Sunday’s Star Menu: Your Signature Dish

by in Community, July 10, 2013

LasagnaAs Sunday afternoons turn into evenings and the hours until the next episode of Food Network Star tick away, how do you settle in to watch the latest premiere? No matter who you're with or where you're watching from, you surely have on hand a spread of eats and drinks to last you through the episode, right? Here at Star Talk, we want to see what you're munching on. Every Wednesday, check back for a themed menu to get you ready for the episode ahead, and on Sunday nights, snap photos of your spread and share them with @FoodNetwork via Twitter and Instagram using #FoodNetworkStar.

Signature dishes: They're the go-to meals you're known for preparing flawlessly every time and the dishes you immediately look to when asked to cook for a special occasion or to bring food to a party. On Sunday's all-new episode of Star, the remaining contestants must put their culinary points of view on a plate in the form of their own signature dishes and sell them at an auction in the Food Star Kitchen. You, too, can show off deliciously infamous plates at home with the help of these top-rated recipes for classic preparations of timeless meals below.

Anne Burrell's family-friendly Lasagna (pictured above) features layer upon cheesy layer of pancetta-studded marinara sauce, sauteed Italian sausage and earthy mushrooms, plus a creamy mixture of ricotta and Parmesan, and a topping of mozzarella. A big-batch recipe that's easy to make, Anne's basil-laced Lasagna slices better if it's baked a day before it's served.

Perfect Roast ChickenFor a meatier signature offering, Ina's Perfect Roast Chicken (pictured right) is a no-fail choice. She stuffs the bird with fresh thyme, lemon and garlic, and lets these bold flavors infuse the meat from the inside out as it cooks. Round out the meal with simply roasted vegetables like carrots and fennel — prepared in the same pan as the chicken — for a one-dish dinner that won't disappoint.

Sweet tooths will appreciate Food Network Magazine's Crispy-Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies: Each treat boasts the ideal balance of a crunchy exterior and a soft inside.

What does your Sunday Star menu look like? Snap photos of what you're eating, and share them with us @FoodNetwork via Twitter and Instagram using #FoodNetworkStar.

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Comments (6)

  1. msjs0315 says:

    I continue to marvel at Maria's enthusiastic nudging to make each FNS episode an EVENT.

    At my home Sunday afternoons in the summer are busy, supper is whatever's available (we food shop on Monday) and FNS is on too late to be eating my way through the program anyway.

  2. Buster says:

    Imaginary show. Guy teams up with Rodney. Every pie is off-da-hook, sucker.

  3. Crouton40 says:

    Signature dishes. I guess this is as good of a place as any to post this, threadwise. (Hasn't been a comment in 2 days).
    THIS SUNDAY: FOOD AUCTION on Food Network Star. Suppose you and I were competing in this. Will the people bidding get to have any sample-taste before they bid? Or do they just bid by seeing a finished dish on a table, or just by hearing about it? Let's say I sell and get 11 people to buy my food, and you get only 4 people to buy yours. Which one of us wins? I sold more more, so I won, right?
    Or, did I?
    Suppose I merely talked-up my food really good--and then--when people actually ate it, they think it sucked and wish they never woulda bought it....and the 4 people who bought yours, just lovingly rave about it....?...Now who wins?

    As for sunday dinner and signature dishes: I could go for a blackened pot-roast with some hot-buttered corn bread and a fresh loaded salad. But I also like seafood...a parfait (sp) w/fresh berries...asian variety. That's more dinner. For watching the show, maybe a slice of rich chocolate devils food cake. Then I'd be a sweet crouton for the rest of the night (wink).

  4. Lyn says:

    This is by far the worst season of Network Star yet. With the exception of Nikki and Stacey, the cooks are inept in the kitchen and offer nothing I want to learn about food. Chad can cook, but he can't talk. Rodney and Russell are disasters on all levels. I can't believe that out of this entire country this is the best you could get.