Caption It: Look Who’s Back

by in Community, August 9, 2013

Daniela Perez-Reyes, Danushka Lysek and Andres GuillamaFor Damaris, Rodney and Russell, this Sunday night will surely prove to be one of the most defining moments of their lives so far. One will ultimately accept the job of Food Network personality, while two others will leave empty-handed, their dreams of stardom only a memory. What can you expect from Sunday's Star finale? A committee of network stars ready to welcome the winner to the family to be sure, plus a few surprise appearances from past finalists.

Take a look at the sneak-peek photo above from the episode. Daniela, Danushka and Andres, the first three rivals eliminated from the competition, are caught up in a giggle fit during taping. What do you think has these three in the throes of laughter? Are they reliving particularly funny moments from their time on the show, or are they snickering at the situation unfolding around them?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to find out who you, Star fans, have chosen as the winner, we’re challenging you to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below. Check back after the episode for an exclusive first interview with the winner.

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Comments (63)

  1. Trina says:

    They're laughing because Penny Davidi just snuck up behind Russell and shaved his Mohawk off.

  2. Homeboy says:

    They are laughing at the one extra "Salvation" episode that never aired. Zakarian & Guarnaschelli were judges. It was Robert Irvine vs. Chef Lovely. Irvine lost and got sent home. Judges told him he just didn't have enough "Glam, in his pan." Word up.

  3. sunshine says:

    They are laughing at Giada and Rodney dancing and singing about pie styling!

  4. justamom says:

    Laughing because Rodney took off his hat and showed a new tat on his apple pie!

  5. Mike says:

    Damaris is doing stand-up comedy and they love it!

    • jbm says:

      If they are truly laughing at the simpleton, Damaris, then I am more accurate in my opinion that this network could not find any cooks that were worthy of their own show. The contestants were so weak, greasy looking, or so offensive with their assinine behaviors I feel disgusted to watch.

      • Oxford says:

        Simpleton? That sounds like some Victorian word from 1790. That makes you behind the times and out of touch, like....a simpleton.

        And your behavior in your post is assinine. Just bitching. Why don't you name two people you'd like to see win? Even if it's next year. Damaris is worthy of a show. She's educated. Men like her. Other women like her. The camera loves her.

        • jbm says:

          Wow Oxford- such hostility at a response! FYI- vocabulary is not your forte. There is no behavior in words- just commenting on no worthy contestants this time to name. Damaris- educated? Something tells me you could be related to her- so defensive!! Southern cooking is a thing of the past- and the last famous Southern chef on Food Network demonstrated her lack of intelligence with her verbal discourse that fired up enough people to cut her shows. Damaris is definitely not worthy of a show- no matter that men or women like her. She's goofy- nonprofessional- and inappropriate with her interactions with men and the camera. She seems to have a big heart but also a big ass- which goes against the way our society view success in TV land. She can continue to be her ditzy self in her current job teaching. The camera shows her as a woman who sees flirting as a way to communicate; her inability to take the judges recommendations without chanting and breathing heavily on camera is proof- she is definitely NOT ready for a show of her own that could ever be a success.

          • Oxford says:

            HA HA! Keep digging yourself in deeper. Have another drink. I think the audience reading this can see it's you who are defensive and reacting so strongly. Everything negative you are saying about her is either false, magnified, or irrelevant. But go ahead and whine. Your post just shows your own very noticeable shallowness. HAHAHAHAHA!

  6. jbm says:

    They are laughing at the very fact this network could find 3 contestants to be the finalists that were every bit as poor as they were. Presentations and personalities and cooking chops are just not there. It's very sad that this network couldn't come up with better contestants to give a chance for their own show. But as we witnessed with Justin- just because you win does not entitle you to your own show. Many of the competitors end up with a show that did not win it all. Kelsey is a prime example of a little twerpey blonde who made off like a bandit, hosting a show and going on to host another show- all of which are so easily forgotten.

    • guest says:

      Justin was the biggest mistake the network ever made. He was monotone in voice and had a dull stare into the camera. Just like Danushka. And the idiot-public voted for that.

  7. James says:

    "You tell 'em Sheriff!"
    They are all watching a movie. It's the county sheriff talking to Rodney & Russell. Let's listen in:
    Sheriff: So, what brings a couple o' gunslingers like you two into town?
    Rodney: I'm takin' over this town, Jack. Pie-style is sweepin' the nation.
    Russell: I've travelled all over, spreading sin. Figured I'd set-up stakes in this here town.
    Sheriff: well, yer all welcome to get a room down at Miss Kitty's Saloon, But if I was you boys, I'd save yourselves the trouble and just be passin' through. I hear yer both fast-on-the-draw, and it might be that you've both out-gunned some others, but ya'll ain't never had a final showdown against "the Southern Spitfire."

    Sheriff: The way I reckon it, you boys best better pack-a-lunch and bring yer A-game. Or better yet, saddle-up and just ride on out. She's liable to make fried-fritters out o' the both o' ya's. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

  8. Matthew Vaziri FNS says:

    Overall, Russel was my favorite, but at the end of the day, Damaris should've won because she had the best total package of cooking chops, authority, and camera presentation. I think people get way too mad about this season. I enjoyed it and I thought it was hilarious at times. The talent was lackluster I admit, but I still think it was better than last year. Last year was too friendly and it's an individual competition at the end. Season 7 still is by far the best one ever in my opinion. Funny, intense, personality clash, and good, solid talent. Overall, fun season of FNS.

  9. Lisa K says:

    Danushka is awful!! She's only there to get noticed to model or something!!! She has NO heart for cooking!!