Do You Want to Be on the Food Network Star Finale? — Email Us

by in Community, July 11, 2013

Do You Want to Be on the Food Network Star Finale?For the first time in Food Network Star history, fans have a chance to ask Alton, Bobby, Giada and all 12 finalists questions during the final episode, which airs August 11 at 9pm/8c. Before the winner is revealed, the contestants will gather in the studio on August 7 to tell all and view never-before-seen footage from the season. Bobby, Alton and Giada will also share their favorite moments during an emotional look back at the remaining finalists' journey to the finale.

Is there something you've been dying to know from the season? Do you want to be on the Food Network Star finale?

Star Talk is soliciting Skype viewers and callers throughout the country who would like to be part of the show that tapes on Wednesday, August 7 starting at 10am/9c.

Email the following information to, and a Food Network Star producer may contact you for more information:

Home telephone number
Skype name
Your Food Network Star question

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Do You Want to Be on the Food Network Star Finale? — Find Out How

Food Network Star fans will have a chance to ask Alton, Bobby, Giada and all 12 finalists questions during the final episode, which airs August 10 at ...

Comments (56)

  1. DOUG CRESS says:

    Bring Paula back! Bring Paula back! Bring Paula Back! Bring Paula Back, Bring Paula back, bring Paula back, Bring Paula back! I will not shop with your SPONSORS until you do so even if it takes ordering most things I use out of the USA, the POLITICALLY CORRECT make me so very sick, if a Rap star said something against, or women, white people what would you do , I know !have that person on your show and laugh right along with them your channel is now on skip on my television which is a bad thing because I really enjoyed most of your programming, and that the way it is.

    • Guest says:

      Hey, it's over. Deal with it and move on. There are far better chefs on the network than her.

      • Linus says:

        Who did you have in mind?

      • Shannon says:

        Guest, Politics aside, I enjoyed watching her shows. This network is so lacking these days in cooking shows that I feel it was a bad call on their part to remove any and all of her shows. There are already skimming the bottom of the pool of re-runs. The same ones over and over.

        • Brad says:

          Who makes up the stupid rule that there can't be instructional shows after 6 o'clock? Why does after dinner have to be all competitions? Is Guy Fieri now the controlling stock holder of Scripps? I used to see Alton doing Good Eats at 9:30 or 10pm. Heck with it, there's always the cooking channel. They give a rip about cooking.

          • Shannon says:

            Exactly, Brad!!!! Even on the weekend, you get cooking till noon then BOOM ...competition shows..and I personally do not want another marathon of RI or DDD.

          • Flitzy says:

            Watch the Cooking Channel.

    • msjs0315 says:

      Two observations to consider:
      1) Viewership of Deen's shows has been dropping since it became known she had type II diabetes yet continued to promote nutritionally irresponsible recipes for three years. At the same time the production costs were rising, making her shows far less profitable than in the past.
      2) The complaint filed against Deen and her brother contains serious allegations of racial and gender discrimination.

      This has nothing to do with rappers' use of foul language.

    • C-me says:

      Paula, although I don't feel so strongly about her leaving as u do, Doug, I wish they would bring her back. I know we should move on, but I feel like her shows were just fun to whatch. She was good at cooking. I feel like I'm stuck! But we can fight, or we can move on. It's up to us to decide what we're gonna do.

    • Linda says:

      YOU ARE SOÕO RIGHT, Doug! WHY are talented people subjected to ridicule, demeaned & lose their jobs for expressing THEIR FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Where in The Bill of Rights does it say Celebrities are excluded the rights afforded to us poor folk Americans???? This kind of "boycotting someone's future" is making me Boycott the Networks & Companies who act out of FEAR of losing revenue rather than allowing their employees their Constitutional Rights! By practicing this kind of prejudice, I HOPE IT BACK Fires "BY The People" protected by the Constitution. Let US JUDGE THEM by turning our backs & withholding our dollars from these idiot Companies. Is being PC starting to annoy rather than aid those who really can defend themselves? Sticks & Stones, people. Right on Doug...I, too miss Paula. Hope to see Paula working for a more enlightened Network & buying her line of products at non-judgmental stores. Sorry my venting is so tediously long!

