Photos: Alton’s Best Food Network Star Caption Tweets

by in Judges, August 14, 2013

Alton's Best Food Network Star Caption TweetsWhile each episode of Star may have been only one hour long, the experience of each week's challenges and eliminations lived on online in photo galleries and videos. While fans likely have checked out a few slideshows of the series' top moments, browsed behind-the-scenes snapshots from the set and seen the mentors' wildest facial expressions captured in photos, they weren't the only ones reliving what had gone down this season — Alton did the same.

All summer long Alton was clicking around the Food Network Star online headquarters to find some of his favorite moments from the competition and caption them in his very own way: with Post-it notes. His longtime Twitter followers know that Post-its are Alton's signature style of tweeting, so it was no surprise when he started sharing his best captions with fans.

Alton's Best Food Network Star Caption TweetsIn the image above, he promoted the then-upcoming Burger Bash episode of Star by writing, "Prepare yourselves for an epic spectacle." Some of his other captions were far less informative and simply more humorous, like the one pictured right, wherein he joked that Giada would have said: "Why can't they understand!? 'Spaghetti' has 6 syllables!!"

Browse this photo gallery to see more of Alton's top Star caption tweets, then follow Alton on Twitter.

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