WATCH: Anything Can Happen on Star

by in Videos, July 2, 2013

From missing ingredients and gadgets to fake fire alarms, Sunday's episode of Star challenged the remaining contestants' culinary skills as well as their patience, live-demo capabilities and on-the-spot thinking.

Click play on the video above to watch some of the funniest and most awkward moments that prove anything can happen when the cameras go live.

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Comments (129)

  1. Joe says:

    Wolfgang Puck or Ree Drummond as alternate judges.

  2. Shannon says:

    Wolfgang is very harsh.

    • BillO says:

      Yeah. Remember when he took one of the girls back into the kitchen to teach her how to make risotto? Totally embarrassed her

      • Joe says:

        But he was polite. Alton told Russell his potato salad sucked in front of everybody.

        • Shannon says:

          He absolutely mortified her. She took it with a tremendous show of character. It was such an egregious stunt it made Bobby swear. If you remember they missed editing it out in the first airing of the episode..they deleted it in the subsequent airings of that episode.

    • Crouton40 says:

      Suck it up!
      Enough of this being a kinder, gentler Crouton.
      (careful what ya wish for. was just toooo good to pass up). :)
      Crouton40---" a little Crustiness is good for the soul" (wink)

  3. BillO says:

    Actually, Russell said it sucked and Alton just agreed. I don't think Alton would have said "sucked" otherwise.

    • Shannon says:

      I wonder how bad it actually was. Bob said it was "all right". That's why I wish the judges could give their views independently, some of the time I think their opinions get swayed by the others around them . Either that or let us taste the food so we can gauge it for ourselves !! (I know the impossibility ..but wouldn't it be great?)

  4. College Grrrrl says:

    Alton is golden. He has sophistication and is like, way kewl.

  5. Crouton40 says:

    Just saw a new commercial a bit ago. Looks like this sunday the cooks will each stand next to a table with what looks to several glass jars of...jam? preserves? or whatever, and pitch/sell it to the 3 women on the panel. I don't know if they will also have to cook.

    • bored says:

      Yes, they have had this bit before where the contestants have to package and "sell" their product. Maybe in light of what's been going on lately, FN should reconsider this "packaging and branding" gig and just concentrate on putting some decent shows on the air. Preferably ones we have not already seen a hundred times.

      • BillO says:

        I think they've been talking about Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives- The Blue Car

        • Crouton40 says:

          I'll never understand what anyone see's in watching Unwrapped (do you *really* care how they make M&M's?) or cupcake wars...

          So let's see....some nights there are 3 (maybe 4?) episodes of DDD. Lets say only 3 just to be safe. Cut 2 of those...cut an episode of chopped...and Whola!--Chopped & DDD are still on the air
          -and- for the other 3....we can have:
          1) this seasons new star...
          2) a new show on food from other countries...and
          3) a chinese, or seafood show. No one loses their job -and the network AND the viewers get tangible positive gain! Such a deal.

          • BillO says:

            I'm in the Mountain time zone, so maybe it's different out here. If I didn't record the good cooking shows during the day when I'm at work, I'd just be watching the drivel they play all night. I don't think Guy ever ate a dish he didn't love. But when you look for recipes, the good one's aren't there and the one's posted that get reviewed have really mediocre reviews.Throwdown, too. If the challengers aren't willing to share their recipes, don't give them the free publicity. These shows should be on the air for the viewers benefit. The said, Crouton, Easy Chinese is a really good show if you haven't seen it. Cooking Channel. And there are shows on foods from other countries- Mexico, France, India, Spain, Viet Nam, Italy, but there is certainly room for other countries. I'd love to see a show about how they cook in restaurants- tricks on what you can cook in advance so that you can put meals together quickly when people order. And I'd have liked to see Martie from last year get a show on home entertaining.

          • Crouton40 says:

            (nods). It seems that quite a few people out here don't get the Cooking channel unless they upgrade their cable TV beyond the basic package, and alot of folks don't. But yer point is well-taken. The cooking channel ( I do have it) has many great shows.

            I was thinking more of just how to improve the FN channel and fill niches on it that seem to be missing. ..i.e..seafood, chinese...and something like Ippy from last year, or what Daniella would have done this year...added to FN instead of so many re-runs. I've only had the cooking channel for a month but am liking it alot.

          • BillO says:

            There are some great shows on Cooking Channel- Kelsey Nixon, Ching-Le Huang(Chinese), Laura Calder and Rachel Khoo (French), Ingrid Hoffman (Latin American), some Bobby Flay shows, Alex Guarnaschelli, Michael Chiarello, Emeril's Florida (fish), the Deen brothers, Nadia G, Michael Symon that I watch, anyway. I didn't realize that a lot of people who get FN don't get Cooking Channel. I'd guess corporate wouldn't want to kill the CC brand by making some of those shows available to FN

          • Crouton40 says:


          • BillO says:

            Sure. Btw, if you haven't watched Nadia G, I love her, but for some people she might be an acquired taste :)

          • BillO says:

            As an aside, this is the third year I'm having friends over for July 4th weekend (Saturday) for a theme meal. I've done hot dogs and hamburgers the first 2 years, using 6 different recipes for each. This year I'm doing tacos with appetizers and desserts and drinks. And I'm using recipes from Aarti, Big Daddy, Aaron Sanchez, Marcella Valladolid, Kelsey Nixon, Ina Garten, FN Kitchen, Bobby Flay and Alton Brown. That's why I watch FN/CC

          • Shannon says:

            BillO, Enjoy ! Sounds delish. Great outside of the box menu for a 4th party. I am glad to see that other people actually do try and then use the recipes from the network. I do too. Hope your celebration goes off with a Bang (pun intended).

