Caption It: Taste Tester

by in Community, July 19, 2013

Alton BrownFrom private chefs and culinary instructors to restaurant owners, underground chefs and James Beard Award semifinalists, this year's cast of Star finalists boasts a long and impressive kitchen resume. They're keenly aware of what it takes to turn out balanced and full-flavored dishes, but thanks to the pressure of cooking on camera and against the clock — for a panel of esteemed food stars, no less — some of the rivals' offerings have proven disappointing, some even inedible. While the Selection Committee has demanded culinary excellence from day one of the competition, now nearly two months into the contest, the judges are finally starting to see consistently stellar plates.

In the sneak-peek photo above from Sunday's all-new episode, it looks as if Alton's come across a dish he especially likes. No need for utensils or a tasting table here: He's gone hands first into a pot of one finalist's offering, picking at it while looking over his shoulder with a serious side-eye. What kind of food do you think is waiting for Alton in that pan, and who do you think made this sample-worthy meal?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to find out, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

Click the play button on the video below to get an insider's look at what's to come on Sunday.

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Comments (39)

  1. Crouton40 says:

    (gasp!)--Alton is being....TEMPTED.
    He's thinking: "MMMmmmmm! This even smells good. I hafta have another taste. Just one more. I know it's almost dinner-time, but, I'm sure she won't mind. Besides, Gosh darn's just so darn GOOD!"
    (Probably from one of the women. They seem to be out-cooking the men this year).

    PS--You can check out the new Alton rap-song in the One-on-One with Last Contestant thread. Find Wayne's post about Alton's Cutthroat Kitchen, then find Callie Carver's comment to wayne where she say Alton Rocks...and it's a reply to that. (yer never too old to be groovy). :)

    • Robert Ostrowski says:

      Crouton40 - you are SO DEAD RIGHT ON TARGET! But as to "possibly from one of the women - they seem to be out-cooking the men this year" - I know EXACTLY WHICH woman contender it has to be - NICKI!! After her success with a vegeterian chili with meat on the side, plus her mushroom & shrimp pasta, I am POSITIVE right now that she knew she just HAD to make one of those 2 dishes again for the FN Selection Committee. But even if she didn't merely repeat past historical success, she could very well have had a little trick up her sleeve - "Good Eats"-style - good enough to win Alton Brown over!

  2. lcsa99 says:

    No caption ideas but if that is Alton sneaking a taste before it's time, that is a huge compliment! Can't wait to see who's dish that will be

  3. Asdfghjkl says:

    No, I'm not double dipping!

  4. Callie Carver says:

    I just love Alton Brown, and I think besides those that are Iron Chefs, he has the most credibility, and knowledge on the Food Network. I never get tired of even watching repeats of Good Eats (No Food Network, I do not want an all night marathon of this show or ANY show). But Alton should have a show on during prime time.

  5. FNS Editor says:

    Maybe just one. Or two!

  6. BillO says:

    "I believe that spider's still alive"

  7. Neptune says:

    Master Yoda told me I'd find a fortune cookie in this pot. In it, is the name of the cook who shall rise up and save the Galaxy.

  8. Flying Mint Bunny says:

    wait, I know what he's doing...helping a contestant cheat! I bet he's putting in some kind of radioactive meat or whatever it is in his hand

  9. Vickie West says:

    Maybe no one will see me double dipping...

  10. Linda says:

    "Giada, tell me when someone is coming!"