Who’s Your Favorite Star of the Season?

by in Community, July 13, 2013

Food Network Star Season 9 ContestantsChances are, seven weeks into the season, you have a favorite contestant. Maybe he's been eliminated, or maybe she's still fighting for the chance of a lifetime. Were you a fan of the infamous Danushka? Did Viet's dishes make you drool? Maybe you want to go along for the ride with Russell's culinary revolution. Whether your favorite contestant is still in the running or has said goodbye to Food Star Kitchen, fans have the chance to voice their opinions all season long in the Fan Poll.

Twelve hopeful finalists have dreams of stardom, but only one will earn the title. Vote for your favorites up to 10 times per day here.

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Comments (95)

  1. guest says:

    Fix this malfunctioning blog.

  2. Glenna Stone says:

    Out of the thousands of contestants this is the best that you could come up with? And then what do you do with the winners? They fade into oblivion. There is no star in this group. Sorry Bob Tushman, maybe you should exit stage left with Paula.

    • Putter Up says:


      I agree with you totally and it has been that way for a LONG time. I have not watched The Next Food Network Star for a couple of years as I was sick of wasting my watching a, not don't get on my case, a "bunch of kids running around a kitchen who have very little cooking skills, except to chop, chop, and fewer communication skills". The last time I watched was when Melissa deArabian won and I remember she made some cookies and when she was done she looked like "the Pillsbury Doughboy" covered with flour. I makes pies, etc., without an apron and the flour is in the product not all over me. My brothers call me the "flour queen". I never watch Melissa's show as she was boring back then and still is.

      I also don't know where these contestants come from. I entered the contest and made French Pork Pie (Tourtierre) and was the 3rd most watched video until they took them all down. Was I considered for the show? No, you see I am not 20 or 30 something, but I can cook circles around anyone they have had on and I am 60 something.

      To be continued.

  3. Veggiestar says:

    There is a new wave of interest in America of veggies being the star on the plate. Several reports have come out on the health benefits of a plant based diet and they are amazing. America is starting to pay attention so go Nikki. That is the only new show represented that I would watch.

    • Yvonne says:

      The idea might be a good one but Andre wasn't much different and he was one of the first to go. Nikki is better with an audience than Andre was but she doesn't know enough about food to be at star-level.

    • guest says:

      Too much like Andre. The nation turns this down every year.

    • Hollywood says:

      you got it, Veggie. Nikki is fun, easy to follow and adorable. reminds me of Melissa... she's my next fav star!

  4. Veggiestar says:

    BTW I most definitely NOT watch Rodney.

  5. Veggiestar says:

    Sorry. I would most definitely NOT watch Rodney. I also really liked Viet. Help him find an interesting point of view and help him work on his confidence. I think he is worth the investment.

  6. Pete E. says:

    Would someone please tell Rodney to go home. How he got so far is beyond me. He may be a good pie maker but as a host of an half hour t.v. show, he has no talent. Stacey by far has the intelligence and personality for her own show. I remember watching her on Restaurant Impossible and she came across as a very sincere person. And for owning her own restaurant she is the clear leader in this competition. GO STACEY, you are the winner....

    • Carla says:

      I can't get over those strange faces she makes. When the camera closes in and she smiles, she looks almost like she's gritting her teeth in pain.

  7. SpringMama says:


    I love her personality and her POV. Veggies w/ a little meat/protein on the side is exactly how my family eats. We're not the only ones either. The movement towards a Paleo diet is growing strong.

    There is a Yahoo article today called "The Beginner's Guide to the Paleo Diet". This is a snippet from it:
    7. Rethink Your Plate
    You've been taught to reserve half your plate for veggies, a quarter for lean protein, and the remaining quarter for whole grains. When you change to Paleo, stop holding a place for grains: A balanced plate consists of a palm-sized portion of protein, a dollop of fat, and veggies, veggies, veggies (fill the rest of your plate with them).

    • the Muncher says:

      We've had the Atkins diet, South Beach diet, The Perricone Promise, Lean Cuisine,Suzanne Summers, Cardio workouts, Low-fat diets and now Paleo is just the latest thing. This time next year they'll be talking about something else altogether. Eggplant doesn't excite me.

  8. poopsiewoopsie says:

    We dont need so much salt and sugar. Russell is going one way and rebelling with his sins. Nikki is going the other way but is too much like Andre. Every year they keep trying this healthy approach and every year the public rejects it. Christy Schoen was the first to be eliminated when she tried it last year. Andre was quickly dismissed this season. The energy Chef, Herb, didn't go over well. Before him there was a dark-haired lady with big eyes that was into healthy. Over and over the public turns this down even though the keep trying to tweak it. What makes this year any different? Is the 5th try the charm?

  9. Hollywood says:

    Chris Rock and David Spade put potato chips in meatballs on Triple D. There is hope for America...!

  10. Hollywood says:

    Ok. it was corn chips but it's the thought that counts...