Who’s Your Favorite Star of the Season?

by in Community, July 13, 2013

Food Network Star Season 9 ContestantsChances are, seven weeks into the season, you have a favorite contestant. Maybe he's been eliminated, or maybe she's still fighting for the chance of a lifetime. Were you a fan of the infamous Danushka? Did Viet's dishes make you drool? Maybe you want to go along for the ride with Russell's culinary revolution. Whether your favorite contestant is still in the running or has said goodbye to Food Star Kitchen, fans have the chance to voice their opinions all season long in the Fan Poll.

Twelve hopeful finalists have dreams of stardom, but only one will earn the title. Vote for your favorites up to 10 times per day here.

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Comments (95)

  1. FNS Editor says:

    Why is Rodney at the top of the poll?! Does not make sense cause he is not meant for television

    • MoHub says:

      Rodney is at the top because they keep changing the poll questions but accumulate the votes week to week. So, for instance, if one week the question is: "Who do you think should be eliminated next?" the person with the highest vote total would carry that forward, even if the next week's question is: "Whose show would you watch?" The poll results are, as a result, completely unreliable.

    • Christa says:

      EXACTLY!!! He just isn't someone who, IMO, would be an asset to the FN. He was a comedian previously, he doesn't seem to have much of a POV, except making pies, and he doesn't do very well on the presentation side of things. I would not watch his show; there are many others that are more intriguing and talented than Rodney.

  2. DebM says:

    I remember Stacey on Restaurant Impossible. Robert Irvine said that her food was good. He did not see anything to correct with that. The issues he found in her restaurant had to do with her organizing her staff so she could have more time with her kids and changing her prices so she could turn a better profit. Also he set up a dinner buffet for her.

    We think she is a consistently good cook and knows how to present on tv..... Hope she will win.

  3. Shirley P says:

    I think Stacey does a good job and is already slick enough to be camera ready ... I like Nikki's perspective of eating more veggies and having meat as the side (if she doesn't add lots of sauces and cheese.) Either one of these contestants out of the remaining would be good. Demarius grates on me ... Russel is interesting to watch his eyes are mesmerizing but am not sure about his cooking skills. Rodney is hard to understand. Just like on Top Chef think bringing back eliminated contestants is not "fair" to those who have had to endure camera and audience challenges. Felt from the beginning that the mentors likes Lovely and would not be suprised if you won. Think you will see Chad show up in a show of his own because they seemed to think he had a sexy camera presence. Time will tell .. personally liked Viet the best.

    • geri says:

      You make it sound like Stacey is leaving them all in the dust with her speaking well. Not true. It's not that only one person can speak or cook. Who is best at both?

      • HI THERE! says:

        Stacey is leaving them in the dust with her well speaking. She is one of the only people who can speak and cook!!!!!

        • guest says:

          Not at all.

        • guest says:

          Nikki is smoother. Damaris more genuine and better humor.

        • geri says:

          Really? Nikki is close to Stacey as far as cooking. Russell's dishes sometimes taste better. Damaris cooks better than all of them. Stacey does speak well but often has a deer in the headlights look.

  4. Brooks says:

    I realize that the judges see a lot more than we see in the one hour show. However, to choose Russell over Chad made no sense at all. Even the judges don't understand Russell's perspective. If Lovely comes back, who is so too full of herself, and Rodney continues to bumble on, there is a serious lack on the FN's part to find someone who the audience will connect with. Where are Justin's shows, by the way? The last good star was The Sandwich King. At least he knew what he wanted to do and does a great job of it. Never felt like the judges liked him. Melissa continues to be a snotty little know-it-all who I avoid watching. Arti is good. Aaron is nice guy, but food is not original. It's good to see others like Kelsey who should have won, do well and get shows anyway. By the way, what cook in real life lets their hair swing all over the food and doesn't wear an apron or some sort of protection? Sure, the ladies should look good, but be more professional, no plunging necklines please. What is it you are demonstrating anyway? I don't want to see Bobby or Alton in a wife-beater undershirt, so why are some of the ladies allowed to dress seductively?

    • jen says:

      Snotty little know it all? My, My. I see her as useful and having good tips to share. The Sandwich King has no talent, so he talks about his kids and tries to be funny. He is boring and repetitive. I notice that people who like Sandwich King often like Justin. Don't know why.

  5. Jessejack says:

    PLEASE GET RID OF RODNEY HE DRIVES ME CRAZY!! I would NEVER watch a show with him on it!!! He is hard to understand and from what I've seen his food has only been good a couple times. This should be about people who CAN COOK not MAKE NO SENSE TRYING TO SING ALL THE TIME!!! Every week I wait for him to get kick off but every week he stays past people who cook better. The worst person was that pissed off looking uppity blonde that you finally got ride of THANK GOD but now RODNEY needs to go. If he wins I am done with this show.

  6. guest says:

    About Giada and credibility.. She has been a family joke of ours for years. My husband calls her 'boobsie'

  7. MAD AT U says:

    UH guest your nice!!! I'm skinny and I don't see whats wrong with that! If people want to live up to Americas beatuy standards you people help set thats fine.

  8. clharte says:

    I had to really think about who I would actually watch and only Damaris and Stacy have what it takes, but I think Damaris is just a kick in the pants. Rodney needs to go and make music, as that seems to be where his heart is and he's just making a fool of himself. Russell just isn't getting it together enough to be interesting and needs to go. The only Food Network Star I watch is Melissa d'Arabian. Her recipes are easy and delicious and she is adorable. I love Arti, but I just don't cook that way.

  9. guest says:

    We haven't complained about Giada for years. It's more of a family joke.

    But the mentors have talked about how the women in food network need to be mature and credible and it is a source of irritation. They get onto Nicki about being kiddish and Damaris about shaking her shoulders. Giada specifically pointed this out about Damaris If they're going to lecture about the women in food network having to be mature and professional they need to practice what they preach.

    Just Sayin..

  10. guest says:

    The mentors have talked about the women in food network need to be mature and credible. They get onto Nicki about being kiddish and Damaris about shaking her shoulders. If they're going to lecture about the women in food network having to be mature and professional they need to practice what they preach. Just Sayin..