Vote Now for the Next Food Network Star

by in Food Network Star, August 4, 2013

Vote Now for the Next Food Network Star Season 9All season long the mentors have guided this very decision, and now you, Food Network Star fans, get to make the final and most important decision. Will you join Damaris on her journey in helping guys woo their mates with Southern food on Eat, Date Love? Will you get Pie Style with Rodney? Or will you channel your inner culinary sins and indulge with Russell on Guilty Pleasures?

Food Network's newest sensation is up to you: Cast your vote now (voting is now closed).

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Comments (841)

  1. terri says:

    I vote for Rodney. I would like to try his pie.

  2. Kerry G says:

    Bad idea sending Stacey home. Stacey and Nikki were two of the best, I don't mind Damaris but Stacey was the best, She was intelligent, pleasant, charming, excellent personality and fun to watch and to top it all off her dishes were lovely and I would try her dishes any day. Her mentors say she was too rehearsed and polished, but with her personality that could be solved easily. Not everyone on the network is going to have a "rough" personality like Guy. Allow her to have and create her own persona. I think Food Network made a big mistake and I will not be voting this year. Good luck to Damaris, If she does not win I will be disappointed. PLEASE FIND A SHOW FOR STACEY!!!!! All the best in your endeavours Stacey!!!!!

  3. Leonor Velazquez says:

    I think Damaris hit a home run!!!!!!!

  4. sharon says:

    I will not vote I hate all of them, and I will not watch any of their shows no matter who wins we (the viewers loose) Where is Justin from last year??????????

  5. Betz says:

    What in the world were the "mentors" thinking by bringing Russell and Rodney to the end? It should have been Stacy, Nikki and Demaris. The whole season felt fake... like the Network was pulling the strings and making the Mentors say things they didn't really feel. I could be wrong, but that's how it seemed. I really didn't like this year's show and I think the network needs to quit trying so hard! By always trying to manipulate the viewers and grab our attention, you're actually losing me.

  6. Jenny says:

    Seriously? This show has become so convoluted and pretentious. The Food Network doesn't seem to know it's viewers at all. I'm over it. The Food network won't be taking up anymore space on my DVR.

    • Guest says:

      Too bad PWR can't read your message but he/she would likely dismiss it as a tiny statistical minority. FN is so blindly convinced that they think they know what the public supposedly really wants that they just ignore complaints. I believe you are right, though. Oh well, it's their network.

  7. mauicatwoman says:

    The worst food network star ever! I can't believe Demaris won. Typical. An immature floozy. One show I definitely will never watch.

  8. Carl Dee says:

    I told you Damaris would be the Next Food Network Star! Kentucky's own!

  9. Kerry G says:

    I am glad that Demaris won. Of the 3 she would be my choice by default. Would not have watched any of Rodmeys shows. Congratulations Demaris. Stacey, you are the true Food Network Star. Continue to shine wherever you go.

    Food Network needs to be reminded that some of their viewers still watch because they want to learn to cook. Too much road and restaurant shows.

  10. ali says:

    I am disappointed in the Food Network and America for choosing this as their star. I do not watch food network for some girl to shake her tits... the Top Chefs of food network pretty sure they don't eat at hooters. I am disgusted with the choices they have made the past few years as food network stars. I am glad I do not see them on there that often. I may not watch anymore or lay off the channel considering that they are ok with boob shaker and sandwhich king who came across to me as somone who laughs every time he farts. UGH already enough hillbillies and honey boo boo and crap on TV now they are on Food Network