Caption It: A Superstar Returns

by in Community, August 2, 2013

Guy FieriCome Sunday night, the final four competitors will face their last and most critical challenge of the competition: Convince Bob and Susie that their pilots should be green-lighted. In all-or-nothing pitches, Damaris, Rodney, Russell and Stacey will convey their show concepts to the network, but ultimately only three will be given the go-ahead. For the fallen rival, it will be the end of a 10-week journey, but for the hopefuls advancing, the most exciting experience will be yet to come. They'll film exclusive, never-before-seen tapes illustrating their would-be series on Food Network, and it's these pilots that you, fans, will watch when deciding who to vote for on Sunday night.

Check out the sneak-peek photo above from Sunday's episode: Guy Fieri is making a guest appearance, coaching the rivals through the filming process. Perhaps the ultimate pilot mentor, Guy won Star Season 2, so he's well-aware of the anxiety, stresses and obstacles that surely accompany this stage of the competition. Do you think he'll share sage wisdom with the contestants or stories from his own days filming a pilot?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to find out who makes the top three, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below. After the episode, check back to to vote for who you want to become the next Food Network Star.

Click the play button on the video below to get an insider's look at what's to come on Sunday.

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Comments (79)

  1. Debbie says:

    If the current stars gave any thought to it, none of them would have won a competition either. Too raw, stiff,etc. The learning curve is gone and therefore, anyone who might be interesting and talented, is more likely to pack up and go home and we, the viewers, get stuck with what is left. Sad.

  2. ImaUzer says:

    I wonder if "Pie Style" will be anything like Gangnam Style...

  3. BelladiNonna says:

    I agree with you about Stacey. FN was trying to make her into the star they wanted. She is the real star, just the way she is! Bubbly, likeable, original, genuine, and sincere.

  4. Ken R says:

    So many comments are exactly what I am thinking. Everyone who has talent/something to add has been eliminated. Stacy was the best, and she is gone. Who ever would think that Rodney or Russell were talented? And Rodney is exactly in the same mold as Guy Fieri--all talk and no show.

  5. Koumiss says:

    Caption: oooo sparkly things!!!!!


    I have no idea what we are supposed to be posting comments about but just to get it out there, DAMARIS IS YOUR GAL! She is so awesome and I am totally obsessed with her because I am from the south and she reminds me exactly of my fourth grade teacher.

  7. Sarah says:

    I am very disappointed in the choice for the final three. I would not watch their shows. Sorry for the first time because I have enjoyed pass finalist.