  2. Crouton40 says:

    If you asked 25 people on this Blog, I think more of them than not, would say that despite his "needing work" that Viet should have outlasted Rodney. But he didn't. And so, with that in mind.....QUESTION: Is Food Network seriously prepared to tell it's audience that on-camera counts *more* than being a great cook? Because it appears that it does. This also flies in the face of what Bobby Flay mentioned last year (in so many words) about: if you can cook, we can teach you the on-camera. But considering Viet and Rodney, the opposite seems to be true.

    • John says:

      You have to be interesting in some way to have people watch you cook again and again. Think back on any kind of show that you tuned into time and again. Was the main character flat and pedantic?

      • Crouton40 says:

        No, they weren't. And I want to like the winner.

        But it's not such an either/or...or all of this and none of that.
        Of course personality matters. I want it, too. But---I would rather have someone who's competency I really respect, who needs a little coaching...than to have my best friend on TV and just be mediocre.
        In the case of Viet vs. Rodney, it seemed that skill lost to entertainment. Yes, Viet had his misses...but most of the audience believed he had superior ability.

    • joyce says:

      Viet should have outlasted Rodney regarding cooking...he is a superior Chef. Unfortunately, he completely froze when the peppers were not there, that is where I think mentoring was not as good as it should have been. Were "live" demonstrations discussed prior to taping and going with what is there??? I don't know. Also remember that Bobby is just one vote......

  3. Robert Ostrowski says:

    To the FNS Selection Committee: I would love very much to participate in the FNS Finale this year but unfortunately, my Internet servers are not able to work out. Nonetheless, I want for you to know that I will vote for my choice as the NFNS, BUT - right now, I am concerned that we have lost the ability to produce a successor to the likes of Emeril LaGasse. I believe that Rodney and his "Pie Man" approach might work but I want for him to PLEASE be clear and concise on what he communicates in public. He needs to learn from Jeff "Sandwich King" Mauro and then do likewise with his love for pie, as I want to see that love translate onto the FN TV screen and make me go CRAZY for pie-making and consumption more often!!

  4. Barbara says:

    Mauro is a no-talent joke. If everything can be a sandwich, then nothing takes much talent.

  5. Asdfghj says:

    At this point I think most questions would go to the producers...."what were you thinking!"

  6. Callie Carver says:

    I would like to know the schools attended, the credentials of each participant and every CULINARY award each has received. What kitchens they have cooked in. Who mentored them in cooking.

    As I want to learn things that I do not know how to cook, short cuts, or culinary information that they have knowledge of. I am a GREAT home cook, I don't want to see things I already know, I want to see things I can learn.

  7. Crouton40 says:

    I mostly agree with you.
    I want someone who can shoe me things. And explain it simply.
    My concern is, while I like credentials, it is far too easy to fall into the trap of "prestige."

    Callie, I know you didn't say that...but many people hear of a famous place or a famous mentor, and then they think no further. I don't care quite so much where they learned it, or who taught them. I care about *they themselves* being awesome! If they studied somewhere, that's a good thing--but they, still have to make the dishes. If they can cook with superior flavor and show me new things, I'm interested!

    • Crouton40 says:

      ...should be show me things, above. Not shoe. What I wouldn't give for a spell-checker with a flashing light and loud alarm.

  8. lili says:

    I was getting bored with Paula, she was too fake, crass and too loud I don't miss her. Also, getting bored with next food network star, find more interesting people and come up with new and different show. I agree, the Food Network is getting boring. I do love the Contessa, Ina Garten, Giada is awesome, and Trisha Yearwood is a breath of fresh air. Sunny Anderson is still a joy to watch too. Oh, and the Pioneer Women is fun to watch. Bobby is becoming too full of himself. Thank goodness no one has to watch those awful producers Bob and the curly haired Susy! I was a true fan but as you can see, I am changing the channel more and more.

  9. Nancy says:

    This show has become a joke. The contestants are terrible and the only one who was talented, and someone I'd love to watch was Viet, who they let go.

    I cannot believe how weak the contestants are, as well as the judges. Food Network, is this the best you can do......?

  10. Lynda says:

    I am glad that Paula is gone, I paid a lot to see her in person in Shreveport, Louisiana a few years back, being a great fan, subscribing to her magazine, and watching her on Food Network. She was so offensesive, with her curse words, and taking her shoes off, then throwing her leg over the edge of a couch where she placed her bare foot against the crocth of the man sitting there. My friend and I left so dissapointed in her as a person. I canceled my subscription and told all my friends she was not a lady at all and not to support her anymore