The Final Four: Who Would Get Your Vote?

by in Community, August 3, 2013

Final Four: Who Would Get Your Vote?It's down to the nitty-gritty: the final four finalists. Damaris, Rodney, Russell and Stacey have endured nine weeks of grueling tasks, surviving on-camera and cooking challenges, and now one is just eight days closer to stardom.

If you had to vote now, who would you pick as your next Food Network Star?

Food Network Star fans will have the final say: Go to after the show this Sunday night to cast your vote. Find out who will be crowned the newest member of Food Network next Sunday night (9pm/8c) during the finale.

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  1. [...] online for their favorite finalist. Judging by a comments on Food Network’s website here and here, many viewers are dissapoint with this contingent and are indignant that Stacey and her [...]

  2. Jaime says:

    BRING BACK NIKKI DINKI!!!!!! She was the only contestant with a fresh and RELEVANT concept. I will not watch any other contestant shows. Pie style- please- who relates to that? No, I don't want to eat pies constantly. Also, I can't even understand him half of the time. Russel and his sins are a total bore! Who wants to eat fat and bacon all the time? No, I'm not interested in becoming a gluttonous pig. Demaris is okay, but there are already too many southern shows. I really think FN s just trying to replace Paula Deen.

    If there is any way possible, please bring Nikki Dinki back! She's easy to watch, sounds intelligent, relatable, and funny. Her food looks good, it's healthy and current!

  3. amendeb says:

    Out of the three they have left, Rodney should have left LONG AGO. You can understand him. How many times to you have to be in the bottom three and he still bounces back. Russel too should have been gone. Demaris is like fingernails on a chalkboard. I rooted for Stacy all the way along. She can cook, she proved herself long ago. I enjoyed watching her. I too believe it is rigged and they know from just about the beginning who they will keep and who will go home. Well, will not watch any of the final three. Didn't care for any concept they had.

  4. Guest says:

    I don't like either of the guys. I would never watch their shows. Damaris is cute and fun. I really liked Stacy though. I think Giada voted against her because she might be intimidated by her. Doesn't want the competition.

  5. smt says:

    Hope that this year the new FoodNetwork Sar will a show. FN promised a show for Justin last year and still he doesn't have show, although I don't like Justin at all! He was terrible! Hope this year the winner will really have a show as FN as announced. I love Damaris! I am waiting to see her new kitchen show! She is the best from the 3 finalists! Rodney-Russell are like a Batman-Robin duo! Even if the two were in a show together they will not be a good choice. Who will want too have everything in a pie? Pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner? No one!!! After the 7 culinary sins of Russell in 2 shows that will be sooo boring!! That idea will just be over!!!! It will be cool if he will be just traveling around USA looking for culinary sins not just taking his 7 ones!!! After 2 shows the audience will be setting him off! His idea will be done!! For me the only one that really is out of the box and with a great future with new ideas is Damaris! Even a wine brand can partner and sponsor some meals. Her idea is just great and many cool things could be incorporated to the show. Her idea is very creative!! Go Damaris!! I see her as a new Rachel Ray. She has everything to make a great cooking show!~

  6. Jeanne G says:

    I too am disappointed in this year's selection. I am not impressed by any of their POV's or star quality. I will probably watch a show or two of whomever wins the golden ticket, but they will need to really step up their game to win me over. To be honest, I have not even seen last year's winner at all...maybe not watching the correct channels????? Hopefully next year's contenders will be more interesting.

  7. Iron says:

    Any of these beats Guy Fieri, What a horse's patoot!

  8. Vanessa Henson says:

    I think that Rodney is the best one on the show and he makes the best pies there is and I like the music a lot

  9. Amber says:

    Food network has huge gaps... Vegetarian, Asian, Peruvian, shows that actually might teach you how to cook something different.
    Forget the Pie man, he doesn't even know how to make pie. In the whole competition he hasn't made even one successful pie.
    I am kind of horrified by the three that are left. Strikes me the Network people don't have a clue what makes show interesting to watch. I'm thinking of all the years including Guy, Melissa Justin.. not one of them have a show I watch.
    It would be OK if there was multiple shows each night, but each day is a mini marathon.... there are only so many triple D's, Chopped and Restaurants Impossible a person can watch.

    So it's Cooking Channel to help me get dinner on the table, and then anything but FN and HGTV

  10. Mari Fisher says:

    The only reason Stacy would have any difficulty at all is because the Food Netwrrk has been "ripping apart" her personality since she arrived. Stacy is talented, articulate, and ready to do a pilot, until they made a wreck out her.
    I don't think I heard Rodney talk a complete sentence since he got there-just one word all the time, such as "awesome," I think Rodney only talks in mono-sylables, yet, the Food Network Panel did not do the character-assisination about the vocabulary that they did to Stacy!
    They took a lovely, talented, articulate woman and threw her out, , using the excuse that she "wasn't genuine- so they could have a pizza man full of hot air like R>