Watch the Pilots and Vote for the Next Food Network Star

by in Community, August 6, 2013

Season 9 Food Network Star Finale VoteTime is running out to vote (voting is now closed) for this year's newest Food Network Star. Will you join Damaris on her journey in helping guys woo their mates with Southern food on Eat, Date, Love? Will you get Pie Style with Rodney? Or will you channel your inner culinary sins and indulge with Russell on Guilty Pleasures?

Watch all three pilots now:

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Comments (309)

  1. Dee says:

    As much as I love watching most of the shows on Food Network, they lost a lot of credibility in my eyes when the much-hyped show of last season's winner, Justin Warner, aired once that I can recall. I voted for Justin, so don't get me wrong.

    But this season, FNS has really struck out. The worst thing that can happen to Food Network Star is that it will become obsolete when it comes to discovering new Food Network stars. They struck gold with Guy Fieri--lightning rarely, if ever, strikes twice!

  2. Ann says:

    It seems to be apparant that food network star only needs to be a TV personality - not produce good food --i ithnk that is sad!--------------also the last show is boring --- who needs all the re-cap????? don't know if i will ever watch again!!!!

  3. Guest says:

    Food Network, what has happened to you????
    I used to always watch FN, but now, it's the thing I go to when nothing else is on! I am a personal chef who used FN as a classroom, but I am SO much better off on my own!
    Thanks goodness some of the other networks now air some cooking shows that are eye catching and interesting. Bye bye food network- you are not going to last.

  4. Lauren says:

    I think they got it wrong. Obviously, this viewer voting thing was a popularity contest, a "with-whom-do-I-most identify" exercise. Demaris' POV is not sustainable. Rodney would have been a better choice. He just didn't show well in the competition because he couldn't do a pie properly in 30 minutes.