Mentors’ Eats and Drinks for a Finale Viewing Party

by in Recipes, August 7, 2013

GuacamoleAfter watching 10 weeks of competition and making your voices heard in this season's finale vote, you, Star fans, are just days away from meeting the newest Food Network Star. No matter if you're rooting for Damaris and her Southern-inspired Eat, Date, Love idea, for Rodney's pie-focused pilot Pie Style or for Russell's deliciously sinful Guilty Pleasures concept, anxiety will be at an all-time high on Sunday night, when one hopeful will earn the job of a lifetime.

Russell Jackson, Damaris Phillips and Rodney HenryBefore you watch the next Food Network Star accept his or her new title on Sunday, prepare a few easy-to-make snacks to enjoy during the show. Classic TV-watching munchies like chips and dip, plus a sweet treat of cookies and lemonade are go-to picks, and this year's Star mentors are sharing their easy recipes to make at home.

For a platter of crunchy, salty snacks, try Alton's top-rated Guacamole, a no-fail fan favorite made with traditional ingredients, like ripe avocados, lime juice, garlic and cilantro. Alton recommends letting the prepared guacamole rest at room temperature for an hour before serving, so the flavors have time to marry.

Bobby's bringing an indulgent dessert to the party: his Triple Chocolate Cookies, featuring both bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate, plus white chocolate chips and semisweet chocolate chips. These five-star beauties bake for no more than 11 minutes, which means they're a cinch to prepare in a hurry.

Made with just a handful of ingredients, Giada's Italian Lemonade will surely quench your thirst. This summertime sipper is sweetened with a basil-laced simple syrup, which offers a fragrant, herbaceous note to her refreshing drink.

Tune in to the finale of Food Network Star on Sunday, August 11 at 9pm/8c to find out who fans have chosen as the winner.

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Comments (65)

  1. John says:

    That black and white dress Damaris is wearing in the above pic is the worst thing in her wardrobe. Anything else at all is much better. She usually looks quite nice. Just not that one.

  2. Karena says:

    WOW!!! i absolutely cannot believe how every single one of these posts is completely negative and the attacks on all 3 of the finalists is just atrocious! NONE of you know any of them and i especially find hilariouis the attacks on my friend Rodney Henry whom i DO know and let me tell you all something. every single person that does actually KNOW him adores him. he is 100% real and funny and charming and makes kickass pies. i would love to see a pie show on FN. if they have one more goddamn southern chick show or rerun of the same popular shows i'm going to vomit. Rodney actually deserves to win. stop judging people you don't even know and who have done nothing to you. if you don't like them then don't vote for them and don't watch the damn show! jesus christ, if Guy Fieri can become as popular as he is w/ that hair and jewelry, etc then so can Rodney.

    • Tiger says:

      J. C. ?

      I think it's everyone's turn reading this to say: WOW!!!
      Rodney is a cool cat. His pies just haven't been stellar in these challenges.

      • Karena says:

        well trust me, they truly are! at least you have something nice to say which i can appreciate. Rodney is totally cool and a great human being.

    • guest53 says:

      Rodney should just stick to his Pie Place in Baltimore...and make his "kickass pies" there for you RodneyFanatics.

      There are MANY here who won't watch his show if he wins, and he ain't no Guy Fieri (only a Guy wannabe).

    • Bonnie says:

      Whoa! with friends like this, RH needs no enemies. Shows you what kind of people will follow him!

  3. Karena says:

    i have no doubt they are all nice people and i have nothing against any of them. i seriously doubt a single one of you would say anything negative to Rodney's face! so i hope he wins but if he doesn't he certainly got a lot of attention and success from being on the show at the very least. the judges clearly would pick him as the winner. i don't have a whole lot of faith in the general public though since the average person is an idiot. so let's hear some positive comments and to those of you full of negativity, go f@$% yourselves! by the way, i have NO problem understanding Rodney either.

  4. Bass Player says:

    Posters are full of negativity. And yet you are telling then to: "go f@$% yourselves!"

    If his pies would've rocked-it better, they wouldn't be so negative.

    • Karena says:

      apparently you didn't bother to read the REST of my comment. i don't consider "go f@#$ yourselves" to be a negative comment at all. it's my opinion of all the negative losers on here. you also apparently aren't watching the show either since you missed when they all just about had an orgasm over the pie he made. no one on here has even had his pie which is my whole point! don't judge what you know NOTHING about! i'm entitled to my opinion and have every right to defend him. at least i actually KNOW what i'm talking about which is the other point i was trying to make. learn to read and listen to what someone else is saying.

      • guest53 says:

        Honey, most of us have watched the shows, and saw the crap pies that Rodney produced, week after week. Funny, I didn't see or hear anyone say they "had an orgasm" over a pie he made (which one are you talking about - the Alpo one???)

        Cursing at posters and calling them idiots won't lend any credence to your comments. Bass Player is correct.

      • Bonnie says:

        Shut your pie hole; you are done here

  5. guest says:

    "Her critics might try to scoff and jest
    but a Damaris show is truly best."

  6. Dee says:

    This has been a very disappointing season. Think the strongest contestants were Chad, Stacy and Nikki. While the 3 left may be great people I just can't see myself watching any of their shows. Really Food Network, if this is the best you can do with this show - stop filming, no more seasons please.

  7. Crouton40 says:

    Sat.Nite. 8:30pm
    Well...tomorrow night, the big moment arrives. Meanwhile, we wait. Who doesn't like good food? And, while it is "off-topic", who doesn't enjoy good Music?

    Things will soon be over for this year, and so,..whatta ya say we go out with a Party? A feel-good Karaoke party!

    Here's some tunes you can punch-up and check out on
    (trying to mix it up with different music categories as we all have different tastes, but no guarantees), so while we wait...why not Dance in the Kitchen? (All in good fun).
    KARAOKE PARTY! "Yer never too old, to rock n roll."
    (search youtube)
    1. Bonnie Raitt---"Thing Called Love" (Country Bluesy-rock)
    2. Simple Plan---"I'm Just a Kid" (Alternative/Hard Rock)
    3. Herman's Hermit's---"I'm Into Something Good" (60's oldie)
    4. Ricky Nelson---"Yesterday's Love" (Oldie's/Teenage idol ballad)
    5. Joe Diffee--"Pick Up Man" Original video (partyin' feel-good Country)
    6. Milt Buckner & Hal Singer---"This Blues is Mine" (tap-yer-foot bluesy jazz)
    Cant wait til 9pm sunday.

  8. Linda405 says:

    I've actually tried most of the recipes the contestants or FN posted during the season.

    I even tried the bacon ice cream in a conventional ice cream maker since I didn't have any of Russell's liquid nitrogen on hand.

    Rodney's pie crust wasn't good and perhaps that's because he didn't specify chilled butter it came out a bit gummy and it wasn't appetizing.

    Demaris's pork roast and the apple butter as a condiment was great on the sweet potato biscuit.

    Chad's thing was BBQ and grilling but I figured FN wouldn't select somebody in competition with Bobby Flay as grill master.

    Nikki would have been better billing it as vegetarian, but with a side dish of meat when having non vegetarian friends to dinner.

    Viet was a great chef but I don't think he'd be comfortable in front of a camera...but perhaps in years to come.

    I'm not looking to FN just for entertainment, I also want a recipe I can make. So of the final three, the only one whose show I'd watch is Demaris.

  9. charmonet says:

    I want to congratulate Damaris!!! I always wanted a girl to win and it happened:) This actually the first time I watched this show and I kinda like it. I think I will watch it from now on.