Watch the Pilots and Vote for the Next Food Network Star

by in Community, August 6, 2013

Season 9 Food Network Star Finale VoteTime is running out to vote (voting is now closed) for this year's newest Food Network Star. Will you join Damaris on her journey in helping guys woo their mates with Southern food on Eat, Date, Love? Will you get Pie Style with Rodney? Or will you channel your inner culinary sins and indulge with Russell on Guilty Pleasures?

Watch all three pilots now:

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Comments (309)

  1. Barb says:

    Worst season so far - and I have watched them all and watch some of the winner shows (I love the sandwich guy)... but I would not watch any of these three......

  2. M.G. says:

    I think Rodney is a joke. I can't remember a good pie he made. He has a stick and that is it. I will never watch his show if he gets picked. Russell is another joke. He is catering to drunks and making all of us obese. He was on the bubble more often then not. Won't watch him either. Damaris is good, had some good food. She has to tone down the sweetness a little bit. I will watch her. I would of liked to see Stacey have a chance. She needs to not be so stiff, but it wasn't to be. I wish her a lot of luck.

  3. kwalsky9 says:

    Unfortunatley, the Food Network has become more about personalities and less about the food. Since they have to fill 24 hours with shows, my guess is that, regardless of the winner, all three finalists sooner or later will end up with a show. Damaris is sweet and quirky . . . Rodney's cool as can be and Russell adds much-needed diversity and charm. I will also bet that Stacey ends up with a show as well The camera loves her . . . she has that "girl next door" appeal with a dash of the exotic. That being said . . . NONE of them provide what most of us are looking for: real menu ideas . . . simple, straight-forward cooking that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. (I love Ina Garten . . . her shows are exquisite . . . but . . . for us average working stiffs, spending $100 - 2/3rds of my weekly grocery budget . . . on enough lobster for a picnic lunch on the beach is a bit much.) Want to learn how to whip up fast, beautiful dishes using just what you have now in your frig or pantry? Watch Jacques Pepin Saturdays on PBS . . . now there's someone who not only CAN cook . . .. but he can really teach you how to cook!

  4. Carla says:

    Sorry FN, I can not vote for any of them. None of them interest me. I like shows that have the basic in the kitchen, Pioneer Woman seems to be the best show for that. Can't stand the Bare Foot lady.

  5. Lia says:

    The pie does not fly.
    Southern dingbat? Just say no.
    Yes to seven sins!

  6. Habib says:

    At 9pm the Russell Revolution shall conquer all enemies.

  7. Peg says:

    I am pretty sure Demaris will be the winner as FN needs to replace Paula Deen in the Southern cookng field.
    I did not like any of the finalists and will not be watching the finalist's shows. FN, you can do better. This season was very disappointing

  8. samuraiunicorns says:

    I am confused over everyone who wants more shows that just teach cooking- that is the point of the Cooking Channel.... Foodnetwork is supposed to be the more entertaining side of it with competitions and such... If you guys need recipes and not drama you go to Cooking Channel XD

    • Jack says:

      You're wrong. Food Network is NOT just entertainment with instruction. Also, you fail to realize that when enough people leave Food Network for the cooking channel--and more people are--all of that "entertaining reality" is not going to save their ratings. It's just a matter of time, and probably sooner than later.

      • Shannon says:

        I 100% agree with you Jack. There are enough non cooking channels that offer reality TV and competition shows, folks are not going to tune into a FOOD NETWORK just solely for that. I also want to point out that the cooking channel is an off shoot of FN. FN came first, reduced it''s cooking shows and redirected it's cooks and foodies to the Cooking Channel. I am lucky to be able to subscribe to The Cooking channel however there are many many markets in the US that do not have access to that channel.

        • samuraiunicorns says:

          o_O I never even said that it was good that there are mostly reality tv shows on the Food Network guys...I'm just saying if you guys need more help with cooking you should head over to Cooking Channel for less drama...haha, sorry to offend you two xD

  9. Staci says:

    This has been the worst season ever. The judges pushed Rodney through every week. Seriously? You can't understand a word he says, he cannot even describe how food tastes other than to say "delicious, killer, or damn," and that was when he tasted something cooked by Bobby Flay! And Russell wants to add bacon and bourbon to everything. Great. That will get old quick. Nickie Dinkie had a great POV. I'd love to watch a show that helps educate you on putting veggies as the star of a meal. Stacey was great, too! Who doesn't have a tried and true dish they've made hundreds of times that could use some updating or a new modern twist?! I voted for Damaris, she is at least entertaining and seems as though she will prepare dishes that will be normal enough for an everyday cook. But overall, just a very, very disappointing season. = (