Poll: Did the Right Finalist Earn Salvation?

by in Community, July 26, 2013

Chad Rosenthal and Lovely JacksonDuring last Sunday's episode, Lovely made a surprise return to the on-air contest after besting six previously fallen competitors on Star Salvation. Maintaining her "party on a plate" point of view during the exclusive Web series, she proved to host Robert Irvine her culinary chops and commitment to the competition. But now, looking back on her performance and her rivals', do you think Lovely was the correct finalist to earn a second chance at stardom?

Do you think Daniela or Andres — the first two ousted contestants — warranted more time to show off their skills, or should Danushka have stayed, on account of her one-of-a-kind attitude? Would you have liked to have seen more from restaurant chefs Viet, Chris or Chad, or was Lovely indeed worthy of redemption? Tell Star Talk by voting below for the competitor you think most deserved salvation.

Click the play button on the video below to get the first look at the next episode of Star, airing this Sunday, July 28 at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (107)

  1. Myra says:

    I have to post before I blow a gasket.

    How did Stacy win the first challenge when she didn't even finish. Damaris was clearly the winner.

  2. Jo Mitchell says:

    I used to like Robert Irvine, but he really was a huge disappointment. I won't watch him any more.

  3. Sylvia P. says:

    I would NEVER watch a show of Rodney's. He comes off as being a total jerk.

  4. Eg a says:

    Stacey should go.....after all she already got help from the FoodNetwork for her failing restaurant. She also said tonight that she cleared over a million last year.

  5. Mark says:

    Robert Irvine is a dishonest JOKE! I never watch his crappy shows, and his choice of returning lovely (yuck) was a great example of his crap. Two idiots I would never watch.

    • Rickie in Honolulu says:

      What is wrong with you people that don't appreciate Robert Irvine? He is a superb chef-I have personally attended several of his small group cooking events in Hawaii and he is terrific. His food is good, he knows how to communicate with the audience, but most important he truly helps struggling restaurants to survive and flourish. This is good works he is doing. The FN is lucky to have him.

  6. RS0079 says:

    I wish they had simply brought back Daniela. I wanted to know more from her.

    • Rickie in Honolulu says:

      Daniela is a local chef in Waimea area on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii. Stop by to see her next time you visit Oahu. She would be glad to talk with you I am sure.

  7. Rickie in Honolulu says:

    Stacy Poon-Kinney is going to win this competition! Hands down.

  8. BAHA says:

    I hope that Stacey stays.....and Nikie goes....Nikie seems affected to me and not that talented.

  9. original_joanie says:

    Just asking: does board admin remove comments without noting their removal? I posted rather critically but it has disappeared. I think the Pie Man is good material for the channel that does comedy but not the food network. (Maybe it was deleted because I used the name of that other channel...?)

  10. applestycx says:

    Viet is the one that clearly stands out. That being said, all were "robbed" by the obnoxious and untalented Lovey being wrongly "saved" each challenge