POLL: Who Went Home Too Early?

by in Community, July 6, 2013

POLL: Who Went Home Too Early?It's hard to believe that Star is halfway over: It started with 12 hopefuls and after tomorrow night's episode, there will only be six left. Viewers have witnessed ups and downs — pitches that nailed it (like Rodney's), dishes that wowed the judges and one-liners that have left fans, finalists and the mentors speechless (like Danushka's). And who can forget that awkward shimmy Star fans have seen not once, but twice?

So that leads to the question: Do you agree with all of the judges' elimination decisions so far? Did someone go home too early in your opinion? Five talented and unforgettable finalists have said goodbye, but was it too soon for any of them? Vote in Star Talk's poll.

And don't forget, one contestant will receive a second chance and re-enter the competition after competing in Star Salvation.

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Comments (124)

  1. redhead rose says:

    I would certainly watch Viet on any channel. He is beautiful and can cook "up a storm".

  2. spencer says:

    In the last 4 seasons the only winner I've agreed with... or would watch was Justin... and I still haven't seen his show aired yet... but then I'm only one person....

  3. Alex says:

    OMG That Rodney is so crude. No one would ever watch him on a show!!

  4. Bored of dumbness says:

    Voting here does't make much sense. Most of the contestants are already out even in Star Salvation. Our votes don't really count, does it? Viet was sent home too soon.

  5. Guest says:

    How can someone who has not been able to finish their "challenge" twice be allowed to remain on the show!? I smell a rat. Why bother even having a contest. It appears certain contestants really aren't what they claim to be---- chefs! I didn't think this was a show about who the camera loves but more about an actual chef Whois well rounded

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