Revisiting the Humble Spud: Watch Star Salvation 3

by in Videos, July 7, 2013

For the first time in Star history, one eliminated contestant will have a chance to re-enter the competition in a four-week Web series called Star Salvation, presented by Buitoni. Last Sunday, host Robert Irvine tasked Viet, Danushka and Lovely to make something out of "failed" foods like overcooked pork chops, mushy veggies and burnt nuts. In another double elimination, Viet and Danushka left Food Star Kitchen for the final time.

Going into the third episode of Salvation, Lovely — who's now on a winning streak — will have to face newly eliminated Chris. This week they'll revisit the humble potato (like in the premiere episode of Star), but in a slightly different form. Who will be one step closer to returning to the competition?

Click the play button above to watch the third episode and find out who will advance to next week's final episode of Star Salvation.

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  1. Jill says:

    I really don't love any of the contestants this year and the only one who I'd probably watch was Chris. It's very clear that Robert Irvine is going to pick Lovely for the redemption. Interesting since on the regular show none of the judges really liked her food. This series has really gone down hill. Food Network should really stick to actual cooking shows and stop with these competition and so called reality shows.

  2. adsr says:

    Isn't Food Network all about image & perception? Could they not find men outstanding in the field to 'judge' product development & sales? How about products that made no sense?

    • Susan says:

      Once they have their own show, they will cook and the marketing dept. will handle selling.

  3. Callie Carver says:

    It's a shame Chris could not grasp what they were asking when they asked about his P.O.V. POV is NOT giving back and helping others. (That is what you do once you make it such as Rachael Ray's charity -YUM-O, or Marcus Samuelsson works with City Harvest, and when they do the Chef Superstar's on Chopped they each have their favorite charities.) But helping people does not make a good show on the Food Network. He still needs to figure out his POV in case he comes back on the 2nd chance.

    • Molly says:

      Helping is good but it doesn't make a good show. Likewise, when Stacey says she is a Mother, that's good but what does it possibly have to do with being a better cook? Because she has kids? As if that's any guarantee she can cook. Why even say it?

  4. tbirdcarole says:

    Really wish Viet would have won his challenge. CANNOT stand Lovely. would NEVER watch a show with her

  5. april2362 says:

    Although his journey to network stardom has ended, Chris Hodges should walk away proud! My daughters and I recently visited his restaurant in downtown Cleveland (Hodges) and were so incredibly impressed! Creatively casual...his menu is tasty and moderately priced! The Pineapple Mojito was so refreshing, I was prompted to recreate it at home! Our waitress was helpful and randomly brought 2 small "teaser" plates for us to try at no charge! One was a skillet cornbread with maple butter and the other was a tin cup of tater tots with a homemade malted mayo...yum! I like this restaurant trend where you can order several small plates without breaking the bank OR one terrific meal. For instance, one of my daughters ordered a regular entree and I ordered a side of one of their unique salads and a side of cheese grits. They were "heaven" in a crock and very filling! Check him out!

  6. lizzy says:

    Food Network is holding up to their rep of picking people who can't cook. I will color my hair green, mumble incoherently, and pop a bag of popcorn. That should make me the Next Food Network Star.

    • Pete says:


    • NoMoreLovely says:

      Just put the popcorn under some other ingredient and you should win. Don't forget to smile real big and rehearse your mumling to the point of forgetting hat you were mumbling about.

      • Radmuffin says:

        Grow a mohawk on the cutting board and paint tattoos on the kitchen bowls while you're at it. Imagine Susie Fogelson with green hair and headbanger music.

  7. Ruth says:

    I'm disappointed with Chef Robert's decision to send Chris home. Lovely did nothing special with the chips and certainly did not make them the star of her plate. Chris took a bizarre ingredient and transformed it, yes the soup was admittedly salty, but with only 20 minutes, there wasn't enough time to fine tune the experiment. I imagine Chef Robert has many dishes that have gone through the trial and error phase before making it to the menu; it was agreed this was a dish that could be served in the restaurant once the salt level was adjusted. Bad call Chef, bad call.

  8. Ashley says:

    This show USED to be really, really good. The Food Network executives are out of their mind. How any of these finalists even made it to the show is beyond me! NONE of them are interesting and NONE of them can COOK. HELLO! This is the FOOD network. If you cannot cook then go home- end of discussion.

    Then there's this "star salvation" episode where the WORST cook off all keeps getting more chances. She sprinkled chips on her plate and gets to move on? She is ANNOYING. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a bunch of pointless words like glam, wow, sparkle, party in your mouth bla bla bla. Please! You can't cook honey and you are beyond annoying on television. GO HOME ALREADY. Come on Irvine- I love your shows- what's going on???

    If there is one person that has a shot at the whole package deal- it's Damaris. Most importantly (I think the judges don't understand this) she can cook. Secondly, she is herself on camera 75% of the time which is entertaining and natural. People want to be able to relate to stars on the Food Network and she is the only person on this show that doesn't act robotic on camera.

    Nikki is an airhead (what do you mean by merchandised??? whatttttt?) and who cares about vegetables. Stacey is sweet, but too scripted and I don't get the "Vintage" point of view. Rodney....... try American Idol? And if you are going to pitch "Pie Man" you can't make just an OKAY pie. Chad is awesome and I believe he can cook... but Bobby is already the BBQ guy. And Russell.... you are getting way too cocky. I entertained your POV towards the beginning of the season, but you can't execute and are very awkward on TV. Bacon candy? Do you really think Kellogg, Kraft or Target would pick that up?

    I might stop watching after the next episode or if Lovely re-enters the competition. The cooking channel is way better than the Food Network anyways.

    • Maureen says:

      Spot on!

    • like2eat says:

      sadly the Cooking Channel and Food Network are both paying the bills to the same set of pockets...which is good for the owners of that pair of pants, either way they make their money.
      I think they ought to take the POV's that are lacking in the lineup and could succeed and either coach the chefs on how to spotlight it or hire someone to represent the POV with the originator as consultant.

  9. Christa says:

    Rodney, Danushka and Michelle from Season 8 have all been on TV before as stand-up comedians. Is that just a coincidence? What is the point behind getting them to compete on The Next Food Network Star? Just askin'

  10. Scott says:

    I just watched the Star Salvation and I CAN NOT believe that "Lovely" won with using potatoe chips as a accent instead of having it as the star. I swear if Lovely gets back on and wins then it's a total set up to replace Paula Dean with a Black Female. I get the impression that they are looking for a replacement for Paula Dean and I don't have a problem with that but, if they replace her with Lovely that show WILL NOT be watched and it will show that The Next FoodNetwork Star is a total scam. Andreas, Chris or Viet would be better choices at least they have a POSITIVE point of view, Lovely's "Glam Food" is a joke.

    • Alysoun says:

      I know, right? What's "glam" about gobs of mustard, prefab pizza dough, bread pudding, and turkeyburger? And don;t forget her other favorite word, "bling". Yeesh.