POLL: Which Finalist Do You Think Is Returning This Sunday?

by in Community, July 20, 2013

This Sunday, in a dramatic and shocking twist to the season, Chad or Lovely will re-enter Food Star Kitchen. For the past four weeks, previously eliminated contestants have been given a second chance in a Web series called Star Salvation, presented by Buitoni.

Lovely's managed to out-perform five other talented contestants in the first three episodes. But will Chad finally put an end to her streak?

Before the winner is revealed Sunday night (9pm/8c), relive the journey to salvation, and share your predictions in Star Talk's poll.

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Comments (103)

  1. Penelope says:

    Liking Damaris more and more.

  2. Wayne says:

    It's kinda clear that the 3 judges really like Nikki now as the front lead. Even though it "seems" (maybe I'm wrong), more bloggers here are preferring

    Bobby looked a bit surprised that the guy Gary said his opinion of who was best was...in sequence of Damaris, Nikki, then Stacey. The judges like to laugh at Damaris's comments but clearly seem to prefer Nikki. Nikki is good and did a great job producing it...but I'd rather watch someone like Damaris who brings a bit of humor and sauciness. Nikki is very good but sorta like all the other Food Network people. Please. Somebody different. I still prefer Damaris. She has a genuine warmth that comes thru and a personality that comes across as fun. Maybe not as professional as FN wants but she's real, imho.

    • James says:

      They both do a good job but Damaris is more fun to watch. She knows more, too.

      • Wayne says:

        Agree James. Wish Damaris showed more confidence in who she is...that IS the person we like....a bit zany and personable. I think she is starting to feel more comfortable being herself instead of holding back to try to please judges. I just dont think I want an all vegetable food show.

        • James says:

          Agree. I'm not against good nutrition but eggplant, squash and zuchinni doesn't excite me. Damaris is easy to like and she knows food.

        • Wayne says:

          ....what I mean is...I'm not ready yet for Nikki's pov of an all veggies and a dab of meat food show....however Nikki has probably won more times than Damaris. Thats why I think the judges might be leaning more towards Nikki....and who knows if Susie and Bob are pulling strings behind the scenes.

          • James says:

            Wayne, you were clear. Nikki has also LOST a challenge. Damaris has never came in last. Nikki may possibly plateau like Chad. Both good, but prefer Damaris and her food is better.

    • Crouton40 says:

      I like Nikki. But she would be my second pick. I like Damaris better.

      Nikki, while she is good, seems to me....more like: "Hi. I'm Nikki and we're here live-on-the-street in front of the courthouse at 3rd & Main where a verdict has just been reached and"........that might be confident. It might be good...but it (in general) strikes me more as a reporter or announcer....than it does an authoritative Chef with some humor. That's why I like Damaris better. And she has a broader range of expertise. Tonight they told Damaris she has "Charisma!" They didn't say that about Nikki. They could have told her, too. But they didn't. So, we see, while Nikki is good on camera, she isn't the only one. In my opinion, Damaris has more to offer.

  3. needler says:

    Hi, it's snarky old me back again. Thank goodness Lovely is gone again.......... 'nuf said about her. But HONESTLY! Look at what's left; would I watch any of them? NOPE. Rodney? NO, can't understand a word he says. Russell? NAH, interesting but still has no real POV. Tracey NEVER, she's far too scripted and in the weeds when thrown a curve and I CAN'T get past that phony smile. Damaris? NO CHANCE, she seems to be a ditzy Paula Deen wannabe. The only one even mildly interesting is Nikki and I'm not sure she can really find a niche. There's not ONE Flay or Fieri or Mooking or Sanchez or Allen or Brown or Giada to be found among 'em. I'd bet that whoever wins, he or she will NOT be around this time next year. Kinda sad, isn't it?

    Now aren't I the cheerful one?

    • Turnip says:

      Nikki relies on her talking too much. Good but she needs more. I'd stop watching after 10 shows of Nikki. Asparagus and cauliflower aren't sexy.

    • Michelle says:

      What are you talking about? We don't need or want another loud Guy Fieri. Alton should not be cloned and we don't need another Sanchez. Damaris is different than Paula Deen and winning the hearts of more people. Nikki would get boring. It's Stacey, not Tracey.

  4. Darlene says:

    Pie man and Mohawk need to go.

    • Wayne says:

      Yup. Like yesterday already. However of the 3 in the team tonight, I was glad they chose Connie to go home and left the other 2. Connie shouldn't have come back...and when back...she needed to get going again! No warmth there at all. Probably why she ignored those 2 guys in the pizza shop. They kinda sat there like 2 bumps on a log and she couldn't get them to join in so she ignored them after that one liner from them. She was totally uninterested in their input and showed it.

    • Callie Carver says:

      I am glad Lovely left. Please send Stacey packing next week. She is soooooo annoying and phoney, FN please send Stacey home next week.

  5. Myra says:

    So Stacy came in bottom of the barrel! No surprise there. The focus group was actually intelligent. And OH NO, Stacey got criticized and fell apart and started crying! Kick that woman off. Viewers don't want her, she's phony and can't cook anything but simple recipes with 3-4 ingredients.

    I have to say that in the first challenge, the contestants really didn't seem to like each other's dishes.

    Damaris was #1 overall. She has completely won me over, and going by the blogs, she seems to be the overall favorite of the remaining contestants.

    I see by the commercial for The Shed's new BBQ show, that was why they didn't need Chad.

    • James says:

      If Stacey gets eliminated, look for an all-out battle between people who want Nikki, or Damaris. Personally, I prefer Damaris. Her food is better and there's something just more fun about her. Nikki isn't bad but can be a little too much like an announcer and Damaris teaches, Nikki doesn't.

    • Wayne says:

      Yes wasn't it nice to finally get a focus group that almost resembled what we thought....except for the lady that thought Russell had a presence on camera.
      He speaks in broken sentences. It's just not there. He's unappealing in the kitchen as a FN star...sure he can do an Iron Chef but week after week...I wouldn't watch him. Hope the guy can get a job elsewhere because they will certainly be letting him go sooner or later.

    • Crouton40 says:

      We know Damaris is an excellent Chef. Her flavors have been great and her dishes look nice. What I hope people also realize is this: While some keep talking about good Nikki is on camera (and she is)...she is not the only one. Last week: Damaris connected great with the audience at the Auction. Bobby Flay mentioned something very close to: Tonight (last week), you showed this selection committee what we've wanted to see (very close quote to that)....and now this week: she's told by "Hollywood" that she has "Charisma!" They didn't tell Nikki that. And when Damaris was in the donut shop she was confident, looked right into the camera and smiled, communicated clearly and was upbeat. Nice! (and some of you thought it was only Nikki or Stacey). This is what I like, Damaris keeps growing!

      I like Nikki, but she'd be my second pick. Stacey has also been smooth, but tonight she was too "wound up" and kept talking right over the Donut shop man. Damaris was confident and warm. I think the in the end it will come down to the 3 women. "Girls rule!" Sorry guys, the women are just out-doin' ya this year.

  6. Candice says:

    Who loves Stacey?

  7. BillO says:

    I say it's going to be Lovely

  8. Denise says:

    GO Damaris! You've got what it takes.

  9. Sheila says:

    I can't stand the self named Lovely. If she does win, I would never watch her. I don't often vote but I can assure you I will vote to make certain she does NOT win.

  10. Guest says:

    Anybody else figure there is no way they ever do this whole "redemption" thing again? She was out, got brought back in, and bounced right back out again! She was booted off for a reason!