From Mistake to Magic: Watch Star Salvation Episode 2

by in Videos, June 30, 2013

For the first time in Star history, one eliminated contestant will have a chance to re-enter the competition in a four-week Web series called Star Salvation, presented by Buitoni. Last Sunday, host Robert Irvine tasked Danushka, Andres, Daniela and Lovely with a series of culinary skill challenges that resulted in a double elimination.

Going into the second episode of Salvation, remaining contestants Danushka and Lovely are joined by newly eliminated Viet, who is pretty sure he can outcook his opponents. This week they'll be tasked with making something tasty out of failed foods like overcooked pork chops, mushy veggies and burnt nuts. Who will be one step closer to returning to the competition?

Click the play button above to watch the second episode and find out who will advance to next week's episode of Star Salvation.

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Comments (76)

  1. John says:

    Bring back Viet, he is the only cook I would want to watch. I will not be watching FN Star now that they got rid of Viet

  2. Noodles says:

    I agree that Viet should have won. Lovely's dish couldn't even be eaten one element at a time because the mustard was too strong. That's not a good dish in my book. Robert had no criticism for Viet's dish at all.

    Viet could have been trained to be comfortable on camera. It happens every year- the one contestant that can't perform to save his life has a moment of clarity and begins to rapidly grow into a star. Viet has the cooking chops he needs to make him a successful chef- something you can't teach in 11 weeks and something a lot of the contestants this year don't have (Rodney?) I have hope that I'll see Viet on cooking channel or like someone else said, a contestant on Next Iron Chef

  3. Maynard says:

    Bring back Judson Allen.

  4. Brie says:

    I'm on Team Viet! Bring him back. He is not only an awesome chef, but his humility is refreshing!

    • jeffret says:

      If you had seen him on another show where he placed 2nd, he was very competitive, curt, mean which showed his true self........Viet just changed himself (fake) on this show because he knows he can't win it with a bad vibe from the audience.

      A TV personality needs PERSONALITY, LOOKS, COOKING CHOPS AND LOTS OF CHARM which Viet has only one of and he was even beaten in the cooking competition by less experienced cooks, not chefs.

  5. Michelle says:

    Oh come on Irvine! That was a horrible decision, what I find that is complete nonsense is the first episode of this they only kick one person... Then the next they kick two? Don't even get me started on Lovely and Danushka, they annoy me to no end.. Is that even her real name? Lovely?

    I am not even being racist but something really annoys me about heavier set black women who always feel the need to call themselves these fake names. Delicious, Chocolate, Juicy, Lovely ect... I mean come on. So fake, everything about Lovely just feels fake.

    I can't believe someone like Irvine couldn't see straight through that. What I also don't get is this salvation is purely based on cooking, what sense does that make. When these people need a have a personality that shines as well.

    Viet is the best person on the entire show, his face, everything about that guy screams food network star. So what he is shy, he could have easily gotten over it in time. So upset to see Irvine waste his time with Lovely, she will just end up getting kicked off again.

    Mark my words. The way lovely speaks also she is always so full of it, just grasping for big words to "glam" up what she says. The execs already called her out on that before.

    No offense to Andres but he just doesn't have a face or personality for TV.

    Anyway seriously I am so disappointing. I almost don't even want to watch the show further, mainly cause it is usually always the best people who get kicked off anyway. Plus it just seems so unfair, I can't stand how these current stars act like they have never had to deal or push through these boundaries themselves.

    Everyone acts so stuck up except Alton. I used to like Bobby but he has changed, it is almost like everyone else besides Alton can't stand the idea of having someone on the network who could compete with them. Does anyone else get that feeling?

    • the Owl says:

      Bobby is getting better. He used to be more arrogant but since his Throwdown show he has over time become more mellow. Alton may be accurate in his comments but Bobby might say the same thing in a nicer way. I feel like everyone is caving in to Alton and Bobby and Giada are just along for the ride.

  6. Michelle says:

    disappointed* I knew I should have proof read that before I posted -_-