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by in Recipes, June 29, 2013

Nikki's Potato, Cauliflower and Parsnip SoupEach week viewers watch contestants put out dish after dish, many successful, others not so much. Those that do get high praises from the judges and focus group members are drool-worthy. Did you know you can make them at home? Get the recipes for the most memorable meals featured on Food Network Star, like Nikki's Potato, Cauliflower and Parsnip Soup (pictured above) from Episode 1.

Find out how to make these Star-worthy dishes at home.

Russell's Westwood Retro BurgerRussell's Westwood Retro Burger (Episode 2): Sweet caramelized onions laced with bacon, bourbon, a splash of balsamic vinegar and fresh rosemary round out Russell's indulgent burger.

Stacey's Campfire S'moresStacey's Campfire S'mores (Episode 4): Featuring sweet and savory layers of marshmallow-coated popcorn, chile-laced chocolate ganache and crushed graham crackers, Stacey's hand-held dessert is the ultimate summertime treat.

Keep Cooking: Top Recipes from Food Network Star, Season 9

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  1. Paula Deen Supporter says:

    No longer watching FN. So many spout political correctness and tolerance for everyone yet when ONE person accuses another of racism, they are damned and financially ruined before the jury is even in. Instead of admiring the growth of a Southern lady who is a product of her times growing up in the south, you have destroyed a truly beautiful person . We have all said and done things that we are not proud of and most regret it. I am ashamed of Food Network, Smithfield Ham, Target, WalMart and all the two faced intolerant corporations out there that contributed. AND What about Alec Baldwin Capitol One? Shame on all of you.

  2. Roxane says:

    I am amazed at how people are prepared to tolerate wrong doing and make excuses.

    • Paula Deen Supporter says:

      I'm amazed that those that preach tolerance are not tolerant of all. People are a product of their environment and the society that they grow up in. Society changes and those that change with it should be commended for their personal growth. Paul Deen does NOT deserve what its being done to her and its like watching a stoning.

  3. @tcc_gdg says:

    If we were all to be judged by who we were 30 years ago, the unemployment lines would stretch to the moon and back. Sadder still, Archie Bunker wouldn't exist. Today's society seems to enjoy a good witch hunt, makes them feel oh so pious. Happened to John Galliano at Dior. Now maybe we understand how a righteous man could be crucified. Corporate crowd mentality rules its ugly head once again.

  4. Laura R says:

    I am looking for Damaris's recipe for the pork sandwich she made in her pilot. Looked really yummy! Thanks!