Who’s Your Favorite Star of the Season?

by in Community, July 13, 2013

Food Network Star Season 9 ContestantsChances are, seven weeks into the season, you have a favorite contestant. Maybe he's been eliminated, or maybe she's still fighting for the chance of a lifetime. Were you a fan of the infamous Danushka? Did Viet's dishes make you drool? Maybe you want to go along for the ride with Russell's culinary revolution. Whether your favorite contestant is still in the running or has said goodbye to Food Star Kitchen, fans have the chance to voice their opinions all season long in the Fan Poll.

Twelve hopeful finalists have dreams of stardom, but only one will earn the title. Vote for your favorites up to 10 times per day here.

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Comments (95)

  1. John White says:

    Love the show, tape it every week. However I can not understand how week after week Russell and or Rodney are in the bottom three, yet continue to move on. Get rid of them both!!! Russell brags about how great his cooking skills are yet when he presents his food tne judges seem to disagree. Ditto for Rodney. WE are rooting for Stacey!

  2. Lindsay says:

    So I am sitting here watching season 6 of the sopranos with my husband and who do I see??? Nicki Dinki!! She had a roll as some slutty girl all over AJ Soprano on the Johnny Cakes episode. I had to double check the cast list to make sure it was actually her and Yep, I was right. She has been my favorite since the first episode and now I like her even more.

  3. Whinerdiner says:

    We are all agreed in our house that of the remaining contestants we hope Demaris wins!
    As for the others- I
    I still don't understand the "Culinary Sins" POV. To me, a culinary sin is ketchup on well done steak, or overcooked pasta, or rubbery Calamari.
    "Meat on the Side". Nikki seems nice and has a pleasant on air personality, but who would her show appeal to? Not really vegetarians and it really carnivores.
    "Pie Style". This could be an interesting show if he really sticks to the pie theme. I'd watch if they showed me how to make great unexpected pies. Like Thanksgiving pie, with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, etc. or breakfast pie with some fun fillings, or just a great lunch pie. He'd have to be on a tight leash, though.
    Stacey is ok, but the whole modern twist on the classics thing is nothing new. We already have that a million times over.
    Demaris is fun to watch. I'm not really into Southern cooking, but I'd enjoy spending an hour in her company a few times a week.

  4. Ruth says:

    Stacey needs to go! I don't know why her votes are so high- her food is just ok but she comes off as this very superficial primadona- she doesn't listen to anyone and just keeps flashing that smile- I feel she is very rehearsed even when she doesn't rehearse! I could not watch her on a show, on this show I cannot wait until she is finished.
    Rodney I thought I would like but he's become too goofy-and I really haven't seen any food that is at that next level of cooking. Demaris is too flaky for me- nice but flaky- The guy from SF is just scary- Nikki has a good food concept since many of us are cutting down on meat-she's natural as well but even so is not very exciting, I just don't think I'd tune in to any of these guys-this season is a little disappointing for me.

  5. Amy says:

    Stacy needs to GO. She is so fake and doesn't connect to the audience. I can't stand watching that fake, pasted smile on her face! The only person she connects to is herself. She is so full of herself. I want to watch someone who is genuine and real. I love Demaris. She is funny, real, and she can cook and joke at herself. She is fun to watch. Demaris should WIN!

  6. Tim says:

    If Stacy wins, I won't watch FN any more! She is awful to watch and her food is not that good. Thereis no hope of helping her because she knows it all. I don't think anyone else can be in the same room as her because her head is so big!! Get a clue FN and get rid of her.