Cook Your Heart Out: Watch the Final Episode of Star Salvation

by in Videos, July 14, 2013

For the first time in Star history, one eliminated contestant will have a chance to re-enter the competition in a four-week Web series called Star Salvation, presented by Buitoni.

The humble potato made a second appearance in the form of potato chips on last Sunday's episode, where host Robert Irvine tasked Chris and Lovely with making it the star of a dish. While Chris agreed with Robert's critiques of his dish, he disagreed that Lovely used enough potato chips to truly highlight the ingredient as a prominent feature. In the end, Chris left Food Star Kitchen for the final time.

Lovely's got her eye on the prize. She's managed to out-perform five other talented contestants at this point. Will Chad finally put an end to her streak? This week they'll have to cook their "hearts" out.

Click the play button above to watch the final episode and for the first time ever, one finalist will re-enter the competition next Sunday on an all new episode of Star.

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Comments (95)

  1. President Obama says:

    F**k all this contestents cept dDamaris and Danusksa

  2. lizzy says:

    Potato chips and a salad. That sums up this season of Food Network Star.

  3. Jeff says:

    She's completely annoying- her fake perkiness is just sickeningly sweet.

  4. guest says:

    REPAIR this blog so people can use their online name and post more than 20 words.

  5. Guest says:

    Guess FN wants everyone to keep watching by not allowing you to see who won this week's Star Salvation. Would not watch either Chad or Lovely if they got their own show, and probably would not watch any of the remaining contestants either. Bring back Paula Deen.

  6. SouthFNViewer says:

    Write in campaign time.....we need a real chef that can cook rather than "act like they can cook"

  7. Sally says:

    This has been the best competition since the show began. Along with the contestants learning so much -- so have the viewers. Hopefully the best contestant will win. My bet is on Stacey. I would love to watch her show.


  8. Ronika says:

    Lovely Is just a stepping stool. Sorry fans. But Robert Irvine is trying to get Stacy - from Restaurant Impossible - to become the next food network star. Why do you think they came up with this whole "Salvation" BS in the first place? It makes no sense to have a competition when you can just have a cook off for the next Foodnetwork Star seat.

    Think about this;

    If Stacy gets the boot, all Robert has to do is pass her through to get her back in the game -and Win it

    If Stacy is a finalist, all Robert has to do is pass the weakest chef so that she has little to no competition. And Lovely is the perfect actress for the job. Either that, or Lovely doesnt realizes that she's gotten played.

    Paula Dean is gone ya'll. This is no new news. Chances are our southern bell and Stacey will be the last dou's in the ring after giving Lovley, Pieman and Mr.Sinful Revolution the kick.

  9. neenie says:

    I don't understand why people get so upset and ugly about a television show. I don't like Lovely either and I don't care much for Rodney, but after all, it's just entertainment. and from the interest shown by all these post I think we are being entertained. I know I am.

  10. Fara says:

    Chad chad chad chad go chad