  6. ann says:

    I too am becoming disenchanted with FNS. I would love to see Nikki win, since I think her pov is original and interesting. Of course, it is likely that the winner won't have a cooking show since the network presents competitions and travel programs most of the time. Since that's the reality, I guess Stacy or Rodney would make the best game show hosts.

    • Shannon says:

      Ann, you have made a valid point. There is no one that can deny the Networks focus these days seems to be on "reality" based and competition shows. These shows are shown over and over during prime time viewing. They are interesting to me in a limited capacity. Lets face it, it has gotten to be a bit much. Yes FNS is also a "reality" show and I love it. There are 2 main reasons that I love it: there is a definite end and it serves a purpose. The end result is that presumably I will get my wish, a new cooking show. I was let down last year when that did not happen. If there is no new great cooking show resulting from this years competition, I will be disenchanted, to say the least.
      The next point you made about Stacey and Rodney...also valid. I would also like to add Chris onto the list. They would make great "game show hosts" as you put it. Perfect way of describing it. Out going, able to act, able to engage large crowds, yes, they have those skills. What I feel they are lacking is any type of genuineness. Is that what the network is looking for ?? Another host of an off beat show, a personality who is larger than life who will show well at live shows and festivals? Maybe that's what they are looking for after all.
      I guess I am "old school". I want an entertaining, enjoyable cooking show. I want a chef who will teach me and prepare things that are pertinent to me (the average Jane). Maybe times have changed and I need to take the name of this show literally....Food Network is NOT called Food Network Cooking Show Star. Perhaps FN and I are not on the same page, it's possible. We will see. I still have my fingers crossed that I will get my wish.


      • Amy says:

        I'm right there with channel is in the TOP bracket of programming for my cable, and it's really the only channel I want from that pkg, so I can't justify spending the $ for one channel. So, I just wait not so patiently for the free previews a few times a year and DVR away!

        The other type of programming FN seems to have on a lot lately are those stupid hidden camera shows...they are so staged and irritating to me. Give me more shows with cooking - I try out new recipes with my family at least 3 times a week and would love more shows where I can learn new things and expand my kids' taste buds!

        Ok, done ranting now... :)

        • BillO says:

          Even if you don't get Cooking Channel, you can go to their website and click on the shows that might interest you and then go through the favorite recipe list. And if you read the reviews, you can usually find out anything different between the posted recipe and how it was done on the show. Or click on each time a show airs and check that day's recipes.

        • Crouton40 says:

          Your point is valid. I think that's why alot of folks may be ditching FN for the cooking channel. The whole "larger than Life" thing has gotten to be "too much of a good thing" and it's "coming home to roost"...i.e...the people are just burning-out on all of it. We dont need another another Guy Fieri and this year's Chris, is too loud. I don't want someone dull or monotone, either. Warm and outgoing with a bit of humor who I can learn from would be very nice!

    • jen says:

      Why would you want a POV over anyone's performance? What if we like their idea but they aren't good at it? Aren't we supposed to want whoever does the best job?

      • ann says:

        You are probably right. I wish Nikki was more dynamic and a better TV personality. I think her time is limited. Having said that, I used to watch programs on the FN to pick up recipes and learn new techniques. I'm just really sick of southern cooking, barbeque and cooking competitions, ( and cupcakes and restaurant shows for that matter!)

  7. Michelle says:

    Ironic how the chef who is being voted as one of the fan favorites on is the one they eliminated. I would love to see Viet on Food Network. Granted, he needs a lot of work in front of the camera, but that would come . . . at least he would bring new and interesting dishes to Food Network. Not just another home cook talking in front of the camera. I am sick of the chefs they have . . . I could get these recipes from I'm sad they got rid of Viet.

    • Moli says:

      Viet rocked. They're pushing Rodney Henry who can't even cook. What is the deal with that?

      Getting rid of Viet was a big mistake. And the fact that I'm 99% sure they've already chosen the winner is just pitiful. The show has gotten way too predictable and it's become a little too evident it has nothing to do with food.

      • BillO says:

        The network didn't "lose" Viet. They just eliminated him from FNS. Kelsey Nixon lost FNS and ended up with a show. Lots of people who were never on FNS have shows. If FN likes Viet they can do all the mentoring with them they want now, behind the scenes, and give him a show when and if they think he deserves one. Or maybe the people who have actually tasted his cooking and worked with him on and off camera don't find him as appealing as many of the viewers do.

