POLL: Who Went Home Too Early?

by in Community, July 6, 2013

POLL: Who Went Home Too Early?It's hard to believe that Star is halfway over: It started with 12 hopefuls and after tomorrow night's episode, there will only be six left. Viewers have witnessed ups and downs — pitches that nailed it (like Rodney's), dishes that wowed the judges and one-liners that have left fans, finalists and the mentors speechless (like Danushka's). And who can forget that awkward shimmy Star fans have seen not once, but twice?

So that leads to the question: Do you agree with all of the judges' elimination decisions so far? Did someone go home too early in your opinion? Five talented and unforgettable finalists have said goodbye, but was it too soon for any of them? Vote in Star Talk's poll.

And don't forget, one contestant will receive a second chance and re-enter the competition after competing in Star Salvation.

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Comments (124)

  1. caligirl says:

    Viet! The guy can seriously cook and he was one of the few chefs whose food I wanted to taste. I'm tired of people winning the NFNS whose shows I won't watch.

    • RKINCHUS says:

      Agree 100%

    • ICE says:

      The only winning contestant show worth watching is/was Melissa D'Arabian, and the guy (cannot remember his name, but he explained about a lot of different spices! Believe he got or had a show on the Cooking channel?) whom was the runner up.
      Guy F. too, too much over the top. Where are Aaron, Artie?
      They also eliminated Ippy (was that last year or the year before?) Do they (FN) not like Asians?

  2. m1h2 says:

    Chris Harris name is not on the list for the poll - cannot believe Chris went home and Rodney who does not know if he wants to be a musician or a cook was left on - what a disappointment; Demaris and Rinky Dinky shoudl be next Hope Chris wins Roberts challenge

    • lizzy says:

      The Pie Guy hasn't made ONE amazing pie yet. Ridiculous.

    • Linda says:

      I thought for sure Rodney would be the one before Chris. I don't think he has really made any good pies either.

  3. Ruth K. says:

    I don't know if I'll watch any of these people. I liked Justin, but where is his show? I change the channel each time Melissa D.A. Is on, even though I like Aartii on "Lose 5 Pounds". I don't think a good star has been chosen since Guy Fieri.

    • NoMoreConnie says:

      I have to agree. I can't handle watching M.D. 's show. She gets on my nerves. I like Guy, even though he gets old sometimes. Watched Justin's one episode. But everyone else hasn't really stepped up as a star.

  4. Guest says:

    In person, Stacey is a poser and arrogant.

  5. carosoccer11 says:

    the judges are insane to think that Russell deserved to stay over Viet. Viet is a talented Chef with an infectious smile and I really see the potential in him. Food Network is missing a major viewer base in not having an asian chef who truly knows what he's doing. Russell's "food revolution" on the other hand is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of and I don't care to follow him on it. Additionally, Rodney sucks and his pies suck. Now that Viet and Chris are gone, there are no contestants that I am truly rooting for left. such a shame.

    x0x0 Jessica and Caroline

  6. lizzy says:


    • Spencer says:

      Agreed... Lovely didn't make a chip meal...his might not have been the best tasting but at least it put the potato at the front....

  7. kajo3117 says:

    this show is frustrating to watch! this season is just like the last two....the judges vote off the few people i would consider watching in a show of their own. i liked danushka and her dead pan, sarcastic humor. i think she could have a show along the lines of bitchin kitchen. next chris gets sent home before "the pie guy", what? i watched chris on the great food truck race and thought he was great. i think he would have a more well rounded show than let's turn everything into a pie. doesn't the food network already have a niche show like that in the concept of let's turn everything into a sandwich? i liked susie better than jeff in that season and have not watched one episode of his show. the only person left that i like is damaris. she reminds me of martie from last year with her quirky, zany (as she put it) personality. if she gets eliminated, it will be almost guaranteed that i will not watch food network star again.

  8. Christa says:

    Does anyone else wonder why all these past "standup" comedians are making their way onto the Next Food Network Star? Danushka, Rodney and last year there was a woman. They have all previously been on TV as comics. I don't get it

  9. guest says:

    I think up until this week the judges have been spot on. This week however, I think Rodney should have gone. All he offers is pie. And most of them were not that great. You can not understand what he is saying. He has personality but, does not need a cooking show. He could be successful in another venue. Just want to say I am enjoying Giada much better this year. The stylist is dressing her better too.

  10. Nancy says:

    I can't believe how weak the contestants are this season. Whoever was in charge of vetting these candidates should be fired. Is this the best Food Network can come up with?

    The only exceptional candidate, Viet, was criticized for being himself and not exciting or entertaining. He's the only one I would watch and based on voting and others reviews, that's the consensus of the majority! I don't know what you're looking for, but you're way off the mark.

    Good luck with the remaining weak contestants. I wouldn't put money on any of their shows lasting.