Poll: Did the Right Finalist Earn Salvation?

by in Community, July 26, 2013

Chad Rosenthal and Lovely JacksonDuring last Sunday's episode, Lovely made a surprise return to the on-air contest after besting six previously fallen competitors on Star Salvation. Maintaining her "party on a plate" point of view during the exclusive Web series, she proved to host Robert Irvine her culinary chops and commitment to the competition. But now, looking back on her performance and her rivals', do you think Lovely was the correct finalist to earn a second chance at stardom?

Do you think Daniela or Andres — the first two ousted contestants — warranted more time to show off their skills, or should Danushka have stayed, on account of her one-of-a-kind attitude? Would you have liked to have seen more from restaurant chefs Viet, Chris or Chad, or was Lovely indeed worthy of redemption? Tell Star Talk by voting below for the competitor you think most deserved salvation.

Click the play button on the video below to get the first look at the next episode of Star, airing this Sunday, July 28 at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (107)

  1. Another Guest says:

    What was wrong with the Salvation part? Robert Irvine. I have absolutely NO trust in his palette or his judgement. Every time I catch an episode of Restaurant: Impossible, his dishes do not look appetizing to me. They're overly simplistic, and to me they seem one-note. People do not go to restaurants and pay to eat one-note, simplistic food. Therefore, why should I trust him to choose the right person to bring back? I wouldn't. Second chef eliminated in The Next Iron Chef, when he went against Michael Chiarello (a REAL chef). How else would you explain him choosing LOVELY's dish over Viet's? Viet beat Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America!

    I would trust my CAT's palette over Robert Irvine. That is how much I can't stand him. Viet was robbed.

    • MaryAnn says:

      What bothers me about Irvine was when he "embroidered" his resume and made claims that weren't true. Food Network fired him in 2008 and yet they let him back. If I were his employer he wouldn't be coming back.

      Here's a clip from a web page on him with the link to it below: The latest prevaricator caught in a series of lies is Food Network's British chef Robert Irvine. In a scathing expose by the St. Petersburg Times, the star of Dinner: Impossible, has been caught with egg on his face. Make that more like egg salad. Multiple claims by Irvine, including creating Princess Diana's wedding cake, cooking for White House dinners, being knighted by the queen, and more, have turned out to be tall tales. http://www.aoltv.com/2008/02/19/truth-impossible-...

      • CVeraS says:

        I had forgotten exactly what he did. My teenage son had a fit when Jag was kicked off in the second season for doing essentially the same thing. He really liked the guy and was disappointed that Jag would do such a thing. He asked the other day why Irvine was allowed to come back. Irvine was in a hit show at the time and the network probably thought they needed him, but I have no respect for him - particularly now with his blatant favoritism. Sunday night's show will be interesting.

        • MaryAnn says:

          I was the same as your son. I really liked Jag and I was so disheartened to realize he lied about so much. In today's world it's so easy to catch someone out in lies that it's so silly to take the risk. Jag could have had so much opened up in front of him if he hadn't lied.

          I read several stories at the time and essentially Food Network brought Irvine back because the fans demanded it. They lost a very large share of the audience that watched Dinner Impossible and put out a statement saying Irvine was very sorry and had worked to correct any misconceptions. HA, sure. $$$ speak louder than anything else.

        • Yellowtail says:

          Will he favor Stacey because he helped her with RI? Will he ask Stacey who her biggest threat is and then trash that person? Was it really correct that Lovely beat Chad, Chris and Viet? Will Irvine simply declare his winner or will he tell us why he picks that person? How believable will he be?

  2. Debbie says:

    In the most recent challenge with the Hollywood Reporter people, one of them graded the women: Damaris first, then Nikki, then Stacey. In that order. However, the fan poll on here shows the opposite order. The fan poll must be wrong. It also says Rodney is winning over everybody.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Debbie it could be that people are just voting multiple times for Rodney. Also the Hollywood Reporters based their ratings on that on site visit they did and Demaris was pretty good there as was Nikki. Stacey was rude I thought, the way she talked over the Donut shop owner.

