Poll: Did the Right Finalist Earn Salvation?

by in Community, July 26, 2013

Chad Rosenthal and Lovely JacksonDuring last Sunday's episode, Lovely made a surprise return to the on-air contest after besting six previously fallen competitors on Star Salvation. Maintaining her "party on a plate" point of view during the exclusive Web series, she proved to host Robert Irvine her culinary chops and commitment to the competition. But now, looking back on her performance and her rivals', do you think Lovely was the correct finalist to earn a second chance at stardom?

Do you think Daniela or Andres — the first two ousted contestants — warranted more time to show off their skills, or should Danushka have stayed, on account of her one-of-a-kind attitude? Would you have liked to have seen more from restaurant chefs Viet, Chris or Chad, or was Lovely indeed worthy of redemption? Tell Star Talk by voting below for the competitor you think most deserved salvation.

Click the play button on the video below to get the first look at the next episode of Star, airing this Sunday, July 28 at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (107)

  1. The Mama says:

    Not Lovely and I would have stopped watching FNS forever if it had been Daushka. She was so full of herself that the runoff would have polluted her food!!

  2. John of Chicago says:

    I think the only person in the US who is impressed with Lovely is... Drum roll please: Lovely. Self-adulation and bragging is as unappealing as aged milk. Had she had a bit more humility, and better cooking skills, she might have finished 5th.

  3. Kath says:

    Chad was robbed. Viet was .... Well Lovely can't really cook. Viet .. Iron Chef winner... Hello! Is anyone getting the feeling the Rodney is staying in because of .. well you fill in the blank. I just do not get why Pie Style is still in there. He really bothers me the way he communicates and cooks. All you can make is pie.. I get the shtick... again this is a one note Nancy. Horrible. I agree with previous comments about the "Salvation" good idea, poorly executed. Maybe go back only a couple of weeks.. not back so far as to pick up ones that should not be there.. people a eliminated for a reason folks.

  4. Kelly says:

    no one is going to watch a show from ANY of the three "Finalists" Who are ALL LOSERS!!! BORING!!!!

  5. james says:

    i think chad should have won food network star salvation he made one of the hardest dishes that took good work to prep lovely just made a salad almost anyone can make a salad

  6. Just Another Viewer says:

    I didn't like Star Salvation. If you watch Top Chef on another network, it's just a copy of their 'Last Chance Kitchen'. Do something original! Also, I don't really like any of the Finalists this year. Rodney is completely Annoying - talks too fast and his 'I'm so cool' act comes off as phony, and Pie Style is NOT a way of life. I don't really get Russell's who Sins angle either - both of their show ideas are poor copies of the Throwdown show Bobbie Flay did a few seasons ago. Damaris is the lesser of the 3 evils but even with her, she could get annoying after a few epidoses as well. It's too bad Viet didn't have more of an on-screen personality - he probably was/is the most qualified to have his own show. I think Food Network Star is nearing the end of its road.

  7. Karen Knox says:

    The show that I would watch and I have been watching food network for 15yrs is Stacey and she is now gone.I watch the show because I cook and learn tips and recipes from the show. She is above Russel and Rodney in the polls and was eliminated. One less show for me.

  8. Lois says:

    I looked and looked. Was there a "salvation" challenge that was televised? As for the judges' decision on 8/4...How the HECK could they keep Rodney, who is unintelligible most of the time, and send Stacey home? Stacey is beautiful, well spoken and can cook. What WERE they thinking?

  9. applestycx says:

    If "Star Salvation " is used next year; please make it more believable . Lovey's creations were sub-par throughout. How Robert Irvine stood there with a straight face I don't know. She out cooked no one. Especially Viet!