Cook Your Heart Out: Watch the Final Episode of Star Salvation

by in Videos, July 14, 2013

For the first time in Star history, one eliminated contestant will have a chance to re-enter the competition in a four-week Web series called Star Salvation, presented by Buitoni.

The humble potato made a second appearance in the form of potato chips on last Sunday's episode, where host Robert Irvine tasked Chris and Lovely with making it the star of a dish. While Chris agreed with Robert's critiques of his dish, he disagreed that Lovely used enough potato chips to truly highlight the ingredient as a prominent feature. In the end, Chris left Food Star Kitchen for the final time.

Lovely's got her eye on the prize. She's managed to out-perform five other talented contestants at this point. Will Chad finally put an end to her streak? This week they'll have to cook their "hearts" out.

Click the play button above to watch the final episode and for the first time ever, one finalist will re-enter the competition next Sunday on an all new episode of Star.

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Comments (95)

  1. Cheri Ray says:

    Unfortunately, I would not watch any of the "stars" we have had to endure this time/season! I am a faithful Food Network fan; however, I would much rather watch Paula Deen any day, rater than waste my time with what we have been given to watch/ensure! I miss the "tried and true" Paula! I do not know where you found this group of "stars" this season; but I am not at all impressed. Give us Paula and you keep all of these little "stars." I do not know who would sponsor any of these unprofessional "stars." As for me I will not waste my time watching any of them! I really have limited my Food Network viewing since you slaughtered Paula! She helped make your network what it is today - and look how you have treated her. I really do not know why anyone would want to work for your network at this point. Again, as far as I am concerned, I will not be watching any of the new "stars" - just a total waste of my time! Show me Paula Deen and I will once again make the Food Network my favorite channel!

  2. Maddie says:

    I never liked lovely. She always seemed arrogant and cocky. Naming herself lovely? Come on. This is a professional show we're talking about here. And Chad always produced mediocre food. What I don't understand is how Russell keeps making it through week after week. Am I the only one who is bored by him?

    A thirteen year old who is tired of putting up with Food Network's junk

  3. acass says:

    I really don't think they should have a salvation. I really don't want lovely back in, she sucks and doesn't know how to cook or talk. Its not right to have contestants come back after they were kicked off. Why should they come back if they weren't good in the first place. Now she's in the running to win this? What about the other players? I hope they kick her off again. There are better cooks on the show then her.

  4. guest says:

    Can't believe Lovely came back. She is beyond annoying and stuck on herself. At least Chad appeared humble and down to earth. Guess it really doesn't matter what your fans want because if you look at who they wanted, it was Chad and yet Lovely returns. It sucks and so does she. I wanted Chad to win the whole thing because he appeared down to earth and normal. The only other person I would want would be Stacey. Rodney is just as annoying as Lovely. The others do not have any on screen personality. I can assure you that if Lovely or Rodney win, I will not watch their show. Thought the fans input was supposed to count this year.

  5. Myra says:

    I cannot believe that Robert Irvine chose *Lovely* over all other chefs. He has zero credibility now. I think he wanted to send the worst cook back in so Stacey wouldn't have any competition. Because of Irvine's relationship with Stacey, he should not have been allowed to judge.

  6. Myra says:

    And Stacy should be disqualified because of her relationship with Irvine, his decision to put Lovely back in may have skewed things in Stacy's favor. If FN has any integrity or respect for their viewers, they will pull Stacey out of the contest. It's the only correct thing to do at this point. The whole thing smacks of fraud and FN needs to make sure that what happened doesn't cast doubt on the legitimacy of the contest.

    Read more at:

  7. neenie says:

    I was shocked to see Lovely walk back on the stage of Food Network Star!!!!!! Even if Chad's dish lacked a little flavor-------for goodness sake, Lovely made a salad with melted goat cheese on top. sorry, I just can't relate to her for some reason. I was so glad to see her eliminated again. I'm also having a problem with Rodney. I can't understand a word the man says! Pleased to see that Russell has at least improved.

  8. michelle says:

    maybe chris' potato chip concoction was not great but seems to me he tried a hell of a lot harder than crumpled potato chips under yummy apples and caramel!!!!!!!!! same with chad ---- his might not have been perfect but DAMN! a salad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really????????????????? stupid network just trying to get a black woman back in the running because of paula deen.......... i hate this network.

  9. Gibby Gibson says:

    I'm glad to see that others find the contestants boring. How are we supposed to be interested in watching a host who many of us already feel we cook as well--if not better--as? Personally, the only one of the contestants who I would tune in to watch is--was--Viet. Who cares if he doesn't have a big, boisterous personality? The guy has culinary genius and I would love to learn from him. It seems like the big guns at Food Network are going for the same "type" they do every year. But really, how many of the past winners are interesting? Please Food TV, forget about the bravado and give us someone inspiring. Bring Viet Back!!

  10. Sam says:

    Food Network Star is pulling a 'Face Off Season 3,' trying to bring back one person, then letting the audience choose the winner. This can never go well. The salvation was pointless in the end, and I already have a feeling I know who the audience is going to choose. Have the 'judges' decide, not the viewers.