      How Rodney got through the screening process I do not understand.

    • joyce says:

      The fan poll is a joke! If Rodney is the best, wow, are we in for a long season!

    • nadia says:

      I think the poll keeps the previous votes from the begining of the season, when people actually (cringe) liked Rodney and gave him votes. Now his old votes are keeping him up there when no one really likes him. I think they should reset the poll every week or something.

  3. Chef Erin says:

    Pork Fat, Rules!
    - Emeril

  4. chelemama says:

    Chad should have won the redemption challenge. Then either Rodney or Russell should have gone home. Each week I keep waiting for them to leave. I would not watch a show with either one of them! They are both awful. Rodney is a mess, can't understand him and they judges have liked his food once or twice? Russell is just awkward and his food is also sub par. When he talks he pauses in awkward places and I just don't get his whole "food is sinful" bit. Rather stupid in my opinion. Hopefully this week the judges will do the right thing and get rid on these two guys. I'm pulling for the girls to be in the top 3. Any one of those girls would be great to watch!

    • MaryAnn says:

      Chad didn't really excite me at all. He looked so messy and his food was hit or miss according to the judging. Some days they really liked his food and others, not so much. I'm not sure he'd attract a wide audience.

      I absolutely agree about Rodney and Russell!

    • Shannon says:

      I agree that you can not understand what the "Pie Guy" is saying and Russell is just acts stupid with his dumb "Sinful" crap. Both should go away. I'm hoping Damaris wins, she's got personality and would be fun to watch.

  5. Cookie says:

    Let Danushka battle Viet.

  6. Jberry says:

    Robert Irvine was Lovely's "salvation". It did not appear that she received it based on her own merits. Others seemed much more deserving. As it turns out, not even. Robert could save Lovely from the "scary music". Just not possible!

  7. Wayne says:

    Not looking forward to seeing Irvine put his 2 cents in regarding the remaining contestants on the next episode. After all, this is the man who continuously chose Connie over every contestant that came up against her...so I dont know that his judgement can be trusted. He seems to have it in for Rodney regarding that flour all over him. Sometimes Irvine is just too uptight--I couldnt stand working around him.

    • Mark says:

      I would give more credence to last week's Hollywood Reporter people than I would Irvine favoring Lovely and maybe Stacey. Robert made himself look bad with the Salvation series.

      • msjs0315 says:

        You want to see the real RI? There's a video out there of him rubbing butter on his stomach and Paula Deen licking it off.

        • Bob Toren says:

          I heard when that happened Paula was using the n word.....nom,nom,nom.

          • msjs0315 says:

            And to think the judges were all over Damaris for her shimmy. ;-)

          • Joan says:

            Yes. People saw it and barely cared at all. Giada shows more cleavage nearly every other day. Damaris knows alot and is fun to watch. I thought it was funny once when she talked to her peaches. I would watch her.

          • Bob Toren says:

            Good point about Giada. Giada is not one that should be throwing stones at a shimmy from Damaris.

          • Wayne says:

            I thought it was either Alton or Bobby that had the issue with Damaris. I don't recall Giada complaining about it. I know Bobby threw cold water on Damaris's personality early on...and now we hear Alton telling her to let loose and be herself. They'd drive me nuts! I never thought Damaris was doing a shimmy dance in the first place.

  8. guest says:

    Five people left to compete. Who will still be interesting 3 years from now?
    Who would we want to see?

  9. Crouton40 says:

    Sunday Afternoon. What's for dinner?
    Got a dessert or munchie for tonight's show? Only 5 contenders left, "and then there were 4". The suspense continues.
    But for now, we wait. While we do, how's about a little music to get-groovy in the kitchen with? Tune -in tonight! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JCbDNWtEr8

  10. Greg says:

    In my opinion none of this years contestants have ANY star quality and this competition only helps to highlight that. There isn't a single one with any natural ability/television presence and if I'm reading the judges correctly I don't feel a single one of the contestants sincerely excites them. These new Food Network personalities are all so contrived, it's enough to make me stop watching them all together...sad.