What a joke of a show.

  8. RealCook says:

    I am so sick, sick, sick of DDD and chopped. FNS is terrible. It's all about the star. Doesn't matter if they can cook. I rather watch someone cook that I can learn from. I don't care if they have energy or star quality or whatever, just show me how to cook. I recall seeing some of Giada's first cooking shows. If a person can cook, then they can learn to look at the camera. FNS judges should look at classic Julia Child. She would never have made the cut on FNS. I wish FN would give me some real cooking shows at night. I really like HOUSE Rules with Nancy Fuller, Pioneer woman, Ina, and they are a lot of others just plain cooking shows without all silliness and hoopla.

  9. hemeemma says:

    I enjoy immensely watching Food Network Channel. The past Food Network Stars were very interesting. There are always a person or two that is totally irritating that I would never watch. You have been successful in choosing the right person for your channel and I hope you think about this years very carefully. Yes I am not there to sample the foods these people fix but I see their personalities. I know Emma had a terrible week but her demeanor in front of the camera was good. When I see a person like Sarah I want to turn the channel.
    I know there is a lot involved in doing this show and I applauded you for your openness. I thank you for bring back Luca. Out of all the ones left to me Luca would be a good choice with Nicole coming in second. The cowboy and texan, in my opinion, would be a fiasco of a show. So I am hoping Luca does good next week.
    And thank you Alton, Giada, and Bobby for doing this show.

  10. Cate says:

    Don't think I would watch a cooking show with Sarah as lead. Not impressed with her as a cook or cooking "teacher".