    • Callie Carver says:

      I saw Viet on both Iron Chef when he won against Bobby Flay and on Extreme Chef. He is a real chef with talent. He is humble and I like that better than a few of the phoney people (Stacey and Lovely) they paraded in front of the camera who don't have the cooking chops he does. Remember Stacey failed as a RESTAURANT OWNER and she wasn't a cook she just did FRONT OF THE HOUSE and paid the salaries, and Robert Irvine and RI had to bail her out. She will never have credibility as far as I am concerned.
      Maybe they should mentor people like Viet (and even Chris and Chad), they are 3 that I think can actually cook. Maybe put Viet on as one of the judges on Chopped to start his mentoring.

      • Nancy says:

        She made good S'mores and won the next challenge. What will you say if makes another good dish?

        • Shannon says:

          Nancy, have you read the recipe? I read the S'Mores recipe, I was considering making them since everyone said they were so good. They may taste good but there is zero skill involved in them. You need no skill set, little time and they can barely be considered cooking (and that is only if you stretch the truth). They are simply 2 layers of rice krispy treats but made with popcorn..there is chocolate Ganache poured in the middle..then you roll them in graham cracker crumbs. That's it. I am still going to serve them but I am assigning the making to my adolescent son. Stacey won no cooking points with me.

  8. Moli says:

    Ugh, why is Food Network promoting Rodney Henry? The guy's a one trick pony. Yea, yea, the hat gimmick is cool ... for about five minutes, but his food is awful. What's the deal with this? And why abandon Viet so quickly? He had some nerves, yes, but he was the best cook of them all and the most interesting. With just a bit of time and work, just a bit, Food Network could have had a keeper, and not another one trick pony.

    I wish Food Network would invest more in people like Viet, people who can actually cook---Food Network needs more Barefoot Contessas, more Rachel Rays, more Geoffrey Zacharians---and less of these one season wonders who evaporate into thin air because their food just isn't all that good.

    Losing Viet was a bad move. Hanging onto Rodney, I mean, why? He's vapid and his food stinks.

    • Crouton40 says:

      I think its just for entertainment value.
      Danushka was obnoxious.
      Rodney isnt Danushka but he's rough around the edges and maybe funnier. I did laugh like crazy over his earlier: "it's a friggin' PIE, jack" comment...but his cooking skills are lacking.

      • Moli says:

        It's a toss up for me whether Rodney or Danushka is the most awful.

        At least Viet can cook. And the network is supposed to be about food.

        • Bob says:

          To keep Rodney over Viet was dumb.

        • BillO says:

          The network, like any network is about getting enough viewers to attract sponsors. Some people are attracted by good food, others are attracted by personalities. Maybe being an engaging personality is more important than food, at least some of the time.

        • Crouton40 says:

          You are right. Outside of Viet, I have agreed with the judges. But Viet should have been kept longer than Rodney or Russell.

    • Chuck says:

      Exactly what Crouton40 said. Viet may be a great cook, but his stage presence is awful. He is clearly uncomfortable about being in the spotlight. Having said that, I really liked him a lot. He had a great personality around the other contestants and the BEST. SMILE. EVER.

      • joyce says:

        It is interesting to me that Viet's time on Iron Chef was talked about all the time but there was no mention of his time on Extreme Chef. He was not so nice to other contestants on Extreme Chef so maybe he learned from that because this time, he was likeable just like you said...a handsome smile that spoke volumes.

  9. mimi says:

    More rambling thoughts......I don't care for the competition programming. I've seen all of Chopped and Iron Chef, etc., one just gets tired of them after a while, at least I do. What I really love and I know I'm in the minority, are plain old cooking shows. That's what got me hooked on FN years ago. (Unfortunately I don't get the Cooking Channel.) Having said that, I'm a serious home bread baker and there are many others out there as well, who would no doubt enjoy a hard core baking program. NOT cupcakes and NOT cake decorating. They had one many years ago and that was it.

    • Shannon says:

      mimi, If you are in the minority at least you are not alone, I am right there with you. (smile)

    • BillO says:

      I never go out of my way to watch the competition or reality shows, except FNS and Next Iron Chef. Or DDD. If I have nothing to do and they happen to be on, I might watch. But hours in a row? Puleeze.

    • guest says:

      Maybe one of this years cooks knows baking.

    • joyce says:

      I do enjoy the plain old cooking shows that you speak of....I also enjoy the entertainment focused like Chopped and Iron Chef etc. I feel that the Next Food Network Star needs to be able to COOK and not just have some gimmicky presentation!

    • Debbie says:

      I so agree with you. Cook already!

    • Debbie says:

      FYI: The Cooking Channel is heading down the same road. Same folks own and run it. Now they're showing old FN shows. Probably for lack of enough programming

  10. Alexis says:

    Missing Whisk? No prob! Fire alarm? No ma'am, I'm just stand right here and keep cooking!
    I mean, seriously??