Mentors’ Eats and Drinks for a Finale Viewing Party

by in Recipes, August 7, 2013

GuacamoleAfter watching 10 weeks of competition and making your voices heard in this season's finale vote, you, Star fans, are just days away from meeting the newest Food Network Star. No matter if you're rooting for Damaris and her Southern-inspired Eat, Date, Love idea, for Rodney's pie-focused pilot Pie Style or for Russell's deliciously sinful Guilty Pleasures concept, anxiety will be at an all-time high on Sunday night, when one hopeful will earn the job of a lifetime.

Russell Jackson, Damaris Phillips and Rodney HenryBefore you watch the next Food Network Star accept his or her new title on Sunday, prepare a few easy-to-make snacks to enjoy during the show. Classic TV-watching munchies like chips and dip, plus a sweet treat of cookies and lemonade are go-to picks, and this year's Star mentors are sharing their easy recipes to make at home.

For a platter of crunchy, salty snacks, try Alton's top-rated Guacamole, a no-fail fan favorite made with traditional ingredients, like ripe avocados, lime juice, garlic and cilantro. Alton recommends letting the prepared guacamole rest at room temperature for an hour before serving, so the flavors have time to marry.

Bobby's bringing an indulgent dessert to the party: his Triple Chocolate Cookies, featuring both bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate, plus white chocolate chips and semisweet chocolate chips. These five-star beauties bake for no more than 11 minutes, which means they're a cinch to prepare in a hurry.

Made with just a handful of ingredients, Giada's Italian Lemonade will surely quench your thirst. This summertime sipper is sweetened with a basil-laced simple syrup, which offers a fragrant, herbaceous note to her refreshing drink.

Tune in to the finale of Food Network Star on Sunday, August 11 at 9pm/8c to find out who fans have chosen as the winner.

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Comments (65)

  1. Myra says:

    I'm afraid I won't be watching. I'm pretty sure all of Rodney's non-viewing followers have skewed the vote in his favor. You couldn't pay me to watch him. If I'm wrong and Damaris wins, I'll hear about it.

  2. James says:

    The Contest: Round 1
    All three finalists each make 5 pies. Who's are best?

    Round 2:
    All 3 finalists create 5 of their own "guilty pleasures" dishes. Who wins?

    Round 3:
    All 3 finalists create southern, or impress-your-date or family dishes. Who wins?

    Does anyone win 2 out of three?
    Does anyone win all 3 rounds? It's your call.

  3. Foodie3 says:

    Chad should have won.

  4. msjs0315 says:

    Interesting. No recipes from the finalists.

    • guest says:

      If each of the finalists had a cookbook at Barnes & Noble bookstore, who's would you want? Do you think you'd use more than 5 recipes out of the book?

  5. Mike Wallace says:

    Sunday Night. If it's like past seasons, they will gather all of the eliminated contestants and everyone will be there.

    What might Danushka say now? Or Lovely? You get the idea.

  6. Michael says:

    I can't believe the mentors sent Nikki home? Someone who has been at the top of the competition, the entire time, gets sent home, but someone who has demonstrated poor cooking abilities, throughout the entire competition, makes it to the top three (with crappy pies)??? One word -- FAIL!

    • steve says:

      Out of curiosity, I checked Rodney's recipe for the cheeseburger pie. The crust alone had 1 1/4 cups of shortening. Even if he could consistently cook well, he's a cardiologist's nightmare.

    • Jack says:

      Couldn't agree more. I'm no expert, but those two guys are complete duds when it comes to both food and presentation skills. This has been a disappointing season, a big come down from prior years. Their dishes have, for the most part, been panned by the judges. The only one left who is at least passable is Damaris.

  7. Guest says:

    Neither of these 3 are promoting anything I would even remotely consider watching even while doing my most mundane housecleaning tasks. Eat, Date, Love = BARF; unless they need a Southern girl to replace Paula; this whole premise is insulting. The Pie Guy - it's only friggin' pies every friggin' week - how tired is that? And other than my mother in law who would want to eat a pie every friggin' day/week? Guilty Pleasures with his "briefcase of culinary sins" come on. Although I will say Russell had the most informative presentation actually explaining how the process was done and why while giving some good descriptions, but the other two didn't even explain how they were cooking their meals; just put it in the oven/pot and magic happens. Food Network needs to get back to their roots and away from the reality crap; Food Channel is more entertaining and they are mostly old FN re-runs

  8. Nancy says:

    This is the worst group of contestants I've seen in all the seasons I've been watching. I hope to goodness they choose better next season because I would not watch any of the ones from this year, especially Rodney. Food Network...please do a better job of picking contestants next year

    • Cindy S. says:

      The sad part was they had some really great contestants, they just cut them before the finale.

      • Crouton40 says:

        I've been thinking about that. I was "with the judges" on the first few episodes. But I thought they should have been a little more patient with Viet. After they sent Lovely home, from then on, I found myself disagreeing more and more on the order of who was being sent home before who. And so, what does everyone think of this:

        Next year: 12 contestants, 12 weeks, just like this year. But--for the FIRST FOUR EPISODES: FN makes a comittment that: No one--will be sent home for being "bad on-camera". It will be because of bad dishes, not bad camera.

        That would likely mean Russell and Rodney would have *already* gone home, (as several have said should have happened weeks ago already) and Chris and Viet would have lasted, well, a little longer anyway. And the mentor have a little more incentive to work with and develop someone who does at least have the kitchen-chops. They could still be sent home eventually, but at least the obvious ones who aren't cutting it with -cooking- wouldn't last longer, over those that the viewers think are better cooks. I think that would have made more sense and would have irritated less viewers. The ONLY exception, would be if someone were so obviously, GLARINGLY Bad on camera that you just know an overwhelming 98% would readily agree. Viet would *not* fit that, although I feel "98%" of people would have said Danielle, did.
        Makes sense? Better than this year? I think so. How about you? Jump in and sound off!

        • guest53 says:

          Agree...ADD more Pitch Room (with more of Bob & Susie actually WATCHING before saying someone has charm...think Russell/Rodney), and I'd tune in again. Also, the Mentors should be mentoring the whole time, without "guests" like Robert Irvine (who knew nothing about Nikki, yet personally knew Stacey) chiming in and affecting the results. I liked it better when the mentors had teams, it made them more accountable for their actions towards their contestants (and showed less favoritism).

          Giada's incessant squealing that 'Rodney's gonna make a pie' this season was beyond ridiculous! Like, when WASN'T he gonna do that??? Truly a Myopic POV, imo

          • Kaylene says:

            I like mentoring but not teams. Last time it got to be more about who was best mentor when it was supposed to be who'd make the best star.

  9. TP COOKS says:

    We have watch Food Network Star since the second season it was on. I have to say, the past two contestants to get voted off have been the WORST decisions.

    Both Stacey and Nikki were solid the entire season. Nikki grew and was on top for several of the past shows. Stacey has the most talent and knowledge of any of the contestants.

    Rodney and Russell haven't shown anything except a couple of flash in the pan moments. How many times was Russell in the bottom? How many times could people not even understand Rodney?

    It's a shame because we really like this show and it really lost a lot of credibility the last two weeks.