Do You Want to Be on the Food Network Star Finale? — Email Us

by in Community, July 11, 2013

Do You Want to Be on the Food Network Star Finale?For the first time in Food Network Star history, fans have a chance to ask Alton, Bobby, Giada and all 12 finalists questions during the final episode, which airs August 11 at 9pm/8c. Before the winner is revealed, the contestants will gather in the studio on August 7 to tell all and view never-before-seen footage from the season. Bobby, Alton and Giada will also share their favorite moments during an emotional look back at the remaining finalists' journey to the finale.

Is there something you've been dying to know from the season? Do you want to be on the Food Network Star finale?

Star Talk is soliciting Skype viewers and callers throughout the country who would like to be part of the show that tapes on Wednesday, August 7 starting at 10am/9c.

Email the following information to, and a Food Network Star producer may contact you for more information:

Home telephone number
Skype name
Your Food Network Star question

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Comments (56)

  1. Reisa says:

    If I were writing the rules for ALL of the people who appear on the Food Network shows, any and all, one of the first rules would be......TIE BACK YOUR HAIR WHILE COOKING! Next rule......REMOVE THE BLING!
    And in cases when the "stars" think we are impressed with looking at their boobs, NO THANK YOU!

    Impress us with your cooking.

    • Elsie says:

      This is where Damaris excels! Her hair is tied back. She doesn't use Bling. Her dishes always look good. She tastes things before she serves them. Find her Facebook page. She's an excellent Chef.

  2. Nadia says:

    Please bring Viet back. He is the only one than can cook. I remember when Giada won, she didn't do we'll but the taught her the on-camera thing. Look how great she is now! The most important fact is if you can cook the rest is easy. Please bring Viet back or everybody will be very disappointed.

    • KLL says:

      Giada was never on the Food Network Star. She didn't win anything, she got in because of her name.

  3. Clara says:

    I cannot watch any food network show that Giada DeLaurentis is part of because I'm really sick of her obsession with showing as much cleavage as she possibly can. Does she not own any clothes without a plunging neckline ? I am surprised that food network allows her to display herself the way she does. One of these days something is going to fall out and land in the skillet. It's gotten pretty disgusting. I watch all other shows......just not hers.

  4. Suzie says:

    Yea Paula's gone. the accent was too much ! FNStar is stupid, Really, do we need another dip..showing us how to do the same things?

  5. Karen says:

    If anybody replaces Paula, they will be different from her. Even another southerner would be different.

  6. Carmen says:

    I miss Paula so desperately. She is my favorite Food Network chef to watch. She makes you feel like very welcome company and I love her recipes. Why would you get rid of your most loved loved chefs? You could never find anyone that would come anywhere close to being loved as much as she's loved and respected.

  7. Doug says:

    Love the show, however, did not like the new idea of bringing back one of the previous contestants...

  8. Susanne says:

    Paula knows food, and how to cook-----and we didn't have to look at her cleavage for 30 min.

    Can FN buy some proper clothes for Giada??

  9. SUSAN VERRE says:


  10. C-me says:

    I would love to be on the food network! To meet Stacy Poon-Kinney or Niki Dinky! But I wouldn't be able to. Boo hoo!