Star Exclusive: Watch the Winner’s First Interview

by in Interviews, August 11, 2013

It's been 11 weeks of ups and downs, tears and laughs, and moments that each finalist will never forget. The final three have been through the wringer, and now, thanks to loyal fans, Food Network has its newest Star.

Star Talk caught up with the winner just moments after the memorable announcement. Click play on the video above to watch Star Talk's exclusive interview.

What did you think about the big win? Share your thoughts on the finale in the comments.

Chat with winner on Food Network's Facebook page on Monday, August 12, at 2pm/1c:

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Comments (680)

  1. pastashell says:

    Disappointed. Not going to watch her show. I mean she seems like a wonderful person, but I think she will bore me quickly. I just think there are too many shows with the southern type woman out there and not enough men. I like the hyper type and odd type. Guy is my favorite. I like the men much more. I enjoyed watching the new show with Alton Brown. I am just not happy with the winner. I hope that Food Network will still consider others.

    • Ravioli says:

      Other types of food, yes. Food from other countries, yes. Freaky loud weirdo's who think Oysters, cherries, garlic and chocolate are the wave of the future, H___ no.

  2. crystal says:

    Seriously transparant. Hope she never ever in her life said a bad word! I luv a food show, thank God we now have a better option, The Cooking Channel. Food network...did America REALLY vote for this southern one ? HONESTLY we're supposed to beleive this. Give me the pie guy anytime.

    After a decade of food network, I will watch no more.

    • Ravioli says:

      You're as bad as the people who voted for Justin last year. He talked in a monotone like Danushka and made strange dishes. This year, Pieman made a try at entertainment and seriously lacked kitchen skills.
      Yes, America did vote for Damaris. They chose edible food. People would recreate her dishes, she is more poised than Rodney and would most likely make a better pie. You're idea of a star seems to be all entertainment and no credibility. The vast majority of America voted for actual good cooking. Why not? It's why they watch. That's why they call it the FOOD Network, not the loudness network. Like what you like but you're seriously outnumbered by voters nationwide. See the reply to pastashell.

  3. cha cha slide says:

    Okay I am PISSED Damaris won. Actually all three finalists sucked. So I'm thinking that Damaris is going to try and become the new PAULA DEEN with her little "Southern accent and style" and FN knows that all too well. Pretty sure they rigged the votes to give old Paula fans a new hoorah with a new and younger Southern belle in the kitchen. Now that's completely stupid. Paula>>any other Southern cooking show on FN. Seriously. Like this is the saddest victory I have ever seen. Racial slurs or not, Paula should not have been kicked out of FN. Seriously. People like Little or Lil' Wayne burn and stomp on the American flag but don't get penalized. But of course PAULA. a woman who grew up in times of segregation, is penalized for using a word long ago. BS BS BS Food Network you have lost ten viewers, including me and my 9 neighbors on the street I live on who watch your show together. screw you.

    • Lily says:

      Damaris won't be the new Paula Deen. She'll be Damaris Phillips. That will be very good. She's an excellent Chef.

  4. fashakalaka shagga says:

    Does anyone actually believe the votes count? I am prone to believe that Food Network has the final say on who wins. So for all you blissfully ignant folks who thought that Damaris the Southin Belle won outta just pyure Southin love and luck in the kitchen, then I do declare y'all are stupid.

  5. victor says:

    I can't wait for next season, I have a new concept., Pizza Crust!!! Throw everything on a pizza crust., Crouton?.

    • Crouton40 says:

      Victor: Thanks. :)
      But---for me personally, I'm just not wild about --any-- show where "Everything" is always this or that. (I do like a good pizza, though. Meat-lovers pizza for me. ) I wouldn't even want Croutons in everything, so how's that for honesty? (grin)

      As far as specialty shows, in my opinion, Food Network could still use:
      1. a Seafood show (Crab, oysters, lobster, clams, etc.)
      2. A Chinese or asian stir-fry show, like Easy Chinese Cooking on the cooking channel, or what Ming used to do.
      3. Something from Hawaii or South America (Peru, Argentina)
      Think of it. Suppose we had all 3 of those new shows. Variety! People would eat them--and they'd be far more popular than any other travel-and-stuff-yer-face show. Happy viewers. More cooking. Higher ratings.

  6. Crouton40 says:

    Here's something that came to me: what if each Star who has a show on Food Network shared a website about there they are from, or live? Example: Bobby Flay and..?..Mesa, Arizona..? I've never been there. What should I see? It's one more way for all of them to connect-with-the-audience.

    Damaris just won and she's from Louisville, Kentucky. Whats kewl in Louisville? I've never been to Louisville, or for that matter New York, Miami, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Boston, Chicago, or Houston, either. Guess I'm a west-of-the-rockies kind of guy. Too poor to travel much, other than a good drive, but curious about different parts of the country, even if I don't visit. Chris Hodgson is in Cleveland, isn't he? What's Cleveland like? Or Louisville. I found a website that tells alot. Looks like Louisville's a happenin' place. Just for fun.

  7. Lisa says:

    BLEH-just watched her post win interview. Solidifies that she is not going to do well.

  8. Olivia says:

    Uhg. Damaris. This girl is so cheesy. Does the Food Network really need another one of these lame, southern types? I can't believe she won. This is a show I will not be watching...ever...because she makes me fall asleep. Also, since when is southern food, love food? Its more like break up food. Like "I'm sad and lonely because no one likes me, I'll just cook up this casserole to eat my feelings and distract myself from my boring life with carbs!"
    Damaris is mind numbingly boring, but Rodney...he belongs in the same category as Honey Boo Boo's Mom, and Si from Duck Dynasty. None of these people belong on TV. I swear this man is permanently drunk. How many times could I possibly watch this guy make a pie? What would a dinner party menu from him look like? 12 courses of obscure pies? I'm actually surprised he even got into the finals. I can't believe the judges were into all that. Out of the 3 of them Russel was my favorite, but none of these people deserved TV shows. Next season, can we maybe get some talent reflective of a modern audience? Cooks that didn't come straight from the civil war era, or crazy town?

  9. Play Fair says:

    You never said what made her cheesy. You never said why southern types lame.
    B___, B___, B____ and nothing to back it up. Just accusations. 65% of people should be required to have a permit and prove they can express a clear thought with a definite reason before they allowed the honor of posting here. The public has voted and spoken.
    If a friend of yours tried a new restaurant and told you it sucked, most people would want to know what made it suck. But too many people never say. They just make claims and put-downs and don't give any evidence. Far too many people on here write like that.

    • suckage says:

      She is anooying, fake, and thinks whe is hot when she has grandma arms flapping around!

      • Play Fair says:

        You're as hopelessly inarticulate as Olivia.
        How is she annoying? You don't say.
        What makes her fake? You don't say.
        So what if she has grandma arms? When did she ever show cleavage uncovered like Giada? She didn't. When did she ever say I'm sexy and I know it? She didn't. So why do you act like she did?
        You don't say. Somehow in some mysterious way, she just is all these things. . No ice cream for you. Maybe you're just always out of touch with yourself and unable to describe anything. You suck at expressing yourself clearly.

  10. Tobyt says:

    The show is less about finding a star anymore and more about all these people who have been on before....cross populating the shows.....iron chef, rest. Impossible, food truck wars... Random no just a way to build viewers looking for the runner ups when they show reruns.

    • Merlin says:

      I would love to have a season where not one single cook at all has or owns any restaurant. They've never competed on tv ever before, too. No recycled people. Good suspense. Level playing field. Who cooks best? No salvation next season.