The Final Four: Who Would Get Your Vote?

by in Community, August 3, 2013

Final Four: Who Would Get Your Vote?It's down to the nitty-gritty: the final four finalists. Damaris, Rodney, Russell and Stacey have endured nine weeks of grueling tasks, surviving on-camera and cooking challenges, and now one is just eight days closer to stardom.

If you had to vote now, who would you pick as your next Food Network Star?

Food Network Star fans will have the final say: Go to after the show this Sunday night to cast your vote. Find out who will be crowned the newest member of Food Network next Sunday night (9pm/8c) during the finale.

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Comments (456)

  1. NoGoThisTimeAround says: dropped the ball this time around...I think they really need to start the season over, in my opinion. Thought Nikki would be the most watchable but she got so hissy over her salmon dish she had to make that I think it ruined her chances when she made that big plate of rice with a tiny bit of salmon. Never could understand why they say Stacy was guarded and all that crap. To me, she seemed very personable, unlike Giada...cough cough...who I feel is the fake one with those big white choppers she's always baring. (She sure bit into the women's back's this year! WHAT!!!! Picking Russell over Stacy???) Damaris...a little kooky.. think she's kinda like a loose cannon. If she wins I'm sure they will be doing take after take and editing her shows often. Still can't believe Russell made it to the end!!! This guy should have been gone weeks ago. And Rodney...well, what can you say? Entertaining to a point but not too interested in pie. Now if he were to make everything "cupcake style" I might watch!!

  2. guest says:

    Anyone but Rodney, please don't make him the next star, he is horrible- watching Guy all the time is too much also, PLEASE! Food network is one of my favorite channels. You did not have very good choices
    this time.

  3. Mike says:

    Nikki should have won - we'll never watch this show again. Seriously, you throw off your only likeable and novel contestant in favor of pie-style...really?

    • hollywood says:

      It was fixed, eliminate the people who can cook and leave 2 guys with no clue to compete against the person they had set up to win from the start. had just started looking at the food network a few months ago. Glad I can now stop watching it. Someone who finished in the bottom 5 times (his own admission) makes it into the finals????

  4. Alyssa says:

    Stacy should win